737 Max Ferry Flights OK, Underwater Restaurant Opens, AeroMexico Free Inflight Messaging, Dog Dies on KLM Flight and more travel news!

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This past week was a lite week of posting and next week will be about the same. Much going on this spring at home and up in the air with lots more fun up soon. For now a quick review:

While I did not post much this week, the travel news has been a flood of stories that caught my attention as “click worthy” headlines:

With Q1-2019 drawing to a close, how has your flying year been so far? I will end the quarter with 28 Skyteam segments and have just about hit Diamond again for 2020. I really think this year will be the last for me to go for more than Platinum. You? – René




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  1. Delta still takes in big bucks selling miles so the beatings will continue until the general public turns against airline credit cards or at least putting spend on them. Not sure what it will take for that to happen. In my personal experience most people do not put a lot of thought into extracting max value from credit card spend. On the flip side if people turn against airline cards it could take a lot to bring them back. Just my two sky pennies.

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