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Hard Eight BBQ Review Coppell, Texas – A “Must Visit Spot” on a long Dallas DFW Layover

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I am a huge fan of BBQ. I grill at home (as @RenesPoints Twitter followers well know) all the time and add as much Apple wood smoke as I can be it tuna, chicken, pork or beef! When I travel I seek out great BBQ and Austin Texas has some amazing locations. But one of the best I have ever had is oh so near to the DFW airport.

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Hard Eight near Coppell Texas is an oasis in the middle of a bunch of warehouses in the area. This amazing building seems so out of place for where it is – not that it bothers me one bit. At the entrance you are split into two lines. For some reason I always choose the left one. Maybe I do this just for a better view of the pits as you will see next.

Not cheap – but worth it!

Oh and the left line gives you a better view of the massive menu sign with the prices per pound of all the amazing proteins (and other strange items – more on this later).

Want a 16 oz rib eye dinner? Want it fresh grilled? Not a problem. Just let them know what temperature you want that grilled to.

Hard Eight goes through a lot of meat each day as they open up for lunch and dinner Mon – Sat: 10:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., and Sun: 10:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

While I normally hate waiting in lines – this place is just fun. There is a buzz being in the middle of the grill action.

Did you know they make their own charcoal? Load up the wood at the top and scoop out the hot coals at the bottom.

I did ask them how many pounds of meat they smoke each day and I am embarrassed to say I forgot to write it down. It was a lot! 🙂 On to the final results.

You order as much or as little of whatever you want. 2 ribs, some sirloin, a few inches of brisket, shrimp poppers – you name it – it is all by weight. You can also get some sides as a #ProTip know you can get corn or potatoes anywhere so if you want a side get another kind of protein!

Wise sign!

And just as valuable a tip is the sign just before you enter the restaurant area – don’t order too much (easy to do as everything is simply amazing).

Once you have your tags for the weight of your individual proteins and sides you have a choice of cold sides, sauces, and some other free sides as well as drink choices. If you order a beer the bar is after checkout btw.

The place is almost always packed (as you can see) but there is additional seating outside the main central area. Roam around a bit if you are having a hard time finding a seat.

I hope these photos, in a tiny way, show what a treat you are about to enjoy. Editing these photos had me looking up flights when I could return. Man this is good BBQ!

Now that the Amex Centurion in Dallas blocks you from the club other than a few short hours before your flight, and the DFW Sky Club is nothing to get excited about, a visit to Hard Eight is a no brainer. Maybe even overnight at the Grand Hyatt for some AVgeek views and tie all this in to one fun visit or in connection with a sweet elite mileage run starting in Dallas!

Have you had a chance to visit Hard Eight near DFW yet? Did you enjoy your visit as much as I did? – René



  1. Not bad BBQ there but as an Avgeek, I assume you’ve also visited the American Airlines visitors center near DFW? It’s a good time even for a Delta fan 🙂

  2. Berkeley Thompson

    I’ve eaten at the Hard 8 in Roanoke and it did not disappoint. Some of the best Texas BBQ I have ever had. I highly recommend them.

  3. Not a bad start to DFW area bbq, but there’s so many better places:
    Pecan Lodge
    Lockhart Smokehouse

  4. rene

    @David – I have been to Pecan Lodge. Found it just OK. Like Hard Eight better. Will check out the others!

  5. Yummmmmmy I LOVE hard 8
    Any Dallas runs in the making

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