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Re-Confirmed: Delta e-Gift cards working for Amex Platinum Card Travel Reimbursement Credits!

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Yep – Still working!

Each year I very quickly test if Delta e-Gift cards are working for my non-Delta Amex Business Platinum Card from American Express. It worked for 2019. It worked for 2018. It worked for 2017. It worked for 2016. But a number of readers have been saying that it has now changed and is no longer working. Well, I have a new data point for you.

  • Morgan Stanley Platinum Card from American Express
  • Goldman Sachs Platinum Card from American Express
  • Ameriprise Financial Platinum Card from American Express
  • Charles Schwab American Express Platinum Card from American Express

In addition to the normal non-Delta Amex Platinum Card from American Express there are a number of others that are co-branded with banks and as far as the stock travel perks and credit, all are basically the same. I have recently picked up one of these cards because you can get the new card bonus for each of them 1x in your lifetime from Amex and I live Membership Rewards points very much.

Thank you – myself! 😉

I registered Delta as my yearly $200 travel credit reward partner for 2019 and did a test buy for a $50 Delta e-Gift card and, as you can see from the above, a few days later the credit has indeed posted despite the fact that the T&C from Amex says this will not work.

But what if you tested this and failed. I would encourage you to read my post from earlier this year because it is likely due to user error i.e. don’t comment that this is no longer working as this has now been re-tested and re-confirmed. Maybe next year I will buy one of these 1Jan, 1April, 1JJuly & 1Sept to have working data points for the full year! – René



  1. Thanks for the annual test result. I had no problems earlier this year with an AmEx Gold. I’ll be trying the Hilton Aspire Card $250 credit later this month and will report back.

  2. rene

    @DLPTATL – Oh yes please do as I do not have that card (yet). And thank you!

  3. confirmed also. bought two $50 delta giftcards on my Amex Gold On Jun 3. Credited back on Jun 5

  4. Don in ATL

    I had no problem with my non DL Amex Platinum Card in Jan. @Rene, do the above cards each have sign up bonuses? And if so, how much, and do you have links for them somewhere?

  5. rene

    @Don in ATL – All of them have a new card bonus (after spend). You can find links at the web site of each company listed.

  6. confirmed – Amex Personal Hilton Aspire Card. Purchased 2x $50 Delta GC last weekend. Credits showed up 2 days later.

    Delta has free shipping on physical gift cards for Father’s Day.

  7. Purchased $50 Delta eGift on May 31st and reimbursed on June 2nd. Purchased another $50 on June 24th and another $50 on July 6th. No reimbursement for the last two so far. All three were purchased on the same laptop on Don’t see the last two coded differently. Once my statement posts I’ll look closer.

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