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Today is the big finale of Delta’s weeklong “Dream It —> Live it” promotion. So what’s their amazing closing deal?

SkyMiles Experiences auctions.

Now, I applaud Delta for the sales we saw this week. The Delta Vacations special that essentially made SkyMiles worth two cents each was very nice. The discounted SkyMiles fares for domestic and European travel offered some nice possibilities.

The opportunity to earn a $25 promotional e-gift when buying a $250 gift card was good. Even though the promo card expires at year’s end and can’t be used in conjunction with other Delta gift cards, most of us can easily drain that.

So one may reasonably hope Delta would offer a good sale for Delta One fares on domestic or international trips or something like that.

But the big finish is sort of a big fizzle.

The weeklong build up only to get this offer sort of felt like the grand reveal of Clark Griswold’s holiday lights in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

Many of the auction items — including travel packages — don’t include air transportation.

Does anyone else find that a little odd? Or ironic?

Some SkyMiles Experiences that Delta offers at various points during the year are unique and absolutely worth it — like the Jet Drag and Breast Cancer survivor flight we’ve written about here.

If I had tens of millions of SkyMiles, then maybe I’d consider some of the specials. But SkyMiles Experiences aren’t my bag. I prefer to make my own SkyMiles Experiences by, y’know, flying places.

Still, hats off to Delta for a week of good promotions (and everything they’re doing to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian).

What Do You Think?

Are you a fan of this final promotion? What did you think of the “Dream It —> Live it” week in general?

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  1. I thought it was great. I’m taking my wife to Paris for the Valentines Day weekend- Air, Hotel, transfers and travel insurance all paid with miles at essentially half price.

  2. I was mad that Delta never sent me an email about the promotions until I read on and found out it was a bust!

  3. Barry Graham

    I agree with you. I was hoping it would be something like the deal last year when you could get a roundtrip award in Delta One to/from the UK for 98000 files. Maybe a Delta One roundtrip to/from Tel Aviv for the same amount or, say, 120000K miles

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