Rookie Sunday: Like Delta SkyMiles – Use Amazon “No Rush” Shipping to Save Cash!

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

Credit back? Yes please!

Yesterday I posted about a sweet deal on a battery bank that has an AC outlet. I have been looking for one of these for a while under $100. The funny thing about yesterday’s post is I had, just the day before, ordered one of these units – but it had not yet shipped since I most times as an Amazon Prime member choose the slow ship option to get $1.00 in digital credit to be able to rent a movie free after a few orders.

Thus my NOT having the battery bank shipped saved me cash and this is not something new. I often check to see if some better deal on Amazon pops up before my item (whatever it is) does ship. And the same thing applies to SkyMiles in a way.

Delta is, as of late, constantly having different SkyMiles “award sales” – whatever that is when they no longer officially publish award charts that they do clearly use. But the result for us is we should, once we book an award ticket, each week check the route to see if the price has gone down.

Clearly this is a reason to at least go for Platinum Medallion status with Delta each year to have unlimited free re-deposits of awards (until 72 hours before departure). It also allows you to grab and lock in seats you know you will use and then have time to look for a lower cost or even better options for the flights.

Yes – Still 1 hour is the official rule!

What if you are not a Medallion? Can you still take advantage of this rookie strategy to save SkyMiles after you have booked? Maybe – thanks to “The Mighty Schedule Change Rule” from Delta! The official rule (now hidden on unless you have a change as you see above) is 1 hour or more of a change (arrival or departure) to get a free change and this applies to SkyMiles tickets as well. But it is up to the Delta computer to tell the rep if you can get a free change or not so why not ask. Many times even a minor schedule change will get you a free change.

Bottom line is patience and persistence can save you money with Amazon and SkyMiles with Delta. I take a few moments of my time each week to do both! – René





  1. I have found that in most cases, even though I select Amazon “No Rush” shipping, the item(s) normally arrive much quicker than the estimated delivery time. The $1 digital credits are great for movies and after a few orders, they can pay for an evening of family entertainment. I have wondered, though, about splitting my Amazon orders to “multiply” the discounts, but that seems a bit underhanded to me.

  2. Rene. Thanks for all your info on all things miles! One other way to play this game is to do as you say and book even if not platinum or diamond, and if you have a chase reserve card that you have not reached the $300 annual spend on, go ahead and buy the travel insurance which will reimburse you for the redeposit fees. This way, you aren’t risking anything even if you are a lowly Silver like me.

  3. JP,
    Split those orders. I have been doing that for years. No, it is not underhanded…Rather, it is taking advantage of an offer that Amazon chooses to give.

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