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Delta Air Lines allows SkyMiles members to keep up to four credit (or charge) cards in their virtual wallets. This speeds up airfare purchases and, overall, makes the process pretty convenient.

Plus, certain Delta American Express credit card benefits are available only if the cards are part of your Delta wallet.

But because not all credit cards are created the same, there are different reasons you may want several options in your Delta wallet.

Here are the cards I personally use for my Delta purchases — and why.

UPDATED: 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM EST: Based on reader comments and my personal tests, it seems the issue is resolved. Back to work, everyone! 😉

Shut out of your Delta Air Lines SkyMiles account? You’re not the only one. Delta is experiencing a known technical issue right now preventing SkyMiles members from logging in — and being able to view and change itineraries through their accounts.

Well if you are using a Windows phone, and have not tried to fire up the Fly Delta App for a while I have some bad news for you – you can’t anymore! According to WindowsCentral.com when you fire up the app you will see: “We’re sorry for the inconvenience as this app is no longer supported. You can always visit Delta.com from your mobile phone to book a flight, check in and view flight status.” Ouch! Now I can hear the iPhone folks screaming just get an iOS product since that is the one Delta clearly loves. But keep in mind there is a long history with Delta supporting Windows OS products (see the way back machine) and we, as Delta flyers, should know that Delta has really bragged up the fact that pilots are using Windows based tablets in the cockpit. I am not saying that is a…

This is some great news we have been waiting for a long time to come. It seem the Android updated is 4.0 and iOS is 3.0 (don’t tease me Android needs MORE updates). Just take a quick peek at what is included: What’s New in Fly Delta 4.0 •”Today” now seamlessly integrates your boarding pass into one screen. Simply tap the Check In button to begin •Your electronic boarding pass will now automatically update •Today now reflects your current SkyMiles Medallion status. •Track My Bags now has a “Track On Map” button – allow you to follow your bag’s journey on a map •Bug fixes and performance enhancements Again this is all just great news. Until now I have always done a screen shot of my boarding pass and after that all but ignored the app as gate info or seat info or whatever has not worked. Now, it seems,…