Seattle downtown and Space Needle view, Washington, USA

Here’s a Delta Air Lines Amex Offer elite mileage run: A Boston to Seattle single-day Saturday roundtrip yielding nearly 5000 MQM for $211.

This is a nice option for those who can’t get away during weekdays.

The trip’s date is Saturday, December 7. It departs Boston (BOS) at 6:40 AM and arrives in Seattle (SEA) at 10:22 AM. Depending on where your arrival and departure gates, you might have time for a very quick bite at either Seattle’s flagship Sky Club or the Satellite lounge. About an hour later, you’re back in the air and on the ground in Boston just before 8:00 PM.

(I see the deal available for several weekdays, as well, if that works for you instead.)

Published price for the trip is $251 but the Delta Amex Offer brings the price to $211. That’s the cost basis for our 4.2 CPM.

Boston to Seattle Amex Offer mileage run.

Remember that reservations must be booked directly through Delta to qualify for this offer.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more trips to BOS, RDU, and SEA!


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  1. When I got this email about 10 minutes ago. I immediatly went to the DL website and I see the airfare for $766.60 for DL 2991. I’m looking on DL website now and the lowest is $775 to 1,285. Can you advise further re the $211?

  2. @Art M: I just searched again for the same flights on December 7 and still got $251 (or $211, after the $40 statement credit). Even upgrading both legs to first class brings the total to $935. I’m not seeing anything close to $1285.

  3. I also looked at DL for a flight out of LAX. $303 roundtrip. Not bad price for all the miles. Unfortunately I need the MQDs. Thanks Chris for the tip on this mileage run as well as the others.

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