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Delta is Handing out FREE Platinum and Gold Medallion Status to Boston Flyers!

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FREE PM Status!

Oh Delta and their elite games. On the blog last year I broke the news that Delta was all but destroying Diamond qualification with the requirement of $250,000 in Delta co-branded Amex spend to qualify via the spend waiver. But then this year I have CONFIRMED that anyone asking and qualifying under the old rules can get it again this year (if they said no, ask again, as those asking again are getting a YES now fyi). And now we have this:

Way EZ to do!

Yep! Delta is all but giving away FREE Platinum Medallion status to those who are even nominal flyers out of Boston until January of 2020 (they are giving Gold to Silvers and Platinum to Gold via this targeted offer). Sounds shocking – but they have offered this to just about anyone breathing in the past.

Yes, CB are sweet!

Now I get that  Gold Medallion  as well as  Platinum Medallion  status is not what it was just a few years ago but still has it’s perks as Delta points out. Depending on when you fly you can get a BUNCH of upgrades as a Platinum Medallion and if you have a +1 they can be Platinum Medallion “lite” when they are flying with you – not bad.

The only bad part about this deal is for those who have EARNED, either via Amex Card spend or via BIS, that is, butt in seat flying, are now having the elite ranks diluted with all these gifted Medallions. So sorry you who were Delta spend loyal this year – surprise – you could have got this for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! 😉

  • Link to Gold offer is HERE <-LINK
  • Link to Platinum offer is HERE <-LINK

What if you were not targeted for these offers and you live in the Boston area? I would reach out to Delta and ask to get the above deal. After all, Delta seems to be in a giving mood this year when it comes to bending the rules with Medallion status! – René

(HT Reader SF)

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. This giving Platinum away kind of pisses me off. I’m not a business flyer but because of a one-time occurrence I’ve flown quite a bit this year and am just on the cusp of Platinum and will reach it with my next trip. I did it the hard way and while I don’t get to Boston much who knows how many of these newly gifted Plats will be competing with me for upgrades over the next year. Oh well maybe they will target the CMH market next. HAHA

  2. Rene,

    I’m wondering if you are gifted this status will you fall below earned elite status members of the same tier on the upgrade list?

  3. What a load of crap. Busting my butt to get platinum this year and those people get a bump for free? Junk.

  4. How incredibly random! I can’t believe they didn’t realize what a slap in the face this would be for other flyers. They must have assumed word would not get out.

  5. I finally got over my shock at any Delta slaps-in-the-face to its loyal customer base, devaluations of Skypesos, and myriad other incredibly non-customer-centric Skymiles program changes. This year I cancelled my AMEX Reserve cards (Personal and Biz) and started giving all my CC spend to AMEX MR and Chase UR which are infinitely more valuable and flexible. I now enjoy the freedom to stop worrying about status with DL (have lifetime Silver as a #MM until that perk goes away too someday, which I fully expect), and have shifted my travel spend to the most cost-effective carrier in each situation. Yes, it was nice to be a #DM and get treated well when ops went south, but not giving the power to Delta to continually frustrate and anger me any more has been liberating. Vote with your feet and your wallets as you see fit!

  6. I find it perpetually more difficult to hit send on my “I love Delta” tweets lately. Don’t get me wrong though, with only $13K in Delta spend I will skip the last milage run and just make a call. Hard to celebrate knowing friends that earned it. Figure it out Delta!

  7. fanny oconnor Reply

    This completely irks me. Actually more than irks it completely isses me off! I made the Delta Spend this year and have already qualifies in miles for next years Diamond. I am so loyal to Delta. I follow all their rules and abide by their game changes. Now they had out Gold and Platinum. Why do I bother?
    I’m going to complain!!

  8. Any idea of what the requirements are to qualify? I’m a PM, going to be DM for 19-20, and my fiancee is newly Silver this year. I had her call so she could go for Gold and they’re telling her it’s invite only, and the web link above says she doesn’t qualify. Figured I’d ask if there were details as to how to “qualify”.

    • @Ryan – It is targeted but it is worth a call or an email to Delta IMO.

  9. I’m a platinum, but I just tried submitting the SM accts of my wife and my sons, and each one came back “Whoops! You are not eligible to participate in this promotion.” And note the terms at the bottom of the page: “Only General Members who receive this communication directly from Delta Air Lines are eligible to participate in this offer”

  10. Rene,
    I have well over 125,000 MQMs & over $30K spend on my DL Reserve AMX card. Exactly what department, and how, would you recommend I contact to request consideration for Diamond for 2019?
    Phone call? Email? Diamond 800 number?

  11. I am KILLING myself to maintain Diamond–it’s my 1st year-and YES I LOVE it-trying to get all my MQDs and MQMs in–and then this–and the other waiver–DELTA–how about being LOYAL to those of us who have BEEN LOYAL. to you–
    from a pissed off Million Miller


    Hello Rene,
    I received this and accepted PM.

    I was close to getting PM already so my plan is to get as close to 75K MQM as possible so I maximize the rollover to make getting 2020 PM easier.

    1) How long can you delay accepting the 15K MQM from the AMEX Reserve card? I should hit it soon nd would like to delay until after Jan 1st

    2) I just noticed when booking a ticket you no longer see how many MQM/Miles it will earn 🙁 Is there a way to calculate this?

    That’s the link from the email for PM:


    • @Kerry – 1) Delay matters not. They will apply on this year if you earned them this year no matter how long you wait. 2) Just did a dummy test booking and showing all the info. Example ATL-AMS direct in B class shows on 32,736 Miles6,602 MQMs$2,976 MQDs

      Thank you so much for the link!

  13. Frankie Morgan Reply

    Kerry in post 15. You have to be logged in to see MQM/MQD when booking.

  14. kerry macdonald Reply

    @frankie in 16
    Yeah i tried both and it takes me to express checkout.

    Too bad i cant claim MGM in 2019

  15. Why oh why does Delta shoot themselves and their loyal customers like this.

  16. Hi Kerry. You don’t need to delay MQMs.. They will rollover to next year, so isn’t it the same?

    • @Kathy – Kerry may have wanted them to count next year for next years qualification totals. But, as shown, that does not work. But yes they could roll over if someone meets the thresholds for rollover ie all MQMs are the same.

  17. I’m currently diamond for 2018 and I’ve met my MQM’s to reach Diamond for 2019. I have not met my MQD’s and never have and my spend is about 70k. I just asked to have my card spend waived and my request was declined. Why is my situation different than what you’ve been describing?
    If it’s a subjective decision, DELTA should expect to receive alot of complaints.

    • @Alice – Have you spent $25,000+ on DL Amex and 125,000 MQMs (see linked post)?

  18. Rene, I think it might be good for you to start a thread on the Delta Forum on Flyer Talk–particularly about the 25K/250K spend issue. The exception is sooooo unfair considering the change made JUST last year. Many probably don’t even know about the exception and would find it on Flyer Talk and the links you provide.

    You are an unbelievably great help to Delta travelers. Thank you!!

    • @Gary – FT and I don’t get along well right now. New Delta MOD is really bad. But txs for kind words!


    Yes exactly Rene, I would like to get a close to 75K MQM as possible without hitting PM so I can start 2019 status with 24,999 MQMs 🙂
    Now doing that and delaying this years 15K MQM from Amex would be nice 🙂
    So for me staying under 75K this year is best.

  20. Have any SM successfully registered for this? I’m wondering if the fine print is correct in that only general (non-current medallions) can be eligible for the Gold promo. It seems odd that current Golds get the Plat promo, but current Silvers get nothing while general members jump over actual Silvers and straight to Gold.

  21. Jeffrey Ehrlich Reply

    This really is not a fair program. I will qualify for Platinum for 2019. Like others, much effort and LOYALTY went into it. I sent 2 requests to Delta “wecare” requesting an upgrade to Platinum for the rest of this year and included the Boston promo. Living less than 1.5 hours from Boston, it is one of our prime airports. I received this rejection email:

    “Thanks for reaching out again surrounding the Boston Revolutionary Rewards Promotion. I apologize for the lack of information that was provided in my previous email.

    After reaching out to our internal department I was able to gather some specifics. Unfortunately the program is a private offer; and it does not apply to those who are currently Platinum,Gold , or Silver Medallion members.

    Jeffrey, I hope this email answers your question. We truly appreciate your continued loyalty and thank you for your business.


    Very disappointing and not a way to treat loyal customers.

  22. I just messaged Delta to ask if there was a similiar program for those outside Boston and was told that promotions and offers would be on the website. Don’t feel like this was a positive experience – has anyone else been successful?

  23. Jeffrey Ehrlich Reply

    Waste of time. I am a Boston flyer and after multiple attempts, I was told it was a “private offer”. Even though I will earn Platinum for 2019, I did want to achieve it sooner. I guess loyalty is not loyalty (and “truth is not truth” Rudy Guliano)

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