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SWAG Saturday! Delta One Tumi Amenity Kit Review, 747 Hologram Trading Card, and Billboard Headphones!

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It’s been far too long since we held a SWAG Saturday, so let’s get back into the swing (or SWAG, if you will) of it.

So let’s take a look at a Delta One Tumi amenity kit. I’ll give away a kit to one randomly select winner who meets the entry criteria we’ll discuss in a minute. Also included in the prize package are a Delta 747 hologram card —

Delta Air Lines 747 hologram trading card #33
Delta Air Lines 747 hologram trading card #33

And some Billboard-branded earbuds.

But first, let’s check out the Delta One Tumi amenity kit!

Delta One Tumi Amenity Kit Review

Here’s what Delta One passengers receive in the Tumi soft cases:

Contents of a Delta One Tumi Amenity kit.

  • Purple and gray socks
  • Hand sanitizer (which is very important these days)
  • Pen
  • Tumi sleepmask
  • Discount card (with promo code) good for 15% off one full-priced item at Tumi
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Le Labo lip balm
  • Le Labo basil & shea butter hand pomade (so fancy!)

I opened the Le Labo items from a separate kit. Here’s what the lip balm and schmancy hand pomade look like:

Le Labo basil and shea butter pomade and lip balm.

Now Hear This!

You know what’s missing from these kits? EARPLUGS!

Even though they’re not the same thing, maybe Delta assumes you’ll listen to their noise canceling earphones or bring your own.

Because the Delta One amenity kits no longer include earplugs, I’m including a pair from my personal stash.

I work photoshoots in loud environments (concerts in stadiums and arenas, nightclub events with loud DJ music, etc). I love these Flents earplugs. They’re comfortable, knock out 33 dB, and do a good job of not muffling out certain frequencies.

Flents Quiet Contour Ear Plugs
Flents Quiet Contour Ear Plugs

So enjoy these on your next flight, at your next concert, child’s birthday party, family dinner…

How to Enter

We wrote this week about some changes to Delta’s A321 planes.

So that inspired us to ask you: What are your favorite Delta Air Lines airplanes — and why?

Tell us in the below Comments section.

Merged airlines Delta acquired/absorbed/etc. are also eligible. So all you Western Airlines, Northeast Airlines, Northwest, etc. fliers whom Delta welcomed into the fold, feel free to wax nostalgiac. Regional carriers (Mesaba, anyone?) are, of course, included.

Don’t write an essay — but please jot down just a few words about why specific aircraft are special to you.

Each aircraft can be its own separate comment.

For example, I’d write something like these if I were eligible:

Comment #1: I love the old Northwest DC-10s because I flew them from MSP to LAX before I moved to Los Angeles.

Comment #2: I like to ride the CRJ-900 and sit in 4A because I can recline my seat without bothering the person behind me. And I have the whole row to myself — because it’s one seat 😉 .

Comment #3: I hold dear the Mesaba Saab 340s. My dad flew them on business trips from FAR to MSP — and he introduced me to the amazing joy of travel.

I’ll select (via the winner at 7:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Pacific on Sunday, February 23. The winner will be announced later Sunday evening.

Off-topic comments are welcome (provided they’re appropriate, of course) but won’t be eligible to win.

Have a good time!

— Chris

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. The Saab 340 between Mason City IA and MSP. Walking up to it from the ground is a feeling rarely seen. Maybe in Bend, OR and Burbank.

  2. For those long biz trips I prefer Boeing (777-200LR). Generally I tend to seek for Boeing aircrafts for any / all flights. (Full disclosure- With the recent dips, I have been picking up Boeing stock). 🙂

  3. My fav was always the L1011 Tri-Star. Just the feel and ride to this day are still unchallenged. Too much flex in the A350. On the current plans I prefer flying the B757. Wish they’d fire that line up again in Renton with modern upgrades.

  4. I may be the only one, but I like the 767s because of, the magnetic trays in Delta One. It gave me a something to play with on various flights. Sometimes “played balance a wine glass on a knife” stuck to the magnetic tray … most time it worked. lol

  5. A-330-300, my wife and took our first business class trip in the plane and I was able to upgrade my daughter and my future son-in-law on their honeymoon this summer.

  6. Love the 767. The Delta One layout is terrific. One of the smoothest flights in the industry.

  7. Delta’s amenity kit is pretty good and the new Tumi soft case is very useful. I got the new one from AA the other day and it is basically useless.

  8. My pick goes to the 757, one of my earliest memories of traveling was pestering the crud out of my parents to fly to Disney World on Delta and the 757 was the plane we took from NOLA to Orlando.

  9. GetToThePoints Reply

    The 717. They provide an alternative to RJ service as a feeder for the larger hubs.

  10. My Fav is the 747 – it’s just such a big, beautiful plane and it always felt special to fly.

  11. Harry Koontz Reply

    My favorite Delta aircraft are the CRJ700 and 900’s. I like seat 1A where you get the best of both worlds, window and aisle seats all in one!

  12. The Boeing Triple 7’s (777) are my favorite. Any configuration. Flying from CHA to ATL on a plane that is one level above a crop duster really make you appreciate legroom & overhead bin space on your connecting flight.

  13. stacy jordan Reply

    The best plane on Delta is the lie-flat ones used for JFK to SFO or LAX. (767-400 er). You get International service level for a long haul domestic flight.

  14. The Favorite Uncle Bob Reply

    My fav shall always be the 747 because I was able to arrange a parade for my friend’s MM crossing and all of the FAs joined in singing to my friend!

  15. Rich Esposito Reply

    777 hands down the best plane in the sky
    From big handicapped first class rest room to safety !

  16. I’m “old school” for Delta. Despite the recent MAX issues I’m Boeing 757 all the way. Especially delta comfort seats now.

  17. TexasYankee Reply

    The new A220 by far is the best because the PA announcements do not come through the headphones while using the IFE. It is like a dream come true!

  18. Kevin Byrne Reply

    A220 – appreciate the seat / leg space and also the isle width compared with most regional planes. Plus the restroom is actually spacious.

  19. It must be the CRJ200. Yes I am a fan of Satan’s Chariot. I avoid row 1 and exit rows so I have more room. Since my favorite airport only has CRJ200 service I look forward to these flights to get me to the next flight that takes me anywhere I want to go. Whether it’s Sydney, Singapore, Gothenburg or the Isle of Man it usually starts from PIA with a CRJ200. It means I am going somewhere!

  20. There will always be something special in flying the 747. It was always more of an event than any other flight. I miss them!

  21. One of my first memories of flying is on a Northwest Boeing 747 on the NRT-JFK route back in 2001! I miss the iconic red, grey & black stripe livery!

  22. Sorry, but I liked the MD 80 because it just felt solid and it didn’t have lots of people battling at the gate during boarding.

  23. Call me nostalgic, but there is nothing like being nestled in the nose of a 747 for a trans-Pacific.

  24. Matt Perchick Reply

    I enjoy the 757. Love walking in and turning left for domestic first class.

    Also a big fan of the 777. Always amazes me how something that large can be so graceful.

  25. Dotti Cahill Reply

    Probably the 747 biz area up top! Miss them but also like any aircraft that has REAL air vents that open and give u some air vs those horrid flat things on most 737’s etc that do not open wide and only disperse air 2-3 inches from it!!

  26. Taking someone up the spiral staircase on a 747 for the first time, especially back in the lounge days, is also pretty hard to beat.

  27. I loved the old Northwest Planes with upper deck seats flying across the Pacific Ocean

  28. I always liked the upper deck on a 747 – especially row 73 on the left.

  29. Loved the 777-200 with the new Delta One Suites. Tried on the LAX-ATL route and hope to experience it on a longer trip.

  30. Jack A Cowan Reply

    Your swag is lame – Anyone who flies at all will already have these items ……Would be better to do a poll without swag

    • @Jack A Cowan: Not everyone is lucky enough to sit in Delta One as often as you apparently do. It seems plenty of people are happy contributing and don’t mind winning something “lame.”

  31. 1. 767-300 in delta 1. Because with seats b & C which are side by side, you can actually talk with your wife as opposed to airbus 330 where only feet are clos together and heads are in another county, or 777s where you have to stand to see person next to you, or 350s where you have only a peep hole if you choose to open the small door. Seats a & D are for solo travelers.

    2. Old MD 88’s and 90’s 2 person side in coach, better for a couple

    3 EMB 175 row 1 , when travelling alone. No other seat and close to the galley for refills.

  32. Rob Gerhard Reply

    747…just because it was such an iconic aircraft! Other than that, I like my odds on the smaller RJs – better aisle seat ratio. 😉

  33. NW 747 to Tokyo (Narita) for work. As noted previously, the classic NW color scheme, red and gray. The queen was a magic carpet for this wide-eyed young corporate guy.

  34. I also vote for the awesome 2-story 747, as well as the old Northwest Airlines non-stop flights between ONT and MSP (I did the opposite Chris—grew up in LA and now live in Minneapolis)

  35. I loved flying the airbus a330 jfk to lax because they had the Delta one seats that face diagonal. I’m sad that they stopped using them on that route!

  36. I like any plane I am on because it means I am going someplace on vacation.

  37. My absolute favorite Delta Aircraft of ALL TIME is the L1011, it is the aircraft that I always loved as a kid, and would always attempt to draw when sitting in class in my younger days. I remember my first flight on one was an aircraft swap between ORD and ATL on my very last trip home from a project I was wrapping up at the time. It was also my very first upgrade to First Class on Delta. 🙂

  38. I have to go with the MD 88/90 just because of the seat layout.

    BTW, 15% off of _full price_ Tumi is no discount at all. Full price Tumi is way overpriced, and goes on sale all the time.

  39. B737-932 took me and my wife to MSP a couple months ago, where we enjoyed the Escape lounge…great views, loved the little pots of food

  40. I noticed the missing ear plugs on my flight in december…i thought it was just a miss pack so i used my backup set. Then on the return last week, no ear plugs!? Aarrrgghh commented to the FA and she said they have all written complaints and encouraged me to as well and gave me a set she had stashed. Personally i think the amenity kits are a total waste, ive never used anything but the mask and ear plugs.
    Queen of the Skies will always be the 747 upper deck. A380 is big like a whale, not elegant! Next is the 777 china eastern flies, love love business class rows 6-7!, its like a separate cabin, better service, quieter!

  41. I love the old-school props (can’t remember the make) operated by ComAir from LGA-BUF…I cannot sleep on planes, no matter the class. First class, lay-flat from LAX-MEL? Awake for the whole thing. An hour-10 from NYC to Buffalo? Hibernating. I cannot explain it. But I loved those flights. Don’t live in the NY area any more but I bet they’d still be my cure for insomnia. Thanks for indulging me! ~M

  42. Boeing 747 hands down. Just swing the beauty at airports would have me in shock. Miss seeing them so often.
    Although the a380 is also massive and impressive, just feels different.


  43. i’m glad swag is back!

    regardless of the route, my favorite is Boeing (777-200LR)!

  44. I liked the DC-9 and its descendents. I used to fly all the time on Northwest DC-9s, and my favorite seat was the offset first row of economy. You got a ton of legroom, and the overheads were huge. Big pitch from being an old plane too.

  45. 767-300, as it will be a series of firsts for my son – flying internationally, and flying Delta One (not their best, but a reasonable way to fly for 8-9 hours).


    747 hands down LAX to Shanghai in Delta One. Enough time for a good night’s sleep, huge ceiling height provides air circulation, amazing service


    Airbus A321 for LAX to ATL any Comfort + seat rocks for business because you arrive relaxed and stress free.


    Boeing 767 LAX to JFK any A or B seat in Comfort + which is opposite side of lavatories


    Airbus 330 to TLV if you can’t get Delta One then any A or B seat in Comfort + as it is as close to lie flat perfection you can get

  50. Have to say it is the 747 from DTW to PARIS as got to sit near Evander Holyfield and was able to meet him as a young boy. It was such a highlight being a sports fanatic and he was so genuine and kind giving me a high five.

  51. Poor Old Dave Reply

    Airbus A330 when I flew back from a meeting in Hawaii and had the entire center row in economy to lay down and sleep!

  52. Delta is not Northwest that’s for sure 🙁 I miss flying NWA, especially enjoying the numerous bumpertunities those Saab 340’s gave. MD-88 was my last NWA flight, chuckle when I get on a DL flight using the same tail number…fond memories abound 🙂

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