AMAZING! My Kickstarter Manta eye mask is here and it is a game changer for red-eyes.

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Tumi name, not Tumi quality.

Almost a year ago I posted that I was jumping on a Kickstarter project to buy a modular sleep mask because, well, the Tumi one that comes in Delta One travel kits really is not very good. For one thing they don’t really block much light. They often smell of nasty chemicals. They are scratchy. The bands pull your hair (and these, my friends, are the good points of the Delta masks). Clearly an upgrade is needed as blocking light (and noise) on redeye or overnight flights is so important.

I have to say I was a bit perturbed about how long it took to get the mask once they started making them. Manta may say that was my fault because I was to follow up to request shipping but I sure did not see that in any of my correspondence. Ah well, water under the bridge because I now have the below:

THIS I really like. Nice extras too!

It is one thing to talk up a new product as being “all that” but it is another to truly, at a decent price, make it all that. Boy has Manta succeeded and honestly it was worth the wait. As they mention the eye cups are removable so they will fit perfect to your face (#ProTip – have someone else help you put the strap in place while you hold the cups to your face). The cups are also soft and breath nicely if you will. Impressive. These really create a total sensory deprivation so you can sleep well on a jet. This is something I bet very few can say – with the Manta you can!

The strap fits so well, and is so soft, I just don’t really feel it. I was worried I would feel something that wide on the back of my head when trying to sleep but that just is not the case. Nice.

Lastly the other bits included are a mesh zipper bag so that if there is any moisture on the shade when you put them away it will flash off. Just smart. Oh and there is a tiny second pouch inside the bag at the top for a set of earplugs (and a set is even included with the mask). Love this!

While I still try to avoid redeye flights domestically they do still happen. Plus, now on international flights, I will be able to sleep just that much more soundly. What do you think? Like the idea of this Manta eye mask? Does light on flights bother your chance to sleep? Are you happy with the free sets provided by the airlines? Let me know! – René





  1. I got mine many months ago. To be honest I never used it. Found it too bulky and forgot it inside a drawer in my office. May have to give it a try.

  2. The masks in the Tumi kits are amazingly bad – smelling, fitting and feeling. It seems they were dipped in a chemical bath prior to packaging. The rest of the kits are usable and a nice gift. We have even used the socks as an eye mask rather than the mask due to the smell.

  3. Should have asked me, I could have saved you some time and money :-). Five years ago I bought every eye shade available on the market to test for the best – I’m in the air literally 90 days a year.

    #1 Lewis-n-Clark for comfort and functionality. I don’t like their cruurent one as much but still very good product.

    #2 Who cares.

  4. Just bought one on your recommendation for my husband. We’ll see how he likes it. He is tough critic. 🙂

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