Rookie Sunday: How to gift Delta MQMs (elite points) to someone else. Can I gift new card bonus MQMs? What cards qualify?

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

I gifted 15,000 MQMs this month!

This month I once again gifted 15,000 of my MQMs to a good friend. I did not need the extra MQMs this year because I hauled in a boatload of both MQMs and MQDs this year flying some simply amazingly cheap AeroMexcio runs in business class (partners earn Delta points based on distance and fare class, not price).

And the above brings us around to the most common questions I get about doing this and the common misconceptions folks have about this process. Let’s knock them out one by one.

Choose the card(s) you have on

What cards qualify for gifting? Only two cards – they are the Delta Amex Reserve personal card (consumer) as well as the Delta Amex Reserve business card. Reaching the spend bonus for 30,000 and again at 60,000 on either card by 31DEC each year allows you to keep or gift 15,000 bonus MQMs. Delta should email you that you have met the spend (or check your Amex statement) and then simply choose if you have the personal or business card HERE.

Can I gift the new card bonus MQMs? No! The card holder / SkyMiles member gets those.

Can I gift Delta Amex Platinum MQMs? No! Only the Reserve card offers gifting.

Can I wait to gift them next year? No! They will count in the year you earned them.

Can I add an authorized user (AU) for them to get MQMs? No-ish! AU spend counts on your totals and if you reach 30 or 60k you can choose what to do with the MQMs.

Does adding authorized users limit their chance to earn MQMs for themselves? No! Being and AU in no way impacts their ability to get a new card bonus or spend bonus if they go for new cards for themselves.

I had the Delta Reserve card in the past – can I get it again? Yes! But you will NOT get the new card bonus points including MQMs but you can get the card and spend your way to the yearly spend bonus MQMs.

Is there a limit to how many MQMs I can receive each year? No! If you have a lot of family or friends who all want to gift you MQMs – enjoy the points.

Can I gift the bonus SkyMiles that are also included from the 30/60k spend levels? No! They go to the card holder / SkyMiles member.

Can I hold, at the same time, both the personal and business Delta Amex Reserve cards? Yes! They are both unique products. This means you can get the new card bonus once in your “lifetime” for each and hold both at the same time and earn the spend bonus for each card.

If I hold a personal and business card does the combined spend count? No – for MQMs! As mentioned, each card is a unique product so spend goals are separate and for each card. Now as for Delta MQD exemption (25k for Platinum and lower, 250k for Diamond) YES the total across all your different Delta Amex cards count.

Do Delta Amex Reserve card bonus MQMs count toward million miler status? Yes! All MQMs are the same.

Do gifted MQMs count towards million miler status? Yes! Again, all MQMs are the same.

Do bonus or gifted MQMs rollover? Yes – if! The if part means you still have to meet the MQD number for rollover or be MQD exempt.

While the above are the most common questions I receive, you may have a few of your own related to today’s rookie topic. If you do, feel free to ask away in the comments section below. – René



  1. One of the tips is to fly biz class on AM. Be cautious chasing what looks like big mileage bonuses and easy SkyTeam routes with AeroMexico. The process is far from seamless, they don’t recognize status even for diamonds and often sky miles credit is not given. My experience from flying US-MX and interMX for 10+ years while trying to stay loyal to DL.

  2. dot cahill

    can u gift your regularly earned MQM’S to a friend vs the earned amex delta ones!??

  3. rene

    @dot – Nope. Only those from the Reserve card spend bonus.

  4. deltagoldflyer

    Hi Rene.
    Can you gift the bonus MQMs that Amex ran on their promotion recently for spending $90k?
    My points were transferred to my account as soon as the statement closed and I’m wondering if that’s what was supposed to happen. I really wanted to give them away.

  5. rene

    @deltagoldflyer – It looks like no per FlyerTalk data points. They are auto dumped into the card holders SkyMiles account.

  6. David Ulrich

    Hello! Great blog. Easier to read than the “other guy”.

    So – I am curious about the RECEIVER of gifted MQMs. Is there a limit for a person to receive them? And, for some reason – I cannot find any information on if there is a cost to transfer MQM’s to another.

  7. rene

    @David – Not sure who the other guy is but thanks! There is no limit. There is not cost. You just need someone willing to give you the MQMs from the Reserve card(s).

  8. If you do the 60k spend on the reserve card and get 30k MQM, can you gift all 30 or only 15k MQM

  9. rene

    @Effy – You can gift both the 30k spend MQM bonus and the 60k one.

  10. Matthew Gildea

    I’m gonna most likely be short MQMs this year, but fine on MQD. How can I find people willing to gift their reserve card MQMs to me? I’d totally be willing to negotiate.

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