Is it OK to bring your own pillows & blankets onboard a Delta jet? What about 1st class sharing pillows and blankets with coach folks (yeah – I am going there)?!

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This stays home!

Let me start out by saying I do have issues with folks showing up for a flight, even an overnight flight, in say “ducky” PJs or something similarly appropriate only in your own home. Not saying we should all dress up like in the “good old days of air travel” (whatever that was – smoke filled cabins – yuck) but there are some things that are just not OK to fly in.

But what about bedding? Have you ever seen folks about to board a long flight with a pillow almost as big as they are? What about a huge blanket from home? Am I the only one who would simply never do this even in coach (some folks on Twitter have real issues with this).

What? Don’t love this?

What I bring, when not in a full flat seat, is a simple neck pillow filled with beads that keep my neck cool. Well that and my Manta Sleep eye shade plus ear plugs and I am in la-la-land until we land.

Left behind in MSP (not by me).

Sometimes I like the small 1st class pillow for lumbar support when stuck back in an exit row (when I upgrade and my wife does not – she gets the 1st class seat but I snag the pillow on the way back to my seat). Now is this wrong? After all no one else in coach has a 1st class pillow to enjoy in their seat?! I don’t think so but maybe you have other feelings on this? Let’s take this to the next level.

Love these! You?

I love love love the warm fluffy Westin Delta One blankets. One day flight I was on had these but I was connecting to a Delta 737-900er that did not (was in biz class both flights). The latter was a redeye and I wanted to be warm so my Westin blanket ended up on the 737 and I did get a few looks all tucked up and cozy as I drifted off to sleep (was this wrong – nah?)!

But what about using 1st class blankets back in coach? I know if you are cold you can ask an FA nicely if they will bring one back for you (especially in the cold exit rows). And would it be any different if an FA got one for a passenger or if someone got one from 1st because their +1 was up in 1st class. Does this matter? I asked a friend who is a Delta FA and was told: “If 1st class paxs put them up in the overhead and someone wants it, we usually ask them if they’re going to use it before handing it out to economy.” The FA also told me a Delta One blanket would NOT be ok back in coach.

What do you think of my ramblings today? Agree? Disagree? Have a 3rd point of view? Let us all know! – René



  1. Yes you were wrong for bringing the d1 blanket to the next flight! With that being said, if you had your own westin style blanket or pillow, I think it would be ok to bring with you in any seat first or coach, as long as it does not touch anyone else sitting next to you.
    Maybe delta should start selling their blankets like westin does.

  2. Similar experience. I was traveling with my minor child and I got one FC upgrade so I gave it to her and I sat back in coach. She brought me a snack from the first class basket and the FA chewed her out but good for doing so. She left the flight bawling.

  3. I just can’t see how anyone could fit a regular size pillow or twin duvet/blanket into the tiny space they have allotted to them in an economy seat. The small lumbar support pillows you get in business or 1st maybe, but otherwise, unless it’s a family member next to you who doesn’t mind you encroaching, you are going to bother someone. The only time I’ve ever seen a large pillow in economy was a teenager traveling with family (and this several times) or on a class trip. I don’t know any adult who’d want to soil their personal pillow in a coach seat!

    I was confused by your last comments tho re the FA who said ““If 1st class paxs put them up in the overhead and someone wants it, we usually ask them if they’re going to use it before handing it out to economy.” The FA also told me a Delta One blanket would NOT be ok back in coach” Do you mean its okay for a pillow to go back to economy if the FA does it, but never a blanket? I wasn’t clear what “it” was in the first sentence… (this would make sense to me as the blanket would be big and cumbersome, possibly a safety problem in narrow economy class seats, and most assuredly be a problem for accounting for all the linens when they land).

  4. @Lara – D1 not ok in coach. Domstic 1st bits ok in coach. FA also said no big deal I moved my D1 bits from jet to jet as long as it stayed on a Delta jet when I ended trip.

  5. Absolutely nothing wrong with taking your own pillow on a night flight. The hard delta pillows make sleeping a chore and give you a stiff neck. If you are afraid of “cooties” from my pillow, where do think they came from if not my head? And what prevents them from jumping off onto the seat/headrest if I lean my head against it without a pillow?

  6. I’ve was on a flight, seated in F, and during boarding I noticed a couple of EXP buddies who didn’t clear the UG making the long, sad walk back to Main Cabin. I asked the FA for a double Woodford rocks (told the FA I preferred to pour it myself) then snuck them back to my friends. 🙂

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