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EDIT:  See THIS post for latest updates on point credit! I don’t complain often to Delta and ask for points. I know stuff happens. I mean non-working SAT TV, I am fine. Power port from the 80’s plus a broken window shade so I have to use a safety card to block the sun, stuff happens. Even a CRJ with bits falling onto passengers heads at takeoff, meh (then fixed with band-aids). My point is – I fly a TON, literally hundreds of segments a year on Delta, and rarely ever ask for any kind of point compensations for common Delta issues with their aging fleet. However, on one of my two recent trips to Alaska I intentionally booked and PAID 1st class from ATL to ANC direct because it was a long flight and I wanted power to work plus working IFE for that long of a flight (~8…

When you go to the Delta NEWS HUB, a.k.a. the new PR Facebook page for Delta, you will see a video for the new updated Delta Flight Attendants hand units. They have re-branded the “SkyPro” hand units and now call them the GST or “Guest Service Tool”. I have a better name for them. I will call them the “Greenback Suction Technology” (if you are from the south, maybe “Grab Stooges TexasPennys” is better)! Either way, anything Delta does we can expect there is a key sales component behind it and this will push more and more on-board sales to extract greenbacks from loyal stooges, uh, flyers. 😉 But the current video that is up on the “hub” is not the same one that Delta at first released yesterday. The screen shot you see above has some information blurred out. Just what is that information? Take look for yourself at…

We’re taking a side trip today.

This isn’t a post about status, credit cards, flight suspensions, or hotel closures.

No quarantines, lockdowns, or social distancing.

Let’s talk about fun travel stuff — a topic we all share and love. Frankly, many of us need it right now (I sure as hell do).

Specifically: what are your travel go-to places? Are they near? Far? A restaurant? A hotel? A family property? A favorite seat on a plane? Beloved city? Tourist attraction? Something else?