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SWAG Saturday: Bluetooth speakers, Delta classic Delta One kit, 747 trading card & more!

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Some sweet swag!

Since it has been awhile it is time for a quick weekend SWAG Saturday giveaway. This week I am rummaging though my travel bits and found a few fun things you may like. Up for grabs are:

  • URPOWER bluetooth speaker (more info here)
  • Classic Delta One kit from years back (still unopened)
  • Delta holographic 747 trading card #33
  • Delta hand grip globe ball
  • Delta Comfort+ amenity kit
  • Delta and AeroMexico headsets

A fun mix of AVgeek stuff one reader can win. The rules are simple. You must have a continental USA mailing address to win. You may enter as many times as you want by commenting on this post but each comment must be unique. I will use to pick a winner Sunday night the 18th of March.

That’s it, have fun and I hope you win! – René


UPDATE: We have our winner #42 Young_Tho®ough – I will e-mail you soon!


  1. Welcome back SWAG Saturday, nice to meet you again!

    Good luck everyone.

  2. Hmm, one of the “post as often as you want” deals. OK, I won’t go too crazy, maybe just a few more by tomorrow night.

  3. Brenda Allen

    I have seen coach customers pick up unused DeltaOne kits as I’m leaving the plane.

  4. Brenda Allen

    I’m making Chili.
    Would anyone like to come and watch Basketball with me this evening?
    In Cincinnati.
    We used to be a Delta Hub.

  5. Brenda Allen

    A Delta employee has told me how to get around those Delta change fees.

  6. Brenda Allen

    Rene, you liked one of my Twitter Comments about the Newspapers. Thank you. I was honored!

  7. Brenda Allen

    Kentucky Song = Over the Rainbow.
    Is that where you will find Rick Pitino trying to get a coaching job?
    Or is it My Old Kentucky Home?

  8. Would LOVE to win the SWAG Saturday gifts this weekend!

  9. mike murphy

    I look forward to this blog every week.

  10. Poor Old Dave

    What does SWAG really stand for or mean?

  11. Young_Tho®ough

    for that matter who isn’t rooting for UMBC?!

  12. We don’t need no stinking spend waiver. Long live partner airlines.

  13. Thoroughly enjoy your blog and pointers, Rene!

  14. Cranky Bob

    Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th-century, second king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just as we intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link.

  15. Cranky Bob

    I really need to get on an airplane – been way too long

  16. Anyone else notice there are no “premium snacks” in Comfort+ anymore?

  17. At least Delta still gives us MQD on partner flights (United kindly take note and adjust)

  18. Mike Reiners

    I usually only enter once, on principle…

  19. Mike Reiners

    …but my wife could really use the Bluetooth speaker.

  20. Mike Reiners

    Fitting for a woman who faithfully holds down the fort while I travel for work…

  21. Mike Reiners

    …and is the absolute treasure of my life.

  22. I sure hope I have a chance at winning something

  23. Love Delta and live your blog. Must read everyday

  24. Serenity is Me

    Mt. Laurels in bloom attract bees and butterflies!

  25. TexasYankee

    UGH. It is time for the yearly leaf clean up.

  26. Cranky Bob

    Unwrapping all these VGCs from Office Depot is giving me carpal tunnel.

  27. The amenity kit looks pre-Tumi… How old is it?

  28. Is anything written on the back of the 747 card?

  29. I want to see how close this comment is to number 100.

    (So how’s that for a comment lacking substance?!)

  30. Always fun to read your take on our beloved Delta

  31. Love to have Bluetooth speaker. Thanks for all the great delta info.

  32. Jeff Myers

    I love swag Saturday!. It’s especially appropriate that I’m commenting while on my flight from STL to FLL. Thank you!

  33. Poor Old Dave

    How many massages has rene received in one day?

  34. GetToThePoints

    More SWAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for running this giveaway.

  35. Those Bluetooth speakers are amazing! Would love to have one!

  36. Poor Old Dave

    Up early to gain knowledge from!

  37. TexasYankee

    Have you seen any good travel videos lately – Sweden?

  38. TexasYankee

    Thinking about Mileage Runs while I play on the Bobcat!

  39. Thanks for your years of posts on Delta Réne!

  40. I will soon be traveling with my cat on Delta. I’m hoping they don’t #KeepDescending to United’s attitude. (Er, altitude!)

  41. I always get a survey from Delta after a flight. After returning from a rather poor Delta flight I got the usual survey and pointed out a lot of the issues I had on that flight in the survey. I haven’t received a survey since. Perhaps they only send surveys to people who praise them.

  42. Yeah SWAG this is my 3 rd comment the other 2 ?? Disappeared!!

  43. Love SWAG w/e’s! This is a great opp, Rene!

  44. Hoping to win and add to my avgeek collection!

  45. Dotti, are your comments 116, 117 and 118? All there if that’s you.

  46. Stinky Truck

    83 degrees today … perfect day to comment on a great blog.

  47. Cranky Bob

    Dreaming of putting my bare feet on the bulkhead.

  48. busy weekend. not much time for comments LOL

  49. Always appreciate what you do for your readers, Rene!

  50. Never made it out of the house today! Too cold! HZope everyone else found some warmth!

  51. Thank you for all the great content (even with less of it this year)

  52. I especially appreciate the schedule change Saturday info

  53. Again, many thanks, Rene! Your blog is a pleasure to visit on the w/e!

  54. I’ve learned a lot about Delta and maximizing my points and affiliated opportunities via your blog!

  55. If I had any luck it would be no luck except for!

  56. Poor Old Dave

    which screen over is best for a S9 Plus?

  57. Let’s make this w/e an even better one with a big win!

  58. A great way to end a great weekend! Thanks!

  59. Contest still going on? Well, good luck to all then!

  60. I won one of the contests here on February 29, 2012! Wow, 6 years ago… good going, René.