Rookie Sunday: Does griping on (Twitter / Facebook / etc. ) to Delta help? What about a RANT? What is the best way to get help with whatever!

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Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

Blast away CJ!

I love a good rant now and then – don’t you? I could rant all day long when it comes to the Delta connection CRJ200s and have what I consider a rant work of art here on the blog. But here is the thing about rants – they rarely ever accomplish anything other than maybe helping you feel a little better for the moment.

Take a look at the tweet above by a pro wrestler. She is clearly in rant territory and when you have over 1 million followers you will get others onboard with you. Delta did respond to her tweet and another user followed up with what I 100% agree with that @Delta (was @DeltaAssist) on twitter is amazing and can fix most, but not all, issues. Let’s look at another epic one:

There is a better way Anna

Ouch! I am not involved with either of these two events and will not comment on what happened but are public tweets (or via other social media) the best way to go to fix whatever is making you crazy? Maybe, but there is a better way.

I try to NOT tag @Delta unless I want something because I do not need to bug these fine folks with bits that they cannot fix that are really company issues. Sure I tag #Delta often but that is not a request for a response. Now being a blogger who is rather, shall we say, Delta focused, I do tend to get a response when I do use @Delta – but not always. Sometimes when I really want an answer I have to (in public) tweet them again and again to make it clear I want an answer.

But to be clear I do not RANT at them. There is no point.

So what is the real key to getting help. What Delta wants is for you to DM or “direct message” them. First off, doing this will normally mean a quick response and an offer to help vs. a public tweet that may be ignored as, well, a rant. Next, Delta wants whatever issues not in public so they are much more likely to respond if you are private (keep the dirty laundry behind a closed door). Lastly, many make the mistake of tweeting in open their reservation number and more and that is never ever a good idea. If you are already in DM you are safe from personal info getting where it should not be.

Bottom line – If you are going to rant please do NOT tag @Delta in the tweet. Let these folks help fellow flyers that really need help! – Rene


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  1. I was short changed MQMs on partner airline Aeromexico. I sent proof to Delta via registered mail as well electronically. I called the Diamond desk three times. I DM’d them three times. I love Delta but after six weeks without a resolution I posted a brief description of the matter on Twitter. The immediate Tweet storm brought a resolution within minutes. I followed up with a second Tweet to thank and praise the Delta rep who fixed the problem.
    Ranting is not for me. But when all else fails posting facts on Twitter can be a very effective tool.

  2. Thanks as always, Rene – I always tweet compliments too. Delta’s people are often so good – why not? (I know you do that too.)

    Here’ a fun example – I was traveling and waiting for an upgrade on the next and I chatted with the gate agent was born in Bosnia. He told me I #2 on the list and I was left I yelled Peta Brzina (which is literally 5th gear or Go for it!) in Bosnian & Serbian (a friend’s motto). He completely cracked up. Went to the can & came back.. in First* As I boarded he taught me a totally NSFW 🙂 Bosnian phrase.

    I tweeted my compliments to @Delta and they said they’d immediately tell his supervisor. I asked them to instead have a supervisor call the gate agent and yell PETA BRZINA at him…. Amazingly, some exec did. hahahahahahahahah

    * tbh, I would have made FC anyway

  3. Guilty as charged but seriously the missing award charts and lack of award space is bordering on absurd. I’m not even trying to get seats on a 350 just 2 seats same flight on a partner.

    I’ll try harder not to rant and tag. I skipped tagging you today LOL.

  4. Easter 2018 they helped me on twitter, as the trashed my beats x headphones. I was flying from atl to brussels via ams. While doing the trash pick up I went to the bathroom so they pick up my headphones and theirs. The flight attendants looked but could not find them. I landed at ams and was walking to my plane to brussels, their twitter team offered me a 200 gift card for the headphones by the time I was seated in the new plane. Went on amazon ordered a new pair and used that gift card for a trip to madrid in 2019. They did leave my bag in atlanta and did not get it for 5 days later as I was flying to prague. They paid 180 for some clothes for me with out any problems all done via twitter on my phone.

  5. I have used the DM for 1. finding the link to my delta reserve bonus points, cancelling, rebooking a flight, combining an old NWA account to transfer my miles to my main delta account.

    Very efficient, and easy to work with. Why call and be put on hold?

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