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SWAG Sunday? Delta One Suite Tumi Kits & Delta HOOU coupons (4 each) Giveaway!

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2018 Delta One Suite Tumi kits

I know in the past my SWAG (stuff we all get) giveaway posts have always been on Saturday but now Saturdays are filled with weekly recaps and news headlines so let’s shift these types of giveaways to Sundays now and then.

Photo Credit from Delta Air Lines

First what the prizes are. I have four prize packages. Via I will pick the 4 winners. The first two winners EACH get a Delta One Suite Tumi kit from my flight over to Europe last month (link to review of the flight).

You get DIGITAL ones this giveaway!

They also, each, get 4 Delta HOOU coupons but NOTE the expiration date: 31JAN19. So you only have 6 weeks to spend them. The next two winners only get 4 Delta HOOU coupons with the same 31JAN19 last use date.

Here are the rules. You may comment as many times as you want today but each comment must be unique and A) either something you like about Delta or B) something you do not like about Delta. It can be anything but each comment must be about Delta Air Lines (oh, this is going to be fun to read). Then, later tonight 16DEC18, I will use to pick the 4 winners. – René

No more comments – we have our winners:

I will contact the winners on Monday!

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I have always found Delta to have good customer service. Their call centers have been helpful and it’s my first choice when choosing an airline. Thanks for offering these Tumi kits – would love to win one.

  2. Mark Shippe

    Although not as often as they used to be, I still love the upgrades to first class.

  3. Michael Giardina

    Delta’s ontime percentage versus AA or United which are horrible.

  4. Michael Giardina

    Delta’s dedicated medallion service desk for add/move/changes to the flight.

  5. I hate the abbreviated service on short flights, especially when in C+. No more Woodford for me!

  6. I love the switch from flight vouchers to the choice of gift cards for volunteering to give up my seat. My wife and I scored $500 each last week!

  7. Delta employs the best customer service folks.

  8. Mark Ranck

    I made the switch to Delta from United when I moved away from Chicago. Many more convenient flights from my home airport and even DTW

  9. One of the most difficult things to so on delta website us searching for reward space. Extremely difficult trying to get to the Balkans.

  10. If ATL was not my primary hub, I would be willing to try another carrier than Delta.

  11. Delta will be the top airline by default because the others are doing more stupid stuff.

  12. kerrigjl

    Outside of the fare sales, SkyPesos are relatively value-less

  13. 3 F/C breakfasts on Delta within 4 weeks between early November and early December. All different and all very good.

  14. While delta can’t compare to Asian airlines when it comes to international travel, they have a great domestic product.

  15. Best people in the air and on the ground. The big issue is upper management consistently reducing our Diamond benefits and Delta IT who makes things always more difficult for us as well as Delta staff, go figure?

  16. Delta desperately needs a new data center strategy!

  17. Never been able to sleep on a plane but got a legit 8 hours of sleep in Delta One last trip to Shanghai. The only way to fly!

  18. Their reliability has really improved. I love the use of the Sky Clubs via AXP and their seatback video wins me over!

  19. I love the fact that my flights are usually on time and if there is a cancellation, I am Accommodated quickly.

  20. I like Delta’s on-board product much much more than what AA or UA have been putting forward lately. Cabins, even on older birds, are refreshed and have decent legroom. I’m also in love with the fact that I can redeem miles for Dom in some of the lounges!

  21. One thing I can’t stand though is the inability to gauge how many Skypesos I’ll need to redeem for a flight. Will it be 5,000 OW or 50,000 OW or 500,000 OW? It’s like playing Russian roulette if you want to redeem miles.

  22. My only other real gripe that keeps me from being more loyal to Delta is the upgrade situation as an elite. On AA as a lowly Gold, I’m being upgraded on 500-mile flights about half of the time, and using stickers has allowed me to upgrade some longer flights. The most recent upgrade list on my last DL flight was 72 people deep. There were a lot of Diamond Medallions sitting all the way in the back with me that flight, and I wonder how well any of them felt rewarded for their loyalty.

  23. Delta is king when it comes to ontime performance!

  24. I like that they serve local Atlanta beer (Sweetwater). I can’t get it where I live so I get it on my flights!

  25. I’ve been loyal to Delta for most of my life but after the changes this year I have to seriously consider other options

  26. GetToThePoints

    Delta has always had great customer service. and I have found most of their employees to have a can do attitude.

  27. It is extremely hard to shop for award tickets due to the award charts now being readily available. GRreat airline overall.

  28. Delta has raised the bar on how an airline should operate and their dedication to making air travel as efficient as possible is commendable.

  29. I don’t like the inconsistency in skymiles value and cost for reward flights.

  30. I do NOT like that I was unable to pay for a D1 upgrade from PDX – NRT when there were 9 NONREV that were placed from standby into those seats.

    Oh well, I’ll still fly Delta because they are overall awesome!

  31. Barbara Lowe

    I like Delta because it is one of the only two Airlines that Service my Melbourne FL, airport.

  32. Jonathan

    I love spending 300,000 miles to redeem a reward! It’s easier to save for a new home!!

  33. Jonathan

    In flight entertainment is pretty good when they offer it

  34. Todd Draper

    Umm… they’re better than United? I guess I like that.

  35. I’ll just think of SWAG Saturday/Sunday as SWAGS. Thanks for another one.

  36. I like Delta except for the colour scheme. The purplish dark blue and red do not match in my opinion.

  37. A few years ago, I sat next to a Delta Exec responsible for Airbus relationship. He told me 787 order would never be delivered. He was right. I am looking forward to sitting next to a Delta Exec from Revenue Mgt though I doubt he will introduce himself.

  38. I like delta because they will write me thank you cards occasionally

  39. Kurt DeAngelis

    Like – coverage into the many secondary markets which my work travel takes me.

    Dislike – really wish they’d enforce carry on rules … would speed up boarding and de-planing.

  40. #1: I absolutely adore Delta Airlines. I have been Delta girl since the begining, in college.

    My team understands, now, how obsessed I am with them. I travel roughly about 48 times a year and I have done everything in my power to make sure that ours client only books me on Delta. Airlines. I just can’t live without them and I’m based in Atlanta.

  41. Jkealing

    What do I like about Delta? It has to be the reliability. Roughly 400,000 miles over seven years and I can count the non-weather delays on one hand.

  42. Varun L.

    The Customer Service is one of the best across 39 domestic and international airlines I have been on till date!

  43. The end of upgrades when the buy w miles at check in happens = downgraded

  44. Delta doesn’t do much for those of us who have travelled with them for the last 40 years.

  45. I wish Delta would improve upgrade frequency for Medallions.

  46. Service is pretty good and consistent unless you find old nwa flight attendants that no longer care – like….the $250k spend needed for diamond is excessive for a personal card – dislike, really dislike

  47. Jason Miller

    I was mad when they switched away from upgrade priority for full y fares a few years ago as it is all I fly

  48. Thanks, Rene

    Delta’s on-time performance is the biggest reason i choose them.

  49. #2: As a Delta girl there is not much bad I could say about the airline.

    Other than business practices around SkyMiles. I don’t like the direction there currently going in with allowing ppl to use points to buy upgrades.

    Also, it’s just painful to see what we have to do at the end of the year to figure out how many trips we need to take or what trips we need to take to move to the next Medallion level.

    I realize they make it difficult for us so that we go ahead and purchase the miles/MQMs that we need. However, it should be much easier for the reps to be able to navigate giving us tickets to purchase. When I call in and I asked if I need 10k MQMs to travel between November in the end of December they should be able to just push a button and all of the flights available should be able to come up with price ranges so they don’t have to do all this guess work and I have to negotiate back and forth and spend an hour and a half or more on the phone with them for pricing. I know other site do that but I’m talking about saving time for reps and us. That information should be readily available to the reps to be able to give us.

  50. Even if I don’t use the HOOU coupons myself I give then out to people walking towards the rear who look like they can use it!

  51. Chris Pursell

    The $250k AmEx card spend requirement for Diamond is just crazy. Most likely my last year with Diamond status.

  52. But I’m probably not following the rules. So for a comment within the rules: I don’t like the little CRJs are cash-only.

  53. Delta’s recent flash sales have been very intriguing…just wish i had more vacation time to jump on all of them!

  54. Atmartin

    People who consistently complain about delta only must not fly on the other airlines. Delta’s customer service is usually good.

  55. mike murphy

    Delta did a good job taking over the Northwest routs long ago.

  56. Delta is my families favorite airline due to good customer service experiences and comfort while flying. I have always been able to book award trips around the world for my family of six-it just takes planning and patience.

  57. The Sky Club at DTW isn’t as bad as some reviewers say.
    But it could stand some upgraded furnishings and windows to let in more light. The updated buffet zone works for me!

  58. At the risk of sounding stupid, I kinda like Sky inflight magazine. I don’t read Ed’s mumbo-jumbo up front, but Andrew Z and the city highlight “5 ways” is a good idea/thought starter!

  59. Thanks, Rene
    Not sure, but do any other airlines do HOOU? I like that about Delta, fer sher

  60. GetToThePoints

    Their departure and arrival times are generally very good on the flights I have taken the past few years. And, if connecting, this is big deal.

  61. DELTA IT: booo! Even after contacting @Delta support, they confirmed but were unable to fix a problem whereby my Skymiles account does not display correct information for one of my trips. Repeatedly fail to follow up and correct.

  62. Jeffrey L

    I do not like Delta’s corporate leaders who are not focused on customers

  63. Paying for Intl flights, and out of the 47 options none of them qualify for 1st class upgrade opportunities on the domestic legs for a DM. No upgrade chances at all.

  64. I like that I can usually use a reasonable amount of Delta miles to make a short hop somewhere to match a good deal, round trip. Thanks.

  65. The continual deflation of Sky Miles for award flights is aggravating. Looking at the last published award chart from ~2015 suggests needing ~30-40% more miles today. 🙁

  66. I like Delta because they act like they care about their Medallion Members. I don’t like Delta because they do not care about their Medallion Members.

  67. Flying through the home base in ATL, I spent time in a couple Sky Clubs, liked them both, though the smaller one was quite crowded around noon on a Sunday

  68. Tad Dunlap

    I do not love the number of gate changes DL pulls esp at a huge airport like ATL. Ugh.

  69. To edit my previous comment about miles deflation, those award quantity of miles cited were for First Class/Delta One between 2015 and 2019 requirements.
    A lot of miles for a nice seat!

  70. I hope Ed’s goal of $0.01 per Sky Mile doesn’t materialize across the board. Even $0.02 per Mile isn’t awesome…but it’ll have to do

  71. Edward Klar

    As a silver medallion, I miss getting any free up upgrades in service. Oh well.

  72. Like that operationally, DL is better than aa/ua.

  73. Chris Pursell

    It remind to be seen but I don’t see how the new boarding process will be better. It seems more confusing to the ones that don’t fly often.

  74. Brad Baker

    Wish we could still bring guests into sky clubs

  75. Don’t like waiting, & waiting, & waiting for the Delta upgrade to clear notification!

  76. Don’t like running out of my meal selection!

  77. Where’s the skymiles redemption calendar, Delta?!?!

  78. Delta’s flight crews are professional in first class.

  79. Kimberly Beaulieu

    When I get them, however infrequently, I do enjoy the upgrades to first class.

  80. Don’t like when price of flight drops (after the 24 hr free cancellation period)!

  81. aggie1995

    Their service is solid-from gate agents to flight attendants to red coats to the lounge staff.

  82. Their purple uniforms! Such a happy color 🙂

  83. I love delta bump gift cards & vouchers. Delta reps are typically helpful and efficient.

  84. I don’t like the chaotic boarding and fact that the GA do not enforce boarding number/priority

  85. Don’t like being the “not so lucky one” to get the seat with the broken monitor screen, seat recliner button, or dirty seat!

  86. Don’t like when you pick seats based on “FEBO”, & you get meals served on plane in opposite order.

  87. Love the credit for bumps; flexible and valuable

  88. I’m freefalling from Delta Plat to nothing. Tired of all Delta games, so in 2018 I decided to try SW. Haven’t missed Delta one bit. Direct flights everywhere I go out of STL. Taking my first DAL flight next week for xmas. Burnt almost all my SM on FC seats for the family to Tampa…….should have been 1/2 as many miles, but again, Delta games.

  89. Tad Dunlap

    Delta boarding isn’t fun. Hope the new system works better.

  90. Tad Dunlap

    I love the service in First, Delta has some stellar cabin crews.

  91. HuntingtonGuy

    Delta flt crews are almost always +1 in politeness and professionalism.

  92. Sky miles devaluations take away true incentives to use Delta. Sad.

  93. Used to be my fav airline but looking elsewhere now, based on all Delta’s changes and efforts to disregard loyalty.

  94. Slightly off topic, but Delta related, I disagree that PM or DM will lose all their upgrades opps to casual Joe’s upgrading with Sky Miles or dollars…lots of budgets are set when the ticket purchase is made, and those low miles quantity holders will hold the miles, dreaming of an actual redemption first (LOL), and the price to upgrade in dollars may prove not worth it to most fliers…thus, DM gets their upgrade! YMMV

  95. I’m no 50 RT/year kinda guy, but I’ve had several great FA experiences over the past few years…
    Flying a domestic route with my wife 2y ago, last row, the FA called us “last row/first class” and made us double shot bloody mary’s and extra snacks. Or 3 weeks ago, sitting in the exit row, asked if we could get “Delta Comfort” amenities. FA laughed, asked what we’d drink if we were in Comfort, and got our Woodford Reserves gratis.
    And as a Silver flying on higher priced business flights, I’ve gotten a few single class bumps over the past 2y as well.

  96. I like the fact that I can get almost anywhere in the world direct from ATL.

  97. Now I hear people saying the RUC’s and GUC’s aren’t worth it. They cannot use them in a calendar year because there are no upgrades..So they just loose them all together.

  98. Delta miles offers a great redemption on Virgin Atlantic if you can find it

  99. Ridiculously bad Delta Skymiles redemptions in general (aside from these recent award sales)

  100. Hi Rene. I hate how expensive DL’s fares are out of MSP.

  101. But I also love that Delta is on time and their flights usually aren’t cancelled.

  102. Delta’s operation performance is pretty good

  103. Dislike – Static SkyClub menus. Reasonably good food, but they need a refresh

  104. Roberta S Fleischmann

    I hate the Delta “Keep Climbing” changes, 99% of the time to the detriment of the loyal Medallion traveler. I have 1.4+ million Delta flight miles, have been Diamond for the last 6 years paid for by MYSELF or my FIANCE and we said, “nope, no more as the perks keep disappearing and it just is not worth all the money we have to spend to achieve Diamond”.

  105. Tom Wriggins

    Delta has taken care of me as a PM when I needed it and that is worth alot to me.

  106. Michael Naumann

    I know I will usually get where I am going g when I fly delta

  107. I have tried Deltas flight service long time ago and it was a pleasant flight.

  108. April Moore

    I absolutely love Delta…I like the fact that Delta always make a bad situation for the customer turn out great by giving them an incentive to always want to choose Delta .

  109. I enjoy delta. Looking forward to further monetization of delta comfort and First class. Less upgrades for me is awesome. Thx.

  110. Love the new choice of gift cards vs. the delta travel voucher for taking bumps. My wife and I both got $500.00 last Monday for leaving 2 hours later on a flight from Atl to Jan. Can’t beat that!

  111. April O Moore

    I travel as a non rev traveler. It is an great opportunity that Delta allow their workers to see the world at minimum cost. I would never have been able to see so much on a little budget.

  112. April O Moore

    I am still not knowing which side of the fence I’m on about the no pets on the flights begining the new year.

  113. Delta has had my back as a Diamond member throughout the entire year being responsive to any issues that has arisen

  114. I love Delta people. The folks on the Diamond line are the BEST!

  115. Overall, Delta IT has, shall we say, challenges?

  116. Just applied my first ever RUCs, the Diamond desk has sent me email showing the RUCs applied, but I see nothing on the website or in the app. Makes me really worried that they’re not applied properly. Yet another IT issue… That said, I fully realize that this is a total first world problem.

  117. GetToThePoints

    I hate how hard it is now to obtain status.

  118. GetToThePoints

    I like the new Delta website, it is much better than before but they still have a ways to go!!!

  119. I don’t like the relative lack of flights from Flint (FNT)

  120. I like the Fly Delta app. I think it does an excellent job of managing what i use it for. As always, YMMV

  121. Delta’s call center times are always very long especially compared to other carriers. The fleet is old too. The MDs need to go.

  122. Michael Giardina

    Delta IT needs to be replaced with a functioning department.

  123. Michael Giardina

    I really dislike how Delya likes to change the game midplay always in their favor.

  124. I like that Delta flies to places I want to go!

  125. Delta staff is the best!!! They are always friendly, efficient and a pleasure to be with. Best in the business!!

  126. Delta is awesome for bumps! The amounts offered are more than fair and they treat you well when it happens.

  127. I have always had a positive experience with Delta, especially in Business Class.

  128. One thing I like about Delta is I find their customer service to generally be top notch. Also, their on time performance and reliability is noteworthy too.

    For extra credit, one thing I don’t like is the monetization of the premium and first class cabins instead of rewarding loyal DL flyers.

  129. JHuPiTer

    Delta partners with Virgin Atlantic for great VA redemptions on DeltaOne

  130. An annoyance is that there aren’t more first class or Delta Comfort seats domestically

  131. Delta is my airline of choice, but then I”m in SLC. I don’t get upgraded much anymore even though I’m a PM. Not going to do a run to keep PM next year either….sigh.

  132. I do not like that Delta could not find the 2 Tumi hangers I left in the changing room of the SEA Conc A Skyclub…

  133. I love delta service. They have the best flight attendants on average

  134. Dislike: The gogo inflight Wi-Fi doesn’t work very well more often than not. Not sure if next gen will work better

  135. DL has more direct flights to cities I need to get to, but is often twice as expensive as Southwest for me flying out of MSP.

  136. I’ve never had the chance to use Dine-on-Demand in Delta One, but can’t wait to try it out (someday!)…guarantee the meal(s) i want? BIG PLUS!!!

  137. Tad Dunlap

    Not a fan of the hold time when calling Delta reps to resolve problems. Their phone tree is inadequate, too.

  138. The AmEx cobrand cards have been a great way for me to start the points game (yes, I’m a late bloomer to the points world!). They’ve also helped me learn more about status and the various ways to reach various goals

  139. Rene’s trademarked/copyrighted descriptions of boarding (what are we at now? 9 zones?), the update should be interesting.
    Not a fan of the fuzziness and the shuffling of various medallion groupings a bit downward in the pecking order.

  140. Better partnerships with hotels and car rental agencies would be appreciated…all US legacy carriers are pretty soft at this, but Delta could do better!

  141. Delta is our hometown airline! We like them – you can pretty much go anywhere in the world with them.

  142. Don’t like how seat upgrades purchases (i.e. Premium Select) are non- refundable, when original flight is cancelled!

  143. Like the FAs on flights for the service they provide!

  144. I dislike that the Go-go inflight has never worked for me. Frustrating!

  145. Don’t like how you have to request mileage credit, almost every time you fly on Skyteam partners!

  146. I love that Delta has a hub in my city! It makes travel convenient!

  147. I love the Delta app. It is very functional and makes traveling easy!

  148. Certainly dislike the useless WiFi in skyclub ATL B tonight. Don’t even bother.

  149. Dislike: The last 2 rows of Comfort+ on this MD88 are the same as the rows behind them. No extra legroom! The C+ Roma in front of me DO have more room. And they have the gall to charge extra??

  150. Dislike dropping HKG service! It’s a global destination. How embarrassing!

  151. Can you guess if it’s a like or a disklike: CRJ200s. (All CRJs actually)

  152. Aside from Hertz (whom everyone partners), Delta should have a significant alignment with 1-2 hotel chains, and maybe a premium car rental agency or two as well

  153. Delta. I hate them I love them. Best airline to fly on my routes but they keep applying the thumbscrews on qualifying for medallions. Some of us can’t spend $25K a year on a credit card.

  154. Like the utensils, especially the “heart” shaped tea spoon

  155. Like the generally good service from FA’s inflight

  156. Like how well maintained aircraft interiors are…even the old planes!

  157. Like that Delta has several different types of co-branded Amex cards

  158. I love the way Delta treats their employees! It is no reason they have been voted one of the top employers.

  159. Dislike there are no non-Amex co-branded credit cards (Visa/Mastercard)

  160. Dislike gate agents who play games withe upgrade list (happens more at ATL in my experience)

  161. Dislike that Delta doesn’t play “nice” with all their SkyTeam partners

  162. Really like the NRT hub, especially staff/agents there…

  163. Tad Dunlap

    Zach Posen brought regal colors to the new Delta uniforms. Winners!

  164. Dislike the loss/retirement of the 747’s (but understand why)

  165. Dislike the EQD waiver for credit card spend for Diamond is SO HIGH!

  166. Dislike the Delta keeps changing the boarding procedure

  167. Like that Comfort+ boarding is earlier than most elite boarding…good for those of us who pay for Comfort+ and have given up on chasing status for the sake of status

  168. Pretty grateful my daughter-in-law can get a direct flight from DTW to JAX for a family emergency for low miles.

  169. Well, writing this in flight so I like that WiFi is available and sorta sometimes works

  170. I like Delta exists so I can read this blog about it!

  171. Dislike the lack of standard headphone jacks in new premium economy

  172. Chris Pursell

    I don’t like the non-upgradable Prem Select seats on the long haul flights. I would prefer to fly on the older setup with Comfort since I can upgrade from a main cabin ticket.

  173. Chris Bastian

    I thought they had given up on paper coupons years ago.

  174. I love that Delta is almost always on time or early. This makes travel much more relaxing!