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It is that time of the year for many, that is, they are at least reaching some Delta elite level and thanks to one of the rock bottom cheapest Delta mileage runs from home that may be you as well. But hopefully the above is not you, EVER! You see Delta takes a very dim view when members in it’s program take a very generous Choice Benefit and then the member turns around and abuses this gift by selling it on EBAY or other similar sites. Take a look what can happen: Yep the buyer, who maybe thought they were getting a bargain, can have this purchased status revoked. Not just the buyer, but the seller that is the Diamond Medallion who offered to sell the Gold status can also have their frequent flyer account closed as well as have their status deleted by Delta. Think about maybe being a…

When this video 1st came out it was so over the top I could not help but laugh and I think on some level it is meant to be that way. After all, I know how Delta treats my checked bags and they would not look like this bear bag when it came out on the belt. But the other day I was checking Delta on Facebook and saw what just made me stop as say WHAAAAAT? Delta is now going to sell BearBags on EBAY (is there no end to where they will sell stuff)? I need not have worried. They are, as you can see, giving the proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. WELL DONE DELTA and a brilliant move. Sell a million of them please. Now the only sad part is how many of these have popped up for resale for hundreds of dollars more than…

Perhaps 2020 dealt you a professional situation forcing — or inspiring — you to start your own mom-and-pop business, do some freelance work, or take on a side-hustle (driving for rideshares, selling on eBay, etc).

And this is the time when some people say, “Next year, I’m gonna do…” or “This coming year is gonna be my year. I mean it this time!”

Welp, next year is a few days away. And it’s time to start thinking about your business! (And good luck to all my fellow small business owners! May this year be better than last. MUCH better!)

One of the tools you need is a business credit card (that assumes you can be responsible with it).

Rene's Points Rookie travel post.

Please note: this post has been edited to reflect changes to certain credit card names, images, and earning structures.

Discovering a great mileage run deal from your home airport or city is always fantastic.

But what if you live somewhere like Omaha, Bismarck, or Casper — and most of the good runs begin in Chicago, New York, Vegas, or somewhere in California?

Take a positioning trip to wherever your mileage run starts!

While not ideal, it may be your only choice. (Don’t forget Adam at Juicy Miles can personalize an MQM or MQD run for you!)

“But that’s more time and money!” you may fear.

Time, yes.

Money? Maybe not. Or at least, not as much as you think. Using some points and credit card benefits, it can be done.