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Last April my esteemed colleague Gary who writes the informative, and even now and then entertaining blog, View from the Wing, had a post about the most important words for all travelers to know. Since that was a LONG time ago, at least in Twitter years, let’s just call this what everyone calls it today, that is HUCB or “hang up call back”. With our beloved Delta this is advice to live by. Why? Let me tell you, there is just about nothing reps cannot do (and this is a good thing). No matter what the excuse a rep tells you, there is a workaround to just about anything. All you must find is a rep who is willing to do what it takes to get done what you want. This applies across the board btw. Matt who had a really fun, well for us not him, Sunday guest post…

One of my friends phoned the Diamond Medallion Line last week to cancel an upcoming trip for October.

Delta changed his itinerary by two hours and three minutes — thus entitling him to a refund.

The (first) rep with whom he spoke basically said he’d cancel the reservation — but the refund process might not start immediately. The refund would have to be processed by the refund department. So the funds wouldn’t go back to my friend’s method of payment for an indeterminate amount of time. (I waited two months for refunds on several reservations.)