Win an Amazon Gift Card and 42Travel Toiletry Bag! [SWAG Saturday]

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How about we run another Swag Saturday?

This weekend, the winner will receive these three prizes:

(Toiletries and supplies not included. 🙂 )

The toiletry kit is still wrapped in plastic and brand new. So if you already have one or don’t want it, you can regift it to someone. (Don’t worry — I won’t tell and my feelings won’t be hurt! 🙂 )

I’ll email the winner their Amazon gift card code soon after the contest closes on Sunday afternoon. The kit and earbuds will be mailed this coming week.

How to Enter

In the below comments section, tell us what your favorite seat is — on which airline and aircraft, and why.

For example, I like 10A on Delta’s A321. It’s a window seat and there’s plenty of legroom.

Enter as many times as you wish — but each entry must be a different comment. For instance, my Delta A321 comment above would be one entry. Then another could be “I like 5B on Delta’s A321. It’s business class and I have a bunch of room to recline — without infringing on the legroom of the people behind me.”

Need ideas? SeatGuru has hundreds of aircraft — most of which have at least a hundred (or two hundred) seats. (Though I’m curious why anyone would like a middle seat…)

I’ll select the winner via on Sunday, November 29, at 6:00 PM Eastern Time / 3:00 PM Pacific. I’ll notify that person via email (so make sure your email address is spelled correctly — and a real one 😉 ) shortly thereafter — and also post the winning comment on the blog.

A few things to please keep in mind:

  • The contest is open only to people with a US mailing address.
  • Submissions sent to us via email won’t count. Only entries in the Comments section are eligible.
  • Please keep your comments on topic and don’t use this post’s Comments as a conversation thread. If you reply to someone or submit something else not relevant, we won’t approve the comment until the contest is over.
  • (The few) people who’ve won a Swag Saturday prize within the last 12 months aren’t eligible to win this time around.
  • No purchase necessary.

Thanks for participating. Have fun!

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Santiago Speranza

    2A on a 767 from ATL to EZE as I don’t smell the bathrooms, I usually eat first and I love to see the Andes in the morning heading into Argentina.

    • Any business class seat on any international flight. I have never had the privilege of these seats. I did have one booked to Europe for our 50th wedding anniversary this last summer but, alas, not to be.

    • Cathay Pacific First class on the left, since there’s more privacy. Oh, those were the days!

  2. Generally, I like the last row of first class. Most of the time, there is no video screen on the back of the seat. On Delta, Comfort is the next row with more space between the seats.

  3. Brett Minzner

    3G or 4G on KLM 777. Aisle access and close enough to lavatory, but in the middle of the cabin and away from cabin crew area

  4. 8a or f United 737/800-900. Not a fixed seat, and no fixed armrests.. Early to exit, economy plus spacing and decent seat tilt.

  5. Moe Abbasi

    TK6 – Turkish Airlines 787-9 from ORD to IST, seat 4A in business is always my fav. Plenty of privacy and on the exit side so immigration is a breeze on arrival.

  6. I just recently flew on Alaska for first time from SEA-RDU. I sat in 3A (window) on a 737-900 (739). I have been in first class on a 739 for American and Delta but the seat on Alaska seemed much more comfortable. So at least that is my latest favorite seat. Too bad I live on the east coast so I do not see myself flying Alaska too much in the future.

  7. Cathay’s biz mini cabin 12K on 777ER. Really feels private with only 2 rows plus bathrooms are not used often. Very minimal foot traffic.

  8. Jerry Dannheim

    3D 321….middle of F usually sun not on that side easy on /off

  9. A4 on Airbus321. Last seat in 1st and great with a traveling companion.

  10. 1a or 1k on BA 747, first class seat in the nose cone, you feel like no one else is around, you are further forward than the pilots. It is a very unique experience.

  11. GetToThePoints

    The last row of any first class that has the solid divider behind it.

  12. Brad Baker

    Love any non bulkhead first class seat. As an American, I try to like Boeing jets but Delta’s A321 is very nice.

  13. I happen to like the delta MD-90, seat A or B in row 10. MD-90 felt small enough to not feel the movement like the bigger planes do and row 10 is bulkhead

  14. 1k on the Emirates A380. It’s like flying your living room, if your living room had top line food and service.

    • My favorite is 1A on the CRJ700. You have the best of both worlds there. Aisle and window seats all in one. Since I fly out of a small home airport, I get to fly these a lot.

  15. Ruby Escalona

    Don’t have a favorite seat – we fly economy so as long as we have a window and an aisle we’re good

  16. Michael McKeithen

    Domestically, I prefer seat 1D especially on the (RIP) MD-88 & 90s as I like to see the flight attendant when seated and drink with my left hand while looking out the window.

    3A is Amy favorite seat on QANTAS’ A380 due to its privacy and views from above the clouds.

  17. Ricardo Schack

    It will be no more, but we love Seat 1K and 2K on BA 747-400. Feels like your private throne and you are ahead of the pilots.
    Thank you for the giveaways. They always bring a smile to my face.

  18. Phil Robledo

    I like Swiss Air business class seat 12K on their 777 since you don’t have any neighbors.

  19. 2B on the horrible CRJ200s. They all have the same pitch and row 1 has no storage so 2B is as close to the door as I’m gonna get without being in row 1!

  20. On Delta, I like seat 19C on the Boeing 757. Plenty of leg room and you’re on and off the plane quickly.

  21. Rachael Olson

    Any seat in the ANA first-class cabin on a 777-300ER to Tokyo!

  22. ANA 777-300ER 11A – Single seat, buffer from the aisle

  23. Steve Austvold

    I like Delta CRJ 900 aircraft seat 4D flying from Fargo to MSP. Great seat to see MN lakes below.

  24. Pam Gehring

    I love the last seat in first class, any of them. Leg room is great and if I recline, I’m not interfering in anyones space.

  25. 2B on the 737’s for UA. Access to the aisle, far enough back in the cabin that overhead baggage space isn’t taken up by FA’s/storage, and also far enough back that you get some piece and quiet if the FA’s are chatty.

  26. charles russell

    I always get seat 1C on the A321. I board last to avoid people whacking me as they go by and I am first off the plane when we land.

  27. Kelly Wright

    Delta of course, Boeing 717 row 20 seat “A’ there is no B. There are several Delta aircraft with a configuration where there is a seat by itself on one side at the over wing emergency exit. It is not the best seat on the plane but is the best seat in coach.

  28. JAL, 1st seat 3G. It’s like a huge oversized recliner at home. Also they ha e the best food I have ever had in the air.

  29. 10F on an AA 321…window seat that is, essentially, also an aisle seat since there is no seat in front of it, giving one enormous legroom and a route to exit to the lavatory without disturbing any row mates in 10D or 10E.

  30. HuntingtonGuy

    Any DL seat up front on a A321. Im a big guy and if I don’t sit in first I tend to attract the folks with weak bladders or who seem to be doing sit ups in their seats…reclining into my lap like an amusement park ride restraint.

  31. Craig Auker

    Call me crazy but I prefer seats on the regional aircraft. 8A on the Embraer 175 is my favorite. You are one of the first one’s off the aircraft relative to all the other passengers. You have a nice window view. It is one of the first seats that is in preferred economy section yet allows for an under the seat personal item. The Embraer 175 is one of the most spacious seat dimensions relative to the competition. As added commentary, I’d like to add ANY seat on the CRJ-200 would be the worst available seats to fly!

  32. Kimberly Beaulieu

    When traveling for work, happy for any business class seat, when in compliance with the travel policy!
    For vacations, I love surprising my travel companion, whether husband or friend with an UG to FC!

  33. Kévin Byrne

    I’m with you 10A on the A321 is my favorite – great legroom, lots of space in front of me even if 4A reclines. Most of all, great window seat (2 windows). I’m a kid at heart and still love to look out the window to see all the sites below me as well as catch a great sunset!

  34. 7A in Delta One on 767-300. Close to window to provide max privacy.

  35. Love the A330-300 5A because I get a great view out to my left!

  36. 3L or 3A are my favourites on JAL’s 787-8 configured with the Sky Suites. I really love the privacy they offer but like just being a bit further back from the galleys to avoid any noise/light pollution during the overnight.

  37. 739 up front in 2ABC or D, 2 ABC or D, because I’m up front, and not facing a bulkhead

  38. 764, Delta One, 4A or 6A, so I can have a true window seat, and enjoy the view to my left!

  39. I would be so happy to be flying safely again, that I would be satisfied with any seat on any plane going anywhere!

  40. Sanjeev M

    17A on a Southwest 737-700. Just behind the wing for a nice view of the ground and wing at the same time 🙂

  41. 3C on any aircraft — it’s far enough from the lav and flight attendant areas. Great to deplane nearly first.

  42. Eddie Shih

    Southwest 12A on 737-700, the same only seat without seat in front.

  43. On Delta’s CRJ200 my favorite is 2A or 2D depending on time of day. I fly ‘Satan’s Chariot’ a lot and hate row 1 since it is horribly short on leg room and has fixed arm rests on most configurations. It’s a joke to call row 1 Comfort Plus!

  44. i am just thankful to have any seat on any plane wherever it is…of course, i am more cognizant of this now when i just wish i could be on a plane and flying again regardless of destination!

  45. First class. Delta jet to Europe.. Many benefits and the seat almost like a bed.

  46. Phil Gold

    3D on the 767-300ER….love the old style…nice and private.

  47. Whichever seat I was in for my first ever flight in 1974, aboard a DC-10! (I think I scored a window seat, can’t be sure…maybe I had to share with my siblings!)

  48. As noted above, by another husband, happy wife/happy life. Seats 2A/B or 2C/D, so she can sit by the window, too!

  49. 1D in a 738, my very first complimentary upgrade into first! WOOT!!!

  50. Delta 739 12D, 12F and 13F – Comfort+ from Main for a very modest upgrade fee for a first trip for my son

  51. Delta One in seat 4A on 767-400. My favorite seat for the view.

  52. cori thompson

    10A on Delta’s A321……..i like your style!

  53. CR7 or CR9 on the left side, window if possible. Never sat up front, so back in economy, A seats, whenever possible

  54. 2B or 2C on Delta’s 757-200. Thank you very much

  55. MD-90, i got a shock move to exit row seats. My travel mate was shocked and jelly…so he sat aisle while I got window. Next hour was spent trying to cajole free Woodford from the FA!!!