Delta Diamond Medallion possible without flying with new Amex spend bonus offer for 2018! – This offer has expired!

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A new 3rd spend bonus tier

There are currently two new spend offers some folks are getting via email. The first is for those who hold the personal Delta co-branded Amex Platinum card you see above.

A new 3rd spend bonus tier

The next is for those who hold the personal Delta co-branded Amex Reserve card. Both offers add a 3rd spend bonus tier above the standard two included with the card(s). But is this a targeted offer? The e-mails to those who received it says:

“Your Delta [Reserve or Platinum] Credit Card has been auto-enrolled. All eligible purchases you make this year will count toward this exclusive offer.” – From Amex e-mail to some card holders.

But for the rest of us that currently hold the consumer or personal cards can we also get this offer? It seems the answer is YES if we call and ask for the spend offer code to be added to our accounts. The codes are:

  • The Delta Amex Reserve card offer code is: 2222CTLF
  • The Delta Amex Platinum card offer code is: 2222CTL6

After much time on the phone and getting an Amex rep to understand I was NOT talking about a new card bonus offer but a spend bonus offer she was able to load the code into my account and even said she made a note in my record that I was now eligible for the extra spend bonus offer.

The sad part about this promotion is that it is NOT valid for the OPEN or business Delta co-branded Amex cards. This may surprise you but the consumer and the business sides of Amex are very different animals even though they look the same.

This does, however, bring up some interesting dynamics and means you could just by spending get yourself all the way to Diamond Medallion without flying. Please understand I am NOT saying you should do this, just that you could. Take a look at the math if you held these cards:

  • Personal Delta Amex Platinum and spend $75,000 get 30,000 MQMs
  • Business Delta Amex Platinum and spend $50,000 get 20,000 MQMs
  • Personal Delta Amex Reserve and spend $90,000 get 45,000 MQMs
  • Business Delta Amex Reserve and spend $60,000 get 30,000 MQMs

The net result is you have spent $275,000 before 31DEC18 and have earned 125,000 MQMs. This means you have completed the (bat crazy) required ¼ million to be MQD exempt and clearly have enough MQMs to be Diamond as well. Again, I am NOT suggesting you do this just that it is possible if someone wanted to.

Does this new spend bonus offer motivate you to spend more or get Delta Amex cards for 2018? – René


Update 3/28/16: It may no longer be possible to add the code over the phone. Congrats to all who got in on the offer!


  1. I thought you couldn’t hold a business and a personal Reserve and get the MQM’s I was told only one type of card per name. Business cards normally go under your SS# If not true I would love advice. Thanks!
    ◾Personal Delta Amex Platinum and spend $75,000 get 30,000 MQMs
    ◾Business Delta Amex Platinum and spend $50,000 get 20,000 MQMs
    ◾Personal Delta Amex Reserve and spend $90,000 get 45,000 MQMs
    ◾Business Delta Amex Reserve and spend $60,000 get 30,000 MQMs

  2. @Charles – You can hold 1x of each i.e. you 100% CAN hold all 4 cards at once if you wanted to and get the spend bonus for all 4 cards.

  3. In short, the answer is “no”.

    SkyPesos aren’t worth enough to spend $275k on due to unannounced devaluation rates

    It’s cheaper to spend the $15k MQDs and move on.

  4. Since between my wife and I have 3 Delta Res cards I would be more likely to drop one card and save the annual fee as I could still get the same MQM with the same spend

  5. Well, IDK what connections you have at AMEX, but I just got off the phone with a rep to ask for this spend bonus on my personal AMEX/Delta reserve card. He told me no such offer exists, and you must be spreading false information. Now bear in mind, I’m spending roughly $10K/month on this card, so he said if such an offer existed, I would certainly be eligible. Is there something I need to say to a rep to get them to find/do this?

    He tried to tell me this must be a Delta offer, not AMEX, which clearly from your post is wrong.

  6. No I cancelled both my Delta Amex cards. Business and Personal were shut off with the 2018 announcements. Switched to hotel loyalty cards for some free stays

  7. I called and they said it is “automatically” linked to the card. The guy from Customer service read me the rules…
    Thanks Rene

  8. Three reps and. Supervisor and I am told the system will not allow the code to be added

  9. Success on the first call. Decided to enroll the card even though we’ve made the decision not to go for Diamond again this year. We’ve moved over to SW when we can take non stop flights. Having the companion passes have been very nice with the family. Thanks Delta for pushing us to try something new this year!

  10. Tim — what did you say and what did rep tell you precisely to confirm. I’m at 4 calls and no luck.

  11. AmEx Delta Reserve BUSINESS + 2 employees with spend over $420,000/year. Got to supervisor level and he could not do anything. ZERO. NOTHING! Dumb AmEx marketing mistake. As of today, that spend will move our Chase Rewards card that gives us money to spend on any airline we want.
    Rene thank you for the “heads up” on this. We appreciate your hard work in keeping us updated on the decimation of DL and now AmEx programs.

  12. @Rob – Really wish the business cards were included in this offer rather than just personal ones. I feel your pain!

  13. Called Amex and they read me the rules of the offer which say that the offer is automatically added for solicited card members and cannot be added for unsolicited members. The rep said there was no way to add it to my account.

  14. Makes you wonder, do the customer service reps just tell you it’s added to make you go away? They lie when they say “Delta has to do it” so they could be lying about this. I’m on hold on my third call and not having luck.

  15. Hi
    thanks for the update–I did get this sent to me automatically on my Delta SkyMiles AMX but have not seen for my Delta Reserve.
    This is my 1st year of being Diamond–and I must say I LOVE IT BUT…
    I don’t think I can spend that much $$–well, I can spend-but can’t pay it back!!
    I don’t understand the whole MS thing–so guess I’ll get lots of MQMs to be diamond but not $$–Of course–I think the whole thing SUCKS

  16. Now at five calls. Same result. “…rules say it cannot be added. Has to be targeted…” if someone does get it done will you please ask what field was used, or under what screen they had success.
    I am a five Amex card guy with a $300K spend each year and I keep telling them I’m the kind of guy they need to retain. Rep told me it was to attract new holders.
    Not happy.

  17. My guess is “they” have been educated. HUCB not working and each rep has the same routine, as if they have been provided a script. Congrats to those who managed to get the offer added

  18. I am in the boat of being unsuccessful in having these offers added. Anyone that was successful please be specific on how you achieved success – Thanks

  19. I wonder if one of the reasons it has been shut down is because of calls like this:

    “He told me no such offer exists, and you must be spreading false information.”

  20. Amex won’t honor my request for my business platinum card. They said unless you received an email you weren’t eligible. So unfair and inequitable. I received the email about my reserve card but they wouldn’t give it to me on my platinum card.

  21. I just called Amex and they adv this offer is only for customers who are solicited. I was ok with this because I’ve had great offers in the past that my sister was not eligible for.

  22. As others have written, Amex is now clear about this being solely for those who received the email. The US-based (likely NC) rep indicated they’d had a big meeting this morning in response to this post. There is no way for reps to add this to an account nor see if it is indeed present on the account. Those who received the email are auto-enrolled and others are ineligible.

  23. Thursday, Mar 29, 7:30 PM. Called the international number on the back of my card, gave the lady my account # and the code. BaDaBoom – added. Gave her my wife’s account #. Ditto. Both Reserves.

  24. Do you think that losses due to the changed DM MQD waiver have anything to do with these offers begging for increased credit card spend?
    I have zero spend on delta cards this year and this offer will not change that.

  25. George-It took several times explaining to the rep “I was NOT talking about a new card bonus offer but a spend bonus offer” It took about 10 mintues on hold for them to find the proper way to add it. I only added it because I have a feeling there are more changes coming from Delta.

  26. I tried the international number. They checked whether the offer code was in my account. Because it wasn’t, they said they could not add it.

  27. Still no joy on my end. Three straight days of calling. Three escalations to a supervisor. They must have notated my account because the last one said, “We have already escalated this for you based on prior calls”. Will try the international number next. Thanks for that tip.

  28. Called the international number today. After 30 minutes of waiting and 3 different reps, I was able to get it added to my account. They had to find a different code in their system to add it. They gave me the following code. for my records G9U1:0001. Might worth trying to call with that code.

  29. I just called both the domestic and international lines, and I even tried the G9U1:0001 offer code, and I had no luck. Hopefully there will be a magic bullet posted. Congrats to all those that persevered!

  30. Rene – A little off-topic, but this offer was added to my Delta Reserve acct, but not by Delta Plat or Delta Bus Plat cards. I was already considering dropping one of the Delta Plat cards and the new Reserve tier makes that a lock. Are you aware of any advantage in holding the business vs. personal version of the Delta Plat card as my 2nd card? Benefits that one has vs. the other?


  31. I got a helpful rep. She stated that the offer is solicitation only and for new cards only. She was unable to add the code. It goes back in the drawer after $60k spend.

  32. I reached the $90k spend level on my wife’s card. However, I was only able to gift 30,000 MQM to my account. They automatically posted the bonus $15k MQM to my wife’s account.

  33. AmEx does not know it’s head from a hole in the ground. I have the Delta Business Reserve. Called customer service (rep in Philippines) who insisted that the additional 15k MQM would apply to 90kspend for the business card (not just a personal card). I asked again and she reconfirmed. I requested employee ID number which she gave. But I am concerned that the information provided was not correct. Hard to bank on what the employee stated coming true. How to proceed?

  34. I received the Platinum offer but not the reserve offer. I called Amex and they refused to add the Reserve offer to my account. What’s also interesting is that today they claimed that I didn’t have the Platinum offer on my Platinum card either even though I have two e-mails saying I had already been registered this year.

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