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HURRY! – 20,000k Battery Bank with A/C Outlet $55 with 5% off Coupon Applied

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HURRY – This “lighting deal<-LINK ends in a few hours!

My old 20k laptop recharging battery bank has seen better days (it is kinda old). Plus, I had it just for my laptop and at the same time have been lugging around another 20k bank for USB use. That bank is also starting to show it’s age.

Also, something funny has been going on over this summer – I have found myself driving (I know, shocking right) to more places than normal and while my wife drives I am on my laptop. This means I need power. In the past I have always used something like this gadget to give me A/C power in the car but it has a fan and can sometimes be annoying (i.e. the sound it makes).

Thus enter the need for a good, big, strong 20k battery bank with an A/C outlet to simplify my mix of battery banks and this will do the trick nicely <-LINK and I have one on the way (will revisit how it performs in about a month or two after many flights and trips).

Are you jumping on this amazing Amazon lighting deal as well? – René



  1. Thank you Rene! I just got one for me as I sat in my upgraded seat 1B on the first MIA-JFK flight this Sat. on DL. MIA/DM

  2. rene

    @Hans – Sweet. I am thinking of getting a few more as gifts at this price!

  3. Poor Old Dave

    It was dead by the time I received the tweet!

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