My Irritating Amazon / Uber 20% Offer Quickly Resolved – Impressive Customer Service!

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First off, as we approach Amazon Prime Day on Monday (and yes you can start HERE to support the blog), I took advantage of the MUCH blogged about 20% off up to $500 spending for using 1 single Amex Membership Reward point (if you have a card that offers Membership Rewards points that is). If you have not taken advantage of this sweet promo yet it is very simple to do.

  • Step one link one of your Membership Rewards card to Amazon
  • Step three is shop for just abut any kind of gift card (or anything else for that matter) other than Amazon gift cards.

When you apply at least 1 single Membership Reward point you get $100 off as you can see above (when spending $500+). Simple right? Well the Uber gift cards, unlike the others I ordered, are paper cards. Not good.

When I went to pull off, (or scratch off, the security label for the pin you use to enter into the Uber app to apply the gift card – it pull the pin off with it. Grrrrr. And it got worse (for a little while). I online chatted with Amazon because their directions tell you they are the ones to talk to if you have an issue with Uber gift cards. They were not – Uber is – but the link for help is broken. Once I found the right one on the Uber site it resulted in a quick-ish fix.

I simply filled in the minimal info and uploaded a photo of the damaged card and almost instantly received an email confirmation of my request as well as notice from the Uber app itself in my phone.

Sure enough, about 24 hours later, I got a call from an Uber rep and they both verbally, via email and in the app sent me the damaged pin code to load my gift card. I asked the rep if they had lots of issues with these paper cards and she said: “Oh yeah! We get these all the time“! Sigh…

So while there clearly is an issue with these cards at least Uber customer support to get them replaced is fast and relatively painless! Have you had issues with Uber paper gift cards? Are you going to shop on Amazon this Monday on Prime Day? – René



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  1. I tried some Lyft Gift Cards and those didn’t work; Lyft support hadn’t replied for a couple of hours, so I chatted with Amazon and they replaced those cards. The new ones still didn’t work, so chatted with Amazon support and they just cancelled those. I ended up purchasing more Uber ones; Lyft support got back about 6 hours later, so told them that Uber had gained a few hundred dollars worth of business instead. I didn’t use Uber support this time, but normally the experience is a lot better than with Lyft support this time at least.

  2. I ordered 6 Panera gift cards with the 2 offers I used for MR points. These Panera cards were very old and required going to a store location to check the balance … no pin number was on the card which is needed to check balance online.
    Naturally I sent Mrs. Cranky Bob and she made sure all was valid.
    I would love a deal like this every month!
    Thanks to for passing on the information!

  3. Somewhat unrelated but interesting couple of data points since I added the Uber GCs to the app: the Uber up-front pricing for my usual airport ride has gone up from the typical dollar or so over Lyft to 35-40%! (e.g., $28 Uber vs a $20 Lyft fare) — ended up using Lyft both times since I was in a rush, but might be something to watch out and start doing the ‘set destination later’ trick in Uber to actually use the GCs!

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