Question: Is there EVER a good egg breakfast on any airline? Do you eat eggs onboard?

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This was not a reason to fly AeroMexico

My wife and I have just returned from our final AeroMexico / Lima elite mileage “fun” run. It has been great having a number of days to explore Lima and it is a fantastic city (other than the traffic, that is). BTW there are still some just flat out amazing Delta earnings runs available despite the changes to the earning rules by Delta as of 1April18 and I would reach out to ADAM and his team NOW if you are in need of some Delta MQMs or MQDs to reach whatever elite status you are chasing.

But back on topic. Above is the AeroMexico business class breakfast omelet I have come to despise. So much so that I often requested the “continental” choice over this hot option. It really was awful and I would avoid it. The eggs tasted like rubber. The filling was blah at best.

Delta breakfasts are not that bad when it comes to eggs on jets. Not saying they are something to look forward to, but at least a decent option. Now when it comes to international flights, I tend to pass on the breakfast 6-8 hours after takeoff – I would rather wait and have a real breakfast on the ground.

United is even now offering, for purchase, breakfast tacos / burritos and promoting it is a reason to fly the airline. Now I avoid UA for any number of reasons including how they destroyed their award program a few years back and their poor service – but the chance to have a breakfast taco has me totally rethinking my choice not to fly UA (#kidding #SaidNoOneEver)!

And that brings me to my question for today. Have you ever really had any kind of egg breakfast on any airline jet you would say was really good and you would order on the ground? If so what airline and what can the US airlines learn from your onboard experience? – Rene

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  1. United has a “southwestern” omelet that I love. Would totally eat it on the ground any day. Has a great kick to it.

  2. Flying Etihad first apartments the chef made me a caviar topped eggs Benedict’s that was amazing. He told me it took him a few hours to get poaching the eggs in the oven correct. It is truly something i will never forget.

  3. Cathay Pacific First Class! The flight attendants have a real skillet to make fresh scrambled eggs onboard, which are always delicious. And you can sometimes even ask them to scramble it with caviar ;P

  4. I’ve had omelettes several times on Turkish Airlines business class, including on short-haul IST-ESB flights and every time they’ve actually been quite tasty.

  5. I had fresh sunny side up eggs on Quantus 1st class between LA sand Sydney that were great. Cooked to order.

  6. Surprised once on AF in Y…eggs florentine, edible…
    TK J has freshly fried eggs in butter which are perfect if you like your eggs runny (I happen to).

  7. Never and anyway I avoid any egg dishes on planes because they always have cheese in them. I hate cheese and realize I’m in the minority but really put it on the side. Just flew DL first from PHX to ATL yesterday and the salmon with salad had cheese all over it. Otherwise it was lasagna which I can’t touch.

    Airlines please keep the cheese on the side

  8. I agree 100% about the omelettes on Turkish Airlines. I just had a great omelette yesterday on a short 300 mile from from Sofia to Istanbul in Turkish Airlines Business Class. I wish we could post pictures in the comments! By the way, I flew on an A320 that had European-style business class seats, which are basically economy seats with extra leg room and the middle seat blocked off. But I also flew on a 737 with wonderful business class seats that were much nicer than Delta’s domestic first class seats. I would love it if Delta could add a foot rest to their seats!

    On the other hand, last week I flew on Aeroflot from Moscow to Sofia, and the omelette was horrible. At least Aeroflot has very nice business class seats on their A32X aircraft similar to the Turkish Airlines 737s.

    I am still waiting for the Aeroflot flights to post to my SkyMiles account. There is no reason why partner flights should not post within a few days.

  9. Back in the day; United had a jarlsburg cheese omelet with a “British” sausage in first class that was so good, I looked forward to it. Continental, under Frank Lorenzo, used to do an eggs Benedict in first class that was fantastic, runny poached eggs and all. Airlines can do decent egg dishes if they want to.

  10. It is amazing how bad breakfast (American with eggs or continental) can be on a plane. I now usually choose the non breakfast option if there is one.

    But I remember one standard American breakfast that was outstanding. It was in first class on an AA 777-300ER DFW to HKG.
    The consistency and temperature of the eggs was perfect.  The bacon was outstanding and the fruit was very fresh and flavorful.  The quality of this breakfast was an exception not a rule even in first class.

  11. some of the DL quiche like eggs were ok…BUT the scrambled eggs and ??omelettes on CE were scary to even look at vs eat them!!

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