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A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and ya gotta love Randy’s play on Vegas and BAcon, or our BoardingArea Convention we have each year with all the bloggers at BA. So what was it all about? Information overload about writing our blogs, SEO or how to help others actually find just what they are looking for on our blogs. Help from those who represent the banks as well as some of the Delta folks and major heavy hitters from the main stream media as to how to reach out to them and help them with what we know. Fun stuff. Then great info on the tech side of the blog; we use a product called WordPress to create posts so lots of good info on “plug-ins” and other ideas to make the blog more reader friendly (and faster etc.). Plus lots of input from the BA staff…

It really is true that EVERYTHING is just big in Vegas and pulling up to The Palazzo does that very well. This place, with it’s sister the Venetian, is a massive complex and space. The lobby of The Palazzo is massive. Ceilings, art, you name it, all of it is massive. We missed the IHG desk (letters are 20 feet up in the air) for check-in just left of the main area but there was no real line so no big deal. They have a person standing at end of the line who asks your name then hands you off to the next attendant. It is Vegas after all, everything has to be over the top (good and bad as you will see). We were offered, due to our IHG Platinum status, an upgraded suite over their standard suite that is still a huge room. This one I was told…

What kind of fun can we have with this week’s SWAG Saturday? When I was at BAcon in May, that is our PVT BoardingArea conference, GoGo was there and was kind enough to give us all sorts of kool swag. One of the things was a new solar powered battery backpack with a sleeve inside for a laptop as well. The battery is for small stuff btw not the laptop. But it is a neat idea and now it can be yours this week. The rules, as always, can be found HERE. For a chance to win the backpack, a one time inflight GoGo code and some other little fun GoGo swag, I need you to be creative or at least copy one of the phobias from this morning’s “Delta-phobia” post. So, either come up with your own “Delta-ish” phobia you think you just might have 😉 or copy one…

There’s a growing trend called “Airport Culture” — members of Generation Z who spend time at airports for fun. No, they’re not traveling. It’s another version of hanging out at the mall.

We’re talking about killing time landside, before passport control, and pre-security. Not relaxing in fancy airport club lounges. Not planespotting from an airside Chili’s while sipping a drink. Maybe zipping back and forth on tram connecting terminals.

(And you thought you were an airport rat!)

During a recent weekend mileage run/very mini-vacation to the UK, I enjoyed a night at the Holiday Inn Express London Heathrow T4, conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from Terminal 4.

This airport hotel is a fantastic option if you have a long layover in London and don’t want to schlep into the city. The property is clean and very new. The staff is quite welcoming and friendly. My room was nice, homey, and comfortable.

Food and beverage were — fine.

We’ve posted a number of mileage runs with long Heathrow layovers or options to spend the night. I highly recommend staying at this hotel.

Like most airport hotels, it’s not a destination property where I’d vacation for days on end. (“Hey, kids! How excited are you to stay for our week at the Holiday Inn Express Heathrow?!” crickets)

That being said, this is what I experienced during my visit.