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A new perk for both the personal and business Delta Reserve cards is complimentary access to American Express Centurion Lounges when the primary cardholder flies a Delta marketed and operated flight. This little bonus takes effect January 30, 2020, when the Delta Amex refresh “officially” kicks in.

But is this new benefit alone worth applying for a Reserve card?

There were two Delta Sky Clubs in the B concourse at Atlanta’s ATL airport, that is the smaller club near B10 gates and the much larger upstairs one near B25. Both of these have now been replaced with the new mega B club in the center of the concourse. The new club has proven very popular. So popular that when I was there at about 8 PM this past Wednesday night the soup and dessert buffet was, well, you can see by the photo above. But what about the old clubs? First off they are now closed and as you can see by a peek in the door they have started to dismantle the space from being a Sky Club. That brings up the question as to what will happen to the old club space both at B10 and the larger space here at B25 because the latter really is…

There has been a ton of news hitting us in the past day or so and the flood of emails is pouring in about the new Delta One seats coming a number of years from now on select routes. Gotta say the seats look flat out amazing and can’t wait to try it. I bet it will cost 1 million SkyMiles to fly it (oh wait some flights in D1 almost cost that much now). With a big HT to The Points Guy we are learning that AMEX is upgrading the SEA or Seattle Centurion lounge. That is good as it is a joke right now and the only Centurion I would avoid unlike the amazing ones in Centurion in Dallas or the Centurion in Miami with a SPA. We can only hope the upgraded SEA one also has a SPA as well. If you are looking to buy some…