SWAG Saturday Giveaway: 4 Winners each get 2 Delta HOOU or “Have One On Us” Coupons

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Who wants a drink FREE?!

It is at long last time for the return of the ever popular blog giveaway day. This week I am giving away 8 Delta HOOU or “Have One On Us” coupons that are good for:

  • A Wine Split (i.e. a tiny bottle of wine)
  • A cocktail (i.e. tiny bottle of booze)
  • A BEER (do you like beer?)
  • These EXPIRE 31JAN2020 (unlike the photo that shows 2016)!

These are digital PDF coupons so the winners will get 2 of them emailed to you. You can print them or save the PDF and have the Delta rep scan the code right from your phone – simple!

Now the rules! You may “enter” as many times as you want by commenting below on the this post. However, each comment must be different and it must be something you LIKE about Delta Air Lines. Anything at all that you like. This is open to anyone worldwide but keep in mind on international flights drinks are FREEEEEEEEEE in coach so no need for these. These are thus only good in the USA or other destinations Delta does not officially consider an international flight.  I will pick the winners tomorrow Sunday, June 2nd via after 6PM ET. You may only win one set of two coupons per person even if picks your more than once.

That’s it – comment away and have a great weekend! – René


UPDATE: We have our winners per are – 5, 72, 59 & 8. I will email your HOOUs to you tomorrow winners!

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Jeff Wooster

    I like that #Delta serves Fresca because it’s sugar free, caffeine free, and tastes great

  2. What I love most about Delta is how the employees believe in it and try so hard to provide each of us with a good experience .

  3. i enjoy talking to many of the delta flight attendants.

  4. Being a SkyTeam member which lets me fly Korean Air using Delta miles!

  5. The flight attendants do a great job. Delta IT, well……………

  6. I like the Delta skyclubs which have self-serve options, like DTW. It’s just plain easier.

  7. Like the partnership with Amex that allows access to their clubs.

  8. Definitely like the free WiFi messaging available even if you do not purchase Wifi.

  9. mike murphy

    if I got one, my daughter would use it on her next trip to Atlanta

  10. I like the napkins everyone complained about.

  11. I liked Premium Select coming back for Korea two weeks ago.

  12. Aaron McAllister

    I like being a loyal Medallion member based in Philly and sticking it to AA.

  13. The free seat back entertainment should be common sense for all carriers – Delta wins here.

  14. Mika Pyyhkala

    I like the multitude of FlyDelta app push notifications, including when you bag is arriving at baggage claim and the push notification even gives you the claim area number.

  15. Mika Pyyhkala

    I like the Delta live bag tracking, I think its the best of all the US carriers. In particular, in the bag tracking history, they even show the time the bag was sent to baggage claim. So you can see if the bag meets the 20 minute guarantee.

  16. Eddie Shih

    I like Delta SkyMiles award seats availability to Asia. There are many times that oneworld or star alliance both have no business award seats available but SkyMiles still has some. That’s why I would save some SkyMiles for this situation.

  17. Steve Cainas

    Atlanta Loves Delta, our hometown airline and non-stop shuttle bus to the world.

  18. Love how cheap award seats are on Delta currently are compared to what they’ll be in the future.

  19. Dino pontino

    I like that delta isn’t totally ghetto like American. It’s the only civilized national carrier. Oddly, Warren Buffet owns a lot of both airlines so I don’t know why he can’t ask Doug Parker to get his airline out of the trash can. I also like that deltas fa’s aren’t unionized, it has to be part of the reason for their success. Hopefully they are being treated well by industry standards.

  20. Operationally, they are the best of “the big 3”!

  21. I like that redeemable miles earned never expire

  22. I like Delta’s customer service. They’ve been good to me whenever ops/baggage sucked.

  23. Jo-Anne Arendell

    Loved my flight Delta from Perth to LAX. Smooth, great seats & good food.

  24. (Hmm, how I can phrase this so it is something I LIKE about Delta? And what happens to all the responses who didn’t mention something they like?)

    Anyhow, I like Delta because as a result we have the deltapoints->renespoints blog to read.

  25. james horne

    I love Delta’s weekly special award fares!

  26. I like Delta because now I can put a realistic figure on just how little skymiles are worth so I can better judge what carrier to take.

  27. I like Delta because I can earn MQMs through their credit card.

  28. I like Delta because they will work with you when their schedule changes and you need to change your flights.

  29. I love Delta Airlines because I get to fly to different countries with superb service! And with all your posts, I get to live the #skymileslife!

  30. i love Delta because of their skymiles loyalty program!

  31. I like Delta because of the wonderful flight attendants!

  32. Christopher

    Like that Delta has stuck with its NS service MSY to MSP, my most common route. Good people in the Skyclubs in both airports.

  33. Love their on time performance. Taking a family vacation nedt month and I’ll need all the drinks I can get.

  34. I like Delta for their Great Service and friendly employees.

  35. Christopher

    OK I am repeating somebody else here but it’s true that the Woodford is good.

  36. I like that Delta is trying to crack down on fake emotional support animals. (And yes, I like animals and I am generally sympathetic, but fake is fake!)

  37. I like Delta usually has Sweetwater beer available. (And Terrapin at some the ATL clubs/)

  38. The Skyclubs usually have at least one decent craft beer and drinkable wines (for money). (Sense a trend here? No, I don’t spend all day drinking!)

  39. lenin1991

    Most consistently friendly flight attendants of the legacy 3 carriers

  40. I really like Delta is not getting rid of seatback IFE!

  41. I like that Delta pads its schedules. Rarely does a flight go exactly on schedule. Building in a little extra time in the schedule has saved me many times.

  42. I’m so happy that Delta serves Coke products!

  43. And that Delta serves Jack Daniels (even if they run out on occasion).

  44. Really like the bathroom window in Delta’s new A220!

  45. I like the Lindt chocolate that Delta has in the Sky Club during the holidays

  46. I like that Delta lets you select your meal via an email prior to my flight

  47. I like the Sky Deck at ATL. The view is special!

  48. Debbie McKee

    I like that Delta sends me a survey after every flight. It is great to review my flight while it is still fresh.

  49. I like that Delta still serves my tiny airport (everyone else left!).

  50. In-flight service to/from Hawaii, and the bag tracking.

  51. Like you, I just plain love Delta. It’s my favorite airline!

  52. Barry Graham

    I like the flexibility that they show sometimes when you they don’t have to and you wouldn’t expect it.

  53. Delta tries the most to get you to where u need to be.. vs other airlines!!

  54. My wife and I enjoyed Delta One roundtrip from JFK to BCN this past March. 767 eastbound, 340 westbound

  55. We can’t wait to go back to Austin to eat more BBQ and check out the new Sky Club. Looks FANTASTIC

  56. I like IFE better than NOT having IFE.
    Thanks, Ed

  57. I can’t wait to fly the new Airbus A220. Nice call, Delta

  58. I became reacquainted with Delta last October when AA could not get me from LGA to SAV and Delta could. Since that time I have flown Delta exclusively (20 legs and counting) because I had such a great experience on that first flight, which has continued.

  59. I like DTW’s main terminal, which is more or less a Delta creation, so I think it counts as something to like about Delta. It’s bright and has some decent shops for a US airport. Not to mention 4 Skyclubs.

  60. I like the Sky Club serves Sweetwater IPA at DTW and ATL

  61. CycloneHog

    They are on time and reliable more than any other airline.

  62. Seeing how it’s 8PM and nothing announced yet, I’ll add that I believe Delta is relatively more punctual than the other 2. I like that.