Clear JUMPS price (no notice), Delta CEO worried about 737 MAX, Delta Cuts Seat Recline (maybe good?) and other news headlines!

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I have been on the ground since the 1st of the month and it feels a bit strange. I need to get up in the air but have too much to do at home. Oh, btw, there is exciting blog news on the way soon but for now let’s look at this past week:

This week the news stories are more than just about Delta. Take a peek at the ones that caught my attention as “click worthy” headlines:

What a crazy week! Were there other bits you found? If so please comment below and please do include a link to the story. – René





  1. I get CLEAR free as a DL Diamond Medallion. If I had to pay, I wouldn’t do it. I fly out of ATL, most of the time out of the International Concourse where there is no CLEAR. And when I use the domestic terminal, more times than not, the CLEAR line is longer than the TSA Pre-Check line.

  2. Mixed feelings. I fly out of NYC, LGA primarily, and Clear has been a true pleasure. I’ve already noticed the numbers of users swelling and I suppose it’s only a matter of time before it parallel’s TSA PreCheck and the lines mirror the regular security lanes.
    Maybe some of the free (I am one of them, yes) or discounted folks impacted by this will not enroll and the benefits of Clear will continue to be benefits and not just another short lived gimmick.

  3. I had a couple of notices that price was increasing. Great value still I’m Minneapolis.

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