Blogging is HARD: Even for Delta Air Lines (now gone) blog TakingOff!

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I love Google


If you do a Google search for “delta blog” or “delta blogs” you get the above results. The first result is not a blog but the Delta News page. The second is just a page on the same Delta News page – and then you have René


Nope – Dead.

What you no longer see is the still prompted on the Delta News page official Delta blog that was called TakingOff.

Not just me!

I have had a number of readers in many places try to pull up the old site but it really seems gone for good now. And when you look at the Internet WayBackMachine you find the following:

Really back…

Way back…

Delta long ago changed it from to but nothing shows up at all since June 16th this year.


And the last tracked post I can find on the Tumblr driven blog was back in October of LAST year and that was just T&C for promotions i.e. no real content or info.

Some good posts – back in the day

This blog, when it was under the old name, once had a post featured on the old Delta blog about a reader that crossed Delta million miler for the first time. The blog, back then, did have an interesting vibe.

But I wanted to feature this to highlight an important point. If you like THIS blog, RenésPoints, you need to support it to keep it going. Big changes are coming to the blog next month but it only can happen with your help.

  • Do you use an ad blocker when you read René or do you let the ads show so a tiny bit of income can flow to the blog?

The point is if even mega Delta Air Lines itself has chosen not to keep their official blog going – how hard is it for me to do the same. It can only happen with your help and I thank you in advance for the support! – René





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