Today I got the Delta card I told you to AVOID – I even lost out on points getting this card! Here is why.

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The only reason to hold this card!

Almost 1 year ago I posted as a Rookie post: “The new Delta AMEX card you MUST avoid – the “Blue Delta SkyMiles“!”, and yet now I hold the card. Why did I then, and still today, tell folks this is a bad airline card to get and use for normal spend (learn more about Airline cards here)? Take a look what it offers:

  • Earn 10,000 bonus miles after spending $500 in purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months.
  • Earn 2 miles per dollar at US restaurants.
  • Earn 2 miles per dollar spent on purchases made directly with Delta. Earn 1 mile on every eligible dollar spent on purchases.
  • Receive a 20% In-Flight Savings in the form of a statement credit after you use your Card on eligible Delta in-flight purchases of food, beverages, and audio headsets.
  • No Annual Fee.

That is really pathetic (agree?)! The new card bonus is worth $100 to $200-ish depending on what you personally value a SkyMiles point. Using this card at a restaurant would be a really bad choice when there are cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve that offers such better returns for both dining and travel (learn more about cards for those with excellent credit). Yes the 20% off stuff on Delta flights is nice but Gogo is not included in this discount and you get no free bag waiver with this Blue card!

So why did I get it? The last bullet point above: “No Annual Fee

To be clear I did not apply for this card new. No, I downgraded from my Platinum Delta card I got last year for the new card bonus. That card has now generated the annual fee and I did not want to pay for another year. But I waited for my Bogo (see E22) to post to “My Delta” before I downgraded and got the fee back. BTW, Amex will tell you the Bogo goes away but once it posts to Delta it sticks and you have a year to spend it and pay with any Amex card (or anyone’s Amex card).

Also understand that by not applying new I have given up the shot at ever getting a new card bonus for this card because once you have held an Amex card you have burned your 1x in a lifetime shot at getting a new card bonus for “whatever” card you now hold. I am OK with that because 10,000 SkyMiles has so little value to me. Sure Amex may, down the road, offer more but even a 20,000 point bonus would not move me to apply for this card as a new card.

Savings, over time, can be HUGE!

So why downgrade then? Really only one reason and that is to have another card with no fee to add Amex “Offers For You” as I said in the original post last year.

I would like that offer on ALL my Amex cards!

By using the “multi tab trick” that is, opening a number of Amex account tabs and then selecting “Offers For You” for each of my cards I can register for whatever offer on all my cards vs. just one and this Delta Amex Blue gives me one more I can make money on each year.

Bottom line – the Amex Blue card will not live in my wallet. I will not seek to put spend on it unless it has an offer that yields a net gain for me. Then I will enjoy a few bonus SkyMiles from those worthwhile Amex offers. – René





  1. Needed to go New York to London yesterday. Delta wanted 100,000 miles one way in coach or 280,000 in business class. United was 60,000 one way in business class non stop and had tons of options on partners for 70,000 in business or 30K in coAch. Any people collect sky miles because ????

  2. @Ryan – Agree. SkyMiles redemption numbers are just bat crazy right now. I am getting value but booking up to 1 year out.

  3. But I thought amex had started making the offers one per PERSON, tracked by ss#, a cross all platforms/windows/devices?
    I’ve managed to be quick enough or lucky to get the same offer to post simultaneously, but it required a lot of gymnastics and didn’t work the next time. And, related or not, I’ve been getting that “whoops, we’re sorry. . .” message a lot lately on the offers pages.

  4. @Mbh – All the Delta Amex card (7 of them) are unique products. You can get the new card bonus for all of them 1x lifetime.

  5. Thanks. Good post. Yes, Delta awards are bat crazy right now, even booking one year out. There only seems to be two choices for one way D1 to Europe, either 82K (few and far between) or 280K (outrageous), but 280K is what you would expect if DL were basing the award price in miles on the revenue (revenue award pricing) at one cent/mile. Methinks, we are going to see only revenue based awards pretty soon.

  6. Rene you must be getting better offers than I am. Other than the recent Amazon one 99% are useless to me at I have 6 AMEXs

  7. I’m not talking about BONUSES. I’m referring to OFFERS. As of last week, according to what I’ve read and experienced personally, you only get each offer one time, no matter how many cards you have. For example, if you have a “spend $25, get $5 credit” offer for Acme Thingies, it will only load onto one account, then disappear from all your other cards. If you have multiple accounts open in different windows, when you go to click on the 2nd one, you’ll suddenly get that “we’re sorry, this rarely happens, but . . .” message.

  8. @Mbh – Recent sweet ones were $100 offer 1k spend Lowes and Staples. Both sell VDGCs. There have been many others.

  9. I was planning to do this until yesterday when things changed! I have held both the platinum and reserve cards at the same time but with the waiver change I was going to get rid of the platinum, and was going to downgrade to the blue just for the offers. With no more offers on multiple cards, I’m just going to cancel! It was all good while it lasted but everything seems to be drying up fast. I’m going to be close to Diamond for 2019, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it!

  10. @jarred – not all muli offers dead but yes it now seems most of the good ones. We may still see targeted offers worth holding a no fee card.

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