Would you ever buy / use a disposable airplane seat cover to avoid bed bugs? I just can’t see doing this – You?

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Not so sure on this one!

Can you even imagine the looks? In the news the past few weeks as been the (shudder) reports of bed bugs in business class on an Air India flight (vs. my Delta scam call commending me for NOT flying Air India).

For the record I have never even seen a bed bug but I sure am creeped-out by even the idea of one getting on me from a hotel bed. But from an airline seat, and one in business class, just ewww!

So the idea with the item above (a 12 pack) is that you put these disposable airplane seat covers on your seat when you board and then you are safe from not just critters but all the dirt and filth that we all know are on jets now a days.

Here is where my travel mind starts to race. What do you think a Delta FA would say if you put one of these things on before you sat down? What about your fellow travelers? Do you think you would end up on YouTube or Twitter and be shamed for being extreme? Is it even OK to use these things? Well notice the top two reviews of the covers on Amazon PRO and CON:

I use these whenever I travel and I am NOT ashamed to have it out and ready to cover the airline seat before I sit down. The cover is large enough to cover the entire seat and is very comfortable. It feels like a very light cotton material and does not hold heat in like plastic cover might do. Don’t worry about other people looking at you. No one pays any attention to it and Actually, I have NEVER had one person look at me or say a word to me about it. I personally feel others may be a bit envious that they didn’t think of doing the same. I feel very comfortable about protecting myself from the filthy seats on an airplane. When you think about other people and their filthy habits, you’ll be glad you have this cover. You can sit back and relax knowing that your head isn’t leaning against where someone else’s head was. Yuck, When I get up to leave, I simply remove the cover and roll it up and dispose of it in a trash can once I get off the plane. I don’t expect the airlines to clean up after me. Next time, I’m going to bring some wipes with me to wipe down the arm rests too.


I was so excited to not worry about germs on the plane. So I board the plane and proceed to cover our chairs. Everyone is staring at me like I’m nuts. Then the flight attendant approaches to tell me they are infringing on the passengers sitting behind us and then the head of the flight attendants says they are a hazard if there is an emergency on the plane and have to be removed. I’ve given the flight attendants a new story to tell… lol, Just wipe the seats down with disinfectant wipes lololoL.”

I kinda agree with the CON – I would look at someone putting one of these on as just nuts. And we all know that in 2018 not complying with anyone in Delta purple is a very bad idea and get you either tossed off a jet or even much worse.

I do like this idea

The only thing, comfort or seat wise, I have seriously considered would be a jell seat cushion like this one. Delta seats are really hard and it would be nice on really long flights to have some extra comfort on today’s “slim line” seats. But I do not see plopping one of these down causing anyone to look twice vs. a seat cover.

I guess I would love to know what you think. Would you even consider putting one of these on your seat? If you saw someone putting one on how would you react? Do you think flight crews would care if you used one? Shout out in the comments blow! – René



  1. My wife trained me and supplies me with disinfectant wipes for every flight. Trays, screens, buckles, buttons all get the twice-over. On the seat covers, that does sound like a hazard in an emergency. For seat padding, I have a self inflating cushion that rolls to deflate. I love it.

  2. Me too. I never fail to pack disinfectant wipes on the plane for myself and whomever flies with me. I disinfect everything hands touch, especially the safety belt buckle. On my last flight a fellow passenger gave me the thumb up. I smiled and gave him a couple of wipes. He smiled back and started to diligently wipe his seat. Other passenger smiled too and I can tell they regretted not having packed wipes (I wish I had enough for everybody!)…
    The more of us doing it the better off we will all be!

  3. I would!! I actually picked up a bed bug from a Delta flight. I narrowed down the guilty party to the flight, because at the hotel I protected my luggage on a rack. Luckily i caught it before my apartment was infested.

  4. Hi all. I work with disabled hildren from varied cultural backgrounds. There is one little girl who has returned 5 times after being sent home with bed bugs and LICE. They do not know how to rid themselves of it. That being said, I shudder
    At the thought of sitting on a fabric upholstered travel seat and feel a bit Breeder with leather
    I usually cover my seat top to bottom with a lon h scarf . I NEVER put my belongings on beds or uphulstored chairs! Perhaps I am nuts but better safe than sorry. I’d jump at opportunity for a disposable airplane seat liner and don’t give Hoot for what others may think!!!!!

  5. I would. But is it limited to the flight? I traveled through LGA on Delta about a year ago visiting the Skyclub and the boarding area and then my First Class seat. Upon return home I noticed that I was scratching constantly day and night to various spots that “itched”. As my physician examines the issue he steps back to the other side of the room and said I had scabies. What the heck? What kind of scumbags does Delta allow in the club and on their planes? Read about scabies and see what they look like. Totally gross. So yes the covers should be put on the entire customer some times.

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