Yet ANOTHER Delta loss at Freddie & FlyerTalk Awards, Delta CEO earns 13.2 Million – sells stock, Delta slips on customer service & more travel news!

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It is sad that Delta really does not care at all about winning any frequent flyer awards (and even thinks they have failed if they do win). So it is no surprise to anyone that the best they could do at the Freddie Awards this year is a “4th place for Best Customer Service in the Americas” and now have a 6 year losing streak at the Freddie’s! I am kinda shocked they did not spin this into some kind of “A” win? Ah well, let’s see what else happened in the travel space this week:

What a strange week for the travel space. I am sure there were other stories you clicked on and want to share so comment below and please do include a link to the story. – René


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  1. The awards make almost no sense, Southwest won again .. all I can say is.. LOL. Delta deserves a Freddie for creating he ability to waste your miles on a beer in a SkyClub, even if on a $6000 round trip ticket.

  2. My two cents is this, Delta could afford to try to meet or exceed the expectations of it’s customers or it could just drive towards making it’s investors more money. Alas, they’ve chosen the latter, however they have now failed at both. A company that continues to neglect it’s customers will continue to see declines in its revenue year after year even though it may look from the outside as profitable.

  3. How long did it take you to get your 200% MQM’s on your Aero Mexico flights after you requested them?

  4. I would suggest if Delta wants to improve customer service they should start teaching FA how to handle coats from business class customers. How difficult is to put the right tag on the right coat? There is nothing more annoying than be asked 5 times before landing “is this your coat?” when I didn’t even had one. Seriously, extremely annoying and it happens all the time. They mixed up tags and coats and makes it a mess before landing.

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