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Delta 360 is the “unpublished” (but published…) special tier of status the airline reserves for its most valued, prized passengers. (Sorry, Diamonds. It ain’t you.) The status is invitation-only; Delta doesn’t publish its requirements for this special, uber-elite status.

But Delta has an important relation$hip with American Express. The airline stands to rake in about seven billion dollars from Amex between now and 2023, thanks in no small part to their co-branded credit cards.

So should Delta Amex heavy spenders receive a special, elevated status above Diamond?

If you have to ask you are not part of the club. Regular blog readers know Delta360 members are the biggest spenders with Delta and get lots of nice perks including regular Porsche service from gate to gate. There are a number of Delta360 blog readers (I am sure much to the chagrin of the mothership) and one of them was nice enough to share with me his invitation to join this elite “circle”. What can a Delta360 member expect? Not much time in coach – like almost ever plus some other perks (see below). Personal monitoring of their travels. Ask for any fee to be waived and Delta will do it. 72 hour Skymiles re-deposit rule – HA – yeah right, not for these folks. Pretty much the “rules” don’t apply. EXCLUSIVE 360° BENEFITS (per e-mail sent to members) Top of the list for Complimentary Upgrades for you and…

This is a HT from a FlyerTalk reader who commented on my post from yesterdays post on FT about the NYC-ANC deal (see how sharing can help us all)! This one is nice as you can do a weekend-ish run i.e. you may have to take part of Friday off and you WILL have to overnight in ANC but a day to play there could be fun. You can work it as a pure run too but layover times are so-so. Cost $360-380 8084/8100 MQMs at 4.4-4.7CPM Bookable on Delta.com DM yields 18,244/18,226 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 16,216/16,200 and FO 10,136/10,126. There are some other airports around the So. Cal area you can tinker with if closer to home with similar CPA’s & yields. Please keep the emails coming with good ideas and tips or comment here on the blog if you find some better routes that yield…

My fellow BoardingArea blogger PM&M first broke the news last week about a new program to reward the top spenders with Delta Air Lines. Now, from yourtrademarkia.com we have the following: “DELTA360 is Providing an incentive award program for customers through the issuance of bonus awards and service incentives for frequent air travel, namely, transit lounge facilities for passenger relaxation, a specialized priority airline service with reservation services, enhanced airport ticketing processing, expedited call waiting procedures, priority check-in, priority lobby check-in, dedicated service center and club lanes for elite passengers, specialized priority and expedited security processing, expedited gate handling and aircraft boarding services, enhanced seating accommodations, enhanced personal space including specialized entertainment, computer connections, enhanced meal services and voucher values for elite passengers, priority baggage delivery, enhanced and expedited customer service responses for elite passengers.” – yourtrademarkia.com Delta has CONFIRMED the program with me but has given no further information…

Delta reduced its thresholds for earning elite status for the rest of 2021. Premium cabin fares receive 75% fare class bonuses on MQM, MQD, and MQS. Meanwhile, Main Cabin and Basic Economy earn 50% bonuses. Pay with Miles tickets are included.

Heck, even traditional award tickets can earn points/miles/segments toward Delta elite status this year!

Several cards offer incentives to use their travel booking services to purchase trips and redeem points to offset some or all of your purchase prices. (Think American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Those trips are considered paid, cash fares because Amex, Chase, or whoever cuts a check to the travel provider. So using Delta as an example, you’d earn MQD, MQS, MQM, and redeemable SkyMiles.

Given that some card programs make points more valuable when you redeem them through their programs, those cards can help you save money during your Delta status chase (no credit card pun intended) this year.

Let’s take a closer look using a few examples.

World of Hyatt announced an interesting status challenge this week that drastically reduces the requirements to reach certain tiers.

This is a golden ticket for many people to reach World of Hyatt’s Globalist status — their top-tier level. If you have the World of Hyatt Credit Card, sign up for various promotions, and do a little mattress running (all broken down by Frequent Miler in this great post), you can enjoy Globalist status for two years.

Pretty great, right?

I’m passing.

And I’ve been asked by a few people if I think they should pursue the challenge.

So here’s why it doesn’t work for my travel practices and goals. But it may (or may not) work for yours.