Review: The Delta Air Lines First Class BBQ Slider Lunch (out of Austin AUS airport no less)!

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Do you remember all the flack over the pathetic American Airlines “buy on-board” chicken sandwich? Seeing that is reason enough to compare what Delta is providing you as a BBQ chicken sandwich in first class right?

First off, I love that Delta provides Procesco on all their flights (well, most of the time even on evil CRJ200s). This, to me, is the only thing other than beer that is AOK to drink out of a plastic cup and as a preflight beverage it works! But on the lunch (to understand when Delta provides first class meals see this post).

First things first is quality and the quantity Yes I know the slider buns are small but there was a decent amount of chicken provided. And, to Delta’s credit, the buns were really good, that is, they were not soggy or slimy but held up to the BBQ. The one thing missing is salt and pepper shakers as during my flight was part of the time Delta was replacing the old ones with new ones thus tiny paper packets were provided.

With the provided coleslaw inserted onto the BBQ sandwich the result was a pleasing presentation. But how did it taste? Now I was coming off of a 3 day tour of some of the best BBQ joints anywhere in the world so I will keep that disclaimer in place as part of my consideration.

For an inflight light lunch this was quite good. The BBQ flavor was mild and I would have liked a bit more of it on the side. Also, I am one who loves cheese so that too would have been a nice addition. But with the crunch of the slaw these two were gone in no-time!

What I did not like. A small bag of chips on the side would have completed this and was missed. Then for the dessert my personal preference is any flavor but lemon when it comes to food so the cookie went by the wayside. Had it been the Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie – oh my!

Bottom line is this is a selection I would make again. Have you tried the Delta BBQ chicken sliders in first class? Did you enjoy them as much as me? – René


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  1. Wow Rene, the Bbq does look and sound yummy
    A side note re Procesco. Delta has switched in the back to a Spanish Cava. Not certain about First.

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