Final Thoughts the end of the Delta 747 (ex Northwest Jets)

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Just – WoW – Right?

It has now been just over 1 year since my final Delta 747 flight and almost a year since Delta parked the last one in the Arizona desert (really cool video btw). How do I feel a year later? I really miss them. A lot. And I am glad I have taken this year to reflect on this grand queen of the skies.

Now I know the A350 is an amazing aircraft. I do like all the tech upgrades as well as the addition of Premium Select (a.k.a. premium economy) seats. But it is just not the same.

There is something singularly unique about walking upstairs on a 747 and to be on that large an aircraft and be in this tiny cabin just makes me giddy inside. Now in case of an emergency the slide down from the upper deck may have changed this a little – but thankfully that never happened to me.

Now I know there are still other airlines flying the 747 (that have real 1st class) so it is not like I will never have the chance again, if I want to, but it is not the same when it is not Delta (I kinda have a thing about Delta – clearly).

And to never look out a Delta window and see 2 big strong jet engines on the wing is also sad. Sure I get modern jet engines, unlike when the 747 was first created, almost never ever fail and when they do the other one is strong enough to fly the jet to an airport nearby. It is not a safety thing when it comes to 4 jet engines – it is just the cool and beefy factor that is now gone.

I still have my Delta 747, signed by all 4 pilots on my flight, and look at it every day and every time I look up in the air and see vapor trails I think to myself is that one of the last few 747s still flying.

I think too it was the way Delta people felt about the 747. The amount of space vs. the new cramped galleys and aisle space. They just seemed happy to be working on this fine jet. It could have been just my perception but from those I have talked to I think I am spot on.

So it is with a heavy heart and sadness that I blog, likely for the last time ever, about the grand queen. I miss you my friend and think of you lonely in the Arizona desert. Sniff. 🙁 – René



  1. My first trip to Manila was in 2005 on Northwest 747, I went numerous times until Delta transitioned. I loved Northwest but by then the birds were really wearing out, ovens not working, entertainment breakdowns, toilets over was a mess. Delta refurbished and it really changed the game. And i found you Renee!!! No more low class in the back…I was Gold and got the exit row. I found the Comfort Plus a rip off and refused to leave my exit rows. Until you tempted me to checkout business class with JuicyMiles…..ive not been in low class since. Thanks to your strategies I have been Diamond for two years and am excited to start on next year. But I miss the 747 and have protested the A350 mess and have become a loyal China Eastern customer thanks to JuicyMiles. Korean Air A380 is a nice ride also. After a year of protest im trying the Delta cabins on my January trip to Manila thanks to an award ticket JuicyMiles found. I just cant thank you enough for your shared love of flying and helping me experience it the way I had always dreamed!!!

  2. Renee’

    You can still fly 747 on Delta ticket, just not Delta metal. I do understand it’s different.

    Flew KLM 747 earlier this year from ORD-AMS… upstairs was completely empty. But it did have tired/old feeling.

    On a different note: Used GUC’s to go upstairs for wife and I….. what a @$#$$@×+$ was that! So disappointed with that, this year I’ll make sure I stop at least 1 mile less than Diamond…. happy with Platinum.

    You should blog on the use of GUC. KLM at ORD had no idea… made 20 phone calls/IT-issues… blah blah. KLM at AMS knew exactly what it was and honored… no issues. KLM in New Delhi has never even heard of that…. so hit and miss 3 out of 4 legs for my wife, 2 out of 4 for me…. whole lot of Aspirin and disappointment with Delta.

  3. Could not agree more. My last one was Shanghai to Detroit about 18 months ago. I purposefully came from Sydney to Shanghai to catch my last Delta 747. Way out of my way, but well worth it. Going down the stairs in Detroit was very sad. Also agree with comment that we need to get rid of the CRJ200 – now, not two or three years from now.

  4. I take a trip to China every year, and the previous four years I flew Delta.

    I am in China right now, and I flew China Eastern for the first time. So far, it has been great! The CE 777 to Shanghai had reverse herringbone seats like the Delta 747 and A330. The food and service were great. CE even provided a free limo between SFO and my home even though I purchased an I-class ticket. The fare was much less than flying Delta, but I will get a lot more MQDs.

    Two minor negatives. First, CE does not participate in TSA Precheck, but I have CLEAR anyway. Also, the free WiFi was very slow. It was fast enough for emails to arrive, but not fast enough to surf. And one more thing. Some of the reviews state that the business class cabin would occasionally fill with cigarette smoke, and the reviewers speculated it was coming from the cockpit. I did not smell any cigarette smoke at my seat, but I did notice it in the lavatory just after after I noticed a pilot exiting.


  5. Can’t wait for your take on the final DL CRJ100/200 flight. Something tells me it won’t be quite as romantic.

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