CONFIRMED: $50 Delta e-Gift cards is the sweet spot for non-Delta Amex Platinum travel credits 2019!

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How it looks on Amex web site.

UPDATE: See this current post <-LINK for bad new data points reg credits!


While the non-Delta Amex Platinum card (learn more), as well as the non-Delta Amex Platinum Business card (learn more), have MEGA fees per year – they also come with so many perks that almost make the cards break even in fees vs rewards. That includes one of the big perks, that is, $200 in annual travel credits to an airline of your choice. Since I almost always choose to fly Delta, I choose Delta each year and like locking in the value of this credit ASAP.

Use a PC & buy 1x at a time per order!

Just like last year (and just about every year before that as well) I do the following. I buy, on 4 separate individual transactions, a $50 e-Gift card to myself (#ProTip – Be sure to use a PC (desktop or laptop – not a tablet or a phone) to buy 1x at a time on 4 orders!). I put in my name and my e-mail and am sent the code. Spending done for the year and, as you can also see, the credits do come fast once you have selected Delta as your airline of choice for travel credit (or have left it from years past).

Hello credits!

Also keep in mind you can, if you book 2 one way tickets, burn up to 6 of these per trip (that is 3 gifts plus a credit card each way). That is using to complete the booking. However, if you want to use more I would suggest reaching out to Delta on Twitter as I have been told in the past that even more than 3 can be combined if you ask them. YMMV but worth a try anyway!

These never expire. But I must track them myself!

Bottom line is we have tested proof that, as in years past, this does work to lock in a huge perk from the non-Delta Amex Platinum card (learn more) as well as the non-Delta Amex Platinum Business card (learn more)! Just be sure to keep track of them yourself as Delta will NOT allow you to store them on – René



  1. You can order qty 4 on a single order and still trigger the AMEX credit. Worked for me in both 2017 and 2018. Also – did you want to use all 4 gift cards on a single itininery – just call delta medalian reservations and they can manually add all the e-gift cards and credit to the itinerary. I was able to do this last year, getting all the same fare deals found online, but I will say I did need to wait on hold for final confirmations. Took an extra 3 min. Not bad.

  2. Can confirm the above, bought 4 at once, then another 2 at once (to trigger an Amex offer) and all coded as separate.

  3. I prefer just doing Southwest. I get if people have status with Delta. But for most regular people, Southwest is a great option. Plus no games. $200 one e-gift card. Easy. Even got a $250 for my Hilton Aspire credit.

  4. I was just denied by Amex in December for $50 gift cards on 2 Plats and a Hilton Amex. I’ve been doing it for years and it didn’t work for the first time last year…

  5. I have done 4 $50 e-cards in one transaction, as well, the past two years. Has been reimbursed fine.

  6. I too was denied a $50 gift card with Delta on Amex Aspire card in December. I’m not sure if choosing a physical card over an e-gift card made a difference, but I wouldn’t think so. It was also made from desk top PC. May switch airline to Southwest and see if I have better luck.

  7. So, I investigated. I had bought the 2 sets of 4 $50 e-gift cards on my Plats already in January. I did again in December, so they shouldn’t have worked. But the 5 for the Aspire were declined. They were e-gift cards bought one at a time on a PC. I called Amex. The Amex customer service guy asked if they were gift cards and said that Delta was coding them correctly now. And that he had received quite a few calls about this. Must just be the Aspire. I threatened to close the card if they wouldn’t make a one time exception and no dice. I use these cards for work for hundreds of K in spend per year, too.

  8. I recently used SkyMiles for award trip to LHR on VS. The taxes on that ticket were $180. A few days later I noticed that AMEX used the remaining $168 of my travel credit on that purchase. I thought this was interesting seeing that it was over the $50 amount they usually cover.

  9. Paid with Plat for two awards and received correct credit for about $105. Later bought two physical $50 gift cards in December and received two credits ($50 and $45) as hoped. Cards came in the mail in a few days.

  10. AMEX Plat.has always covered up to $200 in taxes/”fees” on Delta in any amount. The $50 limit is only when buying gift cards to use up the $200.

  11. Other blogs such a flyertalk people are still reporting success with the Aspire, even in the past few days. Chris, as you sure you haven’t already redeemed your Aspire’s for the year? I just tried 2x$50 and will report back.

  12. I too have been able to buy all 4 at one time, and 5 on the Hilton AMX at one time. I also was able to use all 9 e gifts cards-$450 for a trip to New Orleans to go to the Sugar Bowl–and a couple of vouchers to boot!!!

    Thanks for all your tips

  13. This is the first year it’s NOT working for me. I noticed the charge was posted as “DELTA AIR LINES GC” and that’s different from before. Anyone else run into this or know how to get around it? I don’t remember for sure, but may have purchased it using my iPad instead of a desktop/PC.

  14. It’s not working for me either, done from a laptop. Tried with both AmEx Platinum and Gold.

  15. Well I just tried it, so I’ll let you guys know. Tried with two separate e-gift cards ($50 ea). They are now pending charges as “DELTA AIRLINES”, we’ll see what happens.

  16. Bought a $50 delta gift card on April 1, 2019 with AMEX platinum card. As of April 7th, no reimbursement.

  17. The fact that the gift cards are now coded as Delta Airlines “GC” (as in “Gift Card”) means that Amex is now able to identify the charge as not being eligible for credit 🙁

  18. I have the Amex HH Aspire with $250 airline fee credit. Just purchased 5 x $50 Delta e-gift cards a few days ago and they were all credited. They were coded as “Delta Airlines Atlanta”.

  19. @Per Clausen – Confirmed still working. If not working, my guess you did not use a PC to buy gift card.

  20. Purchased 2 delta e-gift cards in two separate transactions a few days ago. Still haven’t been credited. Is it still working? I selected my airline only 10-20 min before making the gift card purchase, idk if that has anything to do with it.

  21. Used my laptop to purchase 2x$50 delta e-gift cards using Amex Gold. Purchased on 6/21/19, no reimbursement as of 6/28/19.

  22. Two separate transactions. I set my airline just 10-20 minutes before making the purchases, but not sure if that would affect the credit.

  23. @Zeeshan – I really do not know if there is a clock of waiting before you buy after you choose an airline. Maybe?

  24. I bought two $50 Delta gift cards on 3 June 2019, neither were reimbursed. On the statement it said:
    Gift Cards

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