Tiny Airline Bathrooms are Simply NOT OK – Shameful and MUST STOP!

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Congress recently passed a new FAA bill and it will have some impact on the airlines going forward. What it will not do, it seems, is impact the above and similar moves like it by the airlines.

I have known John Morris from Wheelchairtravel.org for a number of years. He used to be a Delta loyalist and Diamond Medallion and tried to work with Delta at the top levels of the company to better service those with restricted mobility. But after many frustrating Skyteam experiences he moved on and is now a AA top elite. I am not sure this was the best choice.

American Airlines is leading the “pack” of airlines making airline bathrooms so small those with total mobility are finding them hard to use. Can you imagine the frustration John has to endure on these new “NEO or MAX” style jets when you get less of everything on-board? Airlines, when even the main stream press picks up on the problem you know this is a big deal.

I am proud of Delta at least with the new A220 that will be revolutionary (was CS100) and is completely bucking the trend. Rather than making air travel worse this new amazing jet will be one I will try to book every time I fly even if there are other flights that are either faster or a better schedule – the travel experience will just be that much better. But this is the exception in air travel not the rule.

The airlines are making more money than ever in history (not that this is a bad thing) but that can not be at the expense of safety and function. There has to be limits. I think we have crossed that limit. Agree? – René



  1. The loo on Delta’s (then) new 737-900 was the final straw that pushed this Diamond MM to AA. Been very happy thus far. Have not flown their Neo/Max jets yet, but like the DL 737-900 or the 787, I’ll just do my best to avoid booking those aircraft.

  2. I’m sorry but I’ve found the minuscule bathrooms on several carriers including Delta. I’m only 5’8″ and without any disability and yet I find these bathrooms to be just too tight.

    Actually was on several Delta A321’s this past week and they were a bit larger than the ones on 737’s but still pretty narrow.

  3. It is inconsiderate and possibly illegal to not. provide handicapped bathroom access.
    Parents often have to accompany disabled children into bathrooms and assist them.
    I am looking forward to the A220 and will probably going out of my way to LaGuardia to catch this new plane.
    The only bathroom I have ever noticed as comfortable and large was on China Eastern Business

  4. 6’-1”, 280#’er here. DL Gold/PL member who is fed up and disgusted with the disregard Airlines in general have trended towards pax. The ever expanding list of comforts and amenities being removed, most of the time replaced as ala carte pay items is, I’d like to say, bad business. Unfortunately the airlines are realizing record profits in exchange for abusing their passengers.
    Seat sizes, leg room, oversold flights, meal/snack service, crew attitudes, whittling away at rewards and fewer exchange options…bla, bla, bla.
    Loyalty has long been replaced by with relentless pursuit of profit at passenger expense (safety, comfort and economic).
    I am solidly a capitalist and believe in free markets, charge what the market will bear and the consumer will drive your fate. Unfortunately this model does apply well with airlines, we consumers simply have very limited options.
    As a big guy who never purchases below Comfort+ (ha) the effect is even more pronounced than for the “average” size passengers of the world. My tickets cost more, my comfort more diminished and my overall experience less pleasant than many…and I have my mobility and am not reliant on a FA or others for basic needs.
    For our disabled (I am a service disabled vet but am fully able to ambulated) elderly or otherwise challenged traveling brethren it is worse by a factor.
    Maybe airline executives should be asked by shareholders and passengers to fly in our shoes a few times a year and measure those experiences against what they find in the rarified air they travel in.
    Wait curbside for a wheelchair. Skip the lounge visit because of the significant additional time required to navigate unfriendly airports, be manhandled into and out of seats, be left for last to deplane upon landing, navigate narrow seats, isles and tiny bathrooms….the list goes on.
    End of rant…

  5. You say “The airlines are making more money than ever in history” Ed B, Scott K and Doug P sound like they are going down the toilet as far as there finances are concerned. The airlines are lucky that the ADA hasn’t got involved and I think they should. Airlines will only act if they are forced to. It is only fair to those with any size or limited mobility that aircraft have one ADA compliant restroom. After all, you are stuck in an 80 ton can of Pringles for hours.

    Does this mean you will get the A220 in SBN? I know how much you enjoy the CRJ200.

    Alaska flyer,

  6. ADA should absolutely apply to airlines. Considering all the taxpayer dollars that have gone to airlines and used to support the industry, it surprises me (I don’t know why) that they have been excluded or exempted from ADA compliance/Enforcement.

    It’ll come, with a $12 per tix surcharge attached to it.

  7. most large people cannot fit into the bathrooms!!some United flights have larger BR’s and of course the Concorde!!!

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