Mileage Run Deals

Los Angeles to Dallas (via DTW) & VV $174 & 5932 MQMs at 2.9CPM – weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run (E BASIC FARE)!

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Only seeing 2 days you can grab this run. The one in October out of LAX and the other from DFW in December (but the latter has many more choices). Clearly the downside is this is an E BASIC fare so no upgrade or seat choices! It will cost you a bit more to run this main cabin with upgrade chances.

The new Dallas Centurion is now OPEN so how about a visit and some Texas BBQ (think HardEight near DFW)!

Here are the weekday numbers:

Cost: $174 BASIC E Class fare (no upgrades)

5,932 MQMs at 2.9 CPM via DTW 2x

Book direct on via Mulit-segment tool as shown above

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  1. Rene,

    Will you be making this run? Which day and time will you be flying if we want to meet up with you?

  2. rene

    @Bob – I will not. I am all full up for this year. Have not decided what to do next year yet.

  3. Great deal! Even if we factor in the cost for the drugs we’d need to fly on an E Basic Fare it’s a great deal.

  4. How do you get 5,932 MQMs? Is DFW 2x a promo code? I’m only seeing 2,470 MQMs as a Gold Medallion.

  5. rene

    @Paul – MQMs are not a function of status – they are a function of fare class and distance. Are you routing via DTW both ways?

  6. Oops, thanks Rene! I misread the post. I was looking at LAX-DFW-LAX, which by the way is also available on 10/30 for $151. Not mileage run worthy but still an option if you don’t want to get a hotel room and only need 2,470 MQMs by end of the year.

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