Hilarious FA Comics, Delta backtracks on partner credit change, ATL getting more A380 gates & more travel news!

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I don’t do “April Fools” posts ever on the blog (I do sometimes do funny joke posts, but not on April 1st). But I got distracted Friday so how about the week’s travel news headlines to start the day:

If you found some neat travel bits, that are NOT April Fools jokes, be sure to comment below and please do include a link to the story. – René




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  1. Just wanted to make a comment about the Hawaiian Airlines article. A few English-language articles keep making it sound like Hawaiian is all of the sudden joining forces with Japan Airlines, but actually, up until they started code-sharing with JAL, they used to partner with ANA. So it’s just a switch of Japanese partners, and while JAL has the largest market share of Japan-Hawaii routes, ANA is still a major player, so it’s not like Hawaiian is just “sleeping with the enemy” all of the sudden. Totally unrelated to Delta, but just wanted to say that!

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