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job well done


One perk Platinum and Diamond Delta Medallion status holders enjoy is giving “Job Well Done” (JWD) certificates to deserving Delta employees.

Many of us can attest that most Delta employees provide exceptional service. But for ones who really go above and beyond, recognizing them with Job Well Done certificates is a great privilege.

But here’s the problem: Platinums get (only) two JWD each year in their Medallion kits. Diamonds receive just four.

Golds and Silvers receive zero.

And herein lies a problem.

Perhaps you’re traveling this week to visit friends or family. Maybe you drew the short straw and have business travel during the holiday.

Pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, check-in reps, baggage handlers, airport club lounge employees — you get the point — all work during holiday periods so we can get from Point A to Point B and back.

Granted, it’s something they signed up for — but that doesn’t necessarily make leaving their homes or loved ones any easier.

So if during your holiday travels you feel inspired to express your gratitude to these hardworking men and women giving up their holidays so you can enjoy yours, here are a few ideas.