Paying for meals in Delta 1st class? Discounted Sky Club access? What is Delta thinking?

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For many years now Delta has been sending out long-ish surveys that reward SkyMiles members with 250 points if they take the time to give them feedback. I have not yet in 2018 got one of these, but one reader has and sent me this one single screen shot. The reader indicated he tends to fly / buy 1st class and this one may be targeted that direction. The reader said the rest of the questions were also directed toward what things would be nice to see in 1st class.

I get why Delta is doing this. Delta has conditioned more and more flyers to buy 1st class or buy up to 1st class vs. expecting an upgrade due to status. But this also means that if folks are not happy with what Delta provides in 1st, they will simply buy 1st on another airline. I am not sure the above questions are the right ones to ask. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Amenity Kit(s). I get the advantage of a quality amenity kit on international flights. But on a domestic flight this would just be flushing money down the drain. The only instance I can see this would be on a redeye and then something like what is already provided for C+ passengers, that is, ear plugs and an eye shade.
  • Free Wifi. This I could see. Other airlines offer free wifi. Gogo this year has had some real issues and I know many who are paying for the monthly subscription are less than pleased. I could see a 1x use code included with every 1st class seat. Then again the smart ones get lots of free passes from travel cards – right?
  • Upgraded pillow and blanket. Delta has, on many flights, already done this. I like the fact that the nasty thin red blankets are gone. The tiny pillows are fine for me on daytime flights as I use them sometimes as a lumbar support and sometimes just toss them under the seat. Like the amenity kit, bigger pillows on a redeye I could see as a win.
  • Upgraded headphones. The free “Billboard” ones are junk. We all know it. I am always shocked how many in 1st class accept a set when the FAs hand them out. I always fly with my very good quality and reasonably priced bluetooth noise canceling set. Just not sure on this one. You?
  • BOB in 1st! Really? So let me get this straight, I am already paying a huge premium for 1st class and now you want me to get out my Delta Amex card (for the 20% discount) and pay you for food in 1st class? This is just crazy talk.
  • More 1st class food choices. Now this one I like. On top of this we should all remember that I have a quote from an official Delta Air Lines rep from over two years ago that we should soon be able to pre-order 1st class meals on Delta flights. I want to be able to do that and then yes, more choices would be great. Do that, Delta!
  • Discounted Sky Club pass. Oh boy. I get why Delta is thinking about this. Many think you get club access already with ANY 1st class ticket (you don’t fyi for a majority of domestic flights). So offering it for sale, even at a discount, would take care of that issue. Then again, I could see this backfire. You are, like selling 1st class meals, asking for more from those who are already paying more. Plus the Sky Clubs are already very crowded – don’t make that situation worse, Delta – please!

I hope Delta does send out, like the past 3 years, another long SkyMiles survey and I hope I am included in the group that gets one. I would love to share this year that my ~65% upgrade percentage is disappointing as well as the lack of published award charts and on and on. You? – René


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  1. This is exactly why this Delta Diamond is now flying other airlines whenever a nonstop flight is an option. Out of Nashville that now has me on Southwest about 50% of the time.

  2. I received their survey a few days ago. The questions in mine were almost all about their Skymiles program — e.g. features I was aware of, things I like and dislike.

  3. 250 points for a survey is so low. That says we don’t value your time or opinion. Also moved all but some non stops to Southwest. They have miles you can easily redeem and see what the miles/points are going to be for the trip. Used to be a Diamond but they have driven me away.

  4. Asking you to pay extra for food in FC is like saying “we know we have been serving you garage but will upgrade your garbage with better garbage for an extra fee”. Idiots.

  5. Remember- with Delta it’s about the SHAREHOLDERS, not the customers- duh…

  6. Free WiFi should be offered as a Choice Benefit.
    Upgraded blankets are a great idea. A couple more and I’ll have enough for my tailor to make me a new suit.
    I’m not using public headphones. I’ll use my own thank you.
    Pay for food in FC? Seriously? No thanks.
    More food choices in FC? Yes please.
    Discounted SC access no thanks, I already have it covered.

  7. Delta already let’s passengers pre order meals. It happens on just about all international flights. You can order one of about seven types if special meals now even in coach and have your neal served first. Flights to Asia allow business class to order an Asian meal but mot a westetn one.

    American lets business class and domestic first class order every meal. That is great because you can select the outbound meal knowing what is available on the return.

  8. I downgraded Delta to my number 2 airline choice when DL decided to make the DM waiver $250k.

    If I’m relegated to a coach seat, I’ll do it nonstop on Southwest and get the Companion Pass and free WiFi.

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