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I have a very nice Samsung 8.4″ tablet I use almost every day. It is fast. The resolution is amazing. But it has some drawbacks. It is rather big and heavy. I have found for reading “books” a smaller tablet is nice. So thus the reason I wanted to test this little puppy. Plus, so many tablets have huge issues with Delta Studio, that is, they do not work. Now I know you iPad people are all saying “what issues” but then again you are not paying sub $50 for any iTablet right? This AlldayMall A88X 7″ tablet <-LINK is impressive for what it is. Understand this is NOT meant to be an all day, every day tablet. I got this for the price and to have something to beat up, take to the beach and such and not care if I kill it one day. Plus, I want it…

The past few days I have just about lived on Delta jets and in Centurion lounges. All my upgrades cleared even one that I did a SDC or same day change and still cleared at the gate (it is good to be Diamond). Along the way I had a chance to tinker with Delta Studio again and this is good since in a little over a month it will be a “FREE” feature of the new C+ section of the plane. Things are better than back in August I must say. Here is what they have fixed. If you happen to have a name that is a nonstandard name, like me who has a space in my name (de Lambert), you can get it to work as long as you avoid the space and my guess is other different types of spellings i.e. just use standard characters. Maybe others with…

Just a quick post today as I return home and complete over 28,000 miles of flying over the past two weeks – phew! That, in case you are not aware, is more than around the world numbers. But that is for another post. Since I had upgraded all my upgradable legs this latest run I decided to click on and give the new Delta Studio a test on my laptop (after loading the plug-ins preflight and not on my phone since Delta has no love for updated Android OS)! There were a number of choices and I decided to try Gravity (kinda fitting at 32k right). What could be simpler. Since I was in 1st class I just put in my name and my seat number and there is no charge. Whoops! They don’t like my name. You see correctly there is a space in my last name that is…

Delta is “giving something away free” – sorta – with the new Delta Studio! You can read about the press report HERE as well as the snazzy new web page with all sorts of buzz about what they are offering now free in the seat backs of 90+ minute flights as well as GoGo streaming to your hand held devices. Now there are some bits you should know. First, you do want to, if you have been living under a technology rock, download the FLY Delta APP for whatever device you have before you fly. After that, the plugins and players are download-able in-flight Delta says but if you would rather get them before hand the links are: The GoGo APP for IOS is HERE The GoGo Video Player IOS is HERE The GoGo App for Android is HERE The GoGo Video Player Android is HERE (It would have been…

“How are the Delta Platinum Amex and American Express Platinum Card different?” This is a question we’re asked fairly often. (It doesn’t help that so many things Delta and Amex carry the “Platinum” title.)

Several readers have requested a post comparing the two cards. Given The Platinum Card from American Express‘ new mega welcome bonus, now is a good time!

René wrote earlier this year that Delta Air Lines plans to offer free, high-speed WiFi access on its flights.

At the time, Delta CEO Ed Bastian indicated that passengers would enjoy complimentary internet sometime in 2020 or 2021.

Right now, Delta passengers can purchase a variety of inflight internet plans from Gogo, the mothership’s WiFi provider.

Considering the Business Platinum Card from American Express is discontinuing its perk of 10 annual free Gogo inflight internet sessions and the City National Bank Infinite card (which offered Gogo passes) is going away, many of us hope free internet comes to fruition sooner than later.

So is there any update on Delta’s free WiFi?