When will your Delta Amex Spend Update on your “My Delta” for 2019? Is Communication with Amex Broken?

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Hello rollover MQMs for 2019!

Yesterday we learned that rollover MQMs had indeed begun for the year and Delta, as you can see from a shot inside my Fly Delta App, backdated them to the 1st of January. This matters because if you still are waiting you need not worry because Delta does tell you it can take till the end of the month for all to see them post. It also matters if you decide to donate bat crazy money to Delta to buy your status if you, for whatever reason, ended up short for the year and really want a higher status level (you have until February 28, 2019).

Humm… zero spend? Really?

But one thing has yet to update at ALL for 2019 and we are now over a week into the year and that is any kind of spending on your co-branded Delta Amex cards. <-Link to get cards.

I hate “Not Available”

Same for my wife

When I look at either my or my wife’s Delta Amex cards on the Amex site they normally show my SkyMiles current balance. There seems to be some kind of communication issue currently as these totals are not displaying and that could be a reason we are not seeing the spend totals update on Delta.com.

From Delta.com

Why does any of this matter at all? One of the most important reasons is upgrades. We all should know, no matter what our Medallion status, that $25,000 in qualifying spend across all our Delta Amex cards is what is needed to improve our chances at an upgrade (no, Diamonds, it is not 1/4 million for you for this part of the elite upgrade game). Thus, if Amex and Delta are not talking, our upgrade chanced could be impacted by poor commutation between these two partners.

Last year, at the beginning of the year, my card spend updated every few days. Then something strange happened and for about 6 months my spend bar never moved. Then, low and behold during the very end of December, it suddenly jumped to the correct spend level. Very odd.

Lots of ZEROs for my “raw” data

Anyway, this post is not about answers as I do not have any yet. I am patiently waiting as the rest of you for my Delta Amex spend to update. Even checking the “raw” Delta data numbers link my numbers all show ZERO for 2019 spend (but does show my rollover MQMs).

So readers if you have your spend totals update over then next few days / weeks I would appreciate an update via a comment below. Thank you! – René

UPDATE: 13JAN19 – My spend has POSTED! 🙂

…and DONE for 2019!


  1. Hey Rene,

    I am able to see the points balance on the Amex site.

    Just made my first spend for the year yesterday so I don’t see any spend update on the Delta site.


  2. My rollover miles were posted yesterday but no update on my AMEX spend from either business or personal card.
    Any hints as to whether AMEX and Delta will extend last year’s increased spend (to 90K) with increased MQM bonus? I think this was a targeted campaign but it sure was helpful.

  3. @Phil – I expect this to come this year along with a fee per year increase of $50-150 for the card. Time will tell.

  4. Waiting patiently, as I hit the $30k on my reserve card on December 28 (better late than never). Feeling so nervous as I never waited until December to hit it. Also wondering since it will change my status, will the flight I took January 2nd recalculate redeemable miles? Statement closing on the 16th. Hopefully all goes according to plan!

  5. @Rene

    My Rollover MQMs showed up yesterday, my 6400 spend on 1/1 to get my 10kMQM bonus on DL Bus Amex Reserve showed up 3 days ago. My Amex Spend still shows 0 to 1 K spent. Looking forward to piling on the MQMs quickly this year. 3K rolloever, 10k bonus, 15k when I hit the 20k spend, trip to Israel MIA via Paris next month at FLL to KY next week.

    Off to a good start.

  6. Seems like last year ALL spend was updated at random times. I didn’t see it correlate with credit card bills, posting, or payments. It just seemed completely random.

  7. My MQM rollover showed up yesterday – with an additional 50K more than expected! wow! Will take a screenshot – and hope they never catch it!

  8. I was shooting for Diamond with Amex Co-branded spend as I easily had the 125,000 miles. I follow it every month and my Delta account stop calculating my spend September 1st, 2018, with only $1000 dollars left to spend on the $250,000. I ended the year with over $320,000 spend with co-branded cards. I called Amex and they gave no help. I called Diamond Medallion desk and over the course of 40 minutes they did see through monthly credits and even added them up on a calculator that I easily had achieved the $250k spend. Delta said that they wait for Amex to pass the info to them to say someone clears the $250k spend. Delta (manager and medallion desk person) said that they are passing this to their Amex laison that works with them and I should see an update within two or three days. It has been two days and I am still considered Platinum for 2019. Now you talk about someone that will be upset!

  9. @Rene

    Great information! What’s also really impressive is being Diamond AND rolling over 100k MQMs into the new year! Can you tell us the big moves in how you did that? It would also be cool to see your Delta year in review from last year and what’s planned for this year?

    Thank you!

  10. Rene, could you please give us some DPs on the spend that posted today? Specially looking to see what counted and what didn’t.

    I believe SM was the only merchant that didn’t count last year. Curious to see if more merchants were added since.


  11. @NJTim – All creative spending is counting. I did not visit any SMs because other choices were much better (some net paid me back – but now seem dead fyi).

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