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One perk Platinum and Diamond Delta Medallion status holders enjoy is giving “Job Well Done” (JWD) certificates to deserving Delta employees.

Many of us can attest that most Delta employees provide exceptional service. But for ones who really go above and beyond, recognizing them with Job Well Done certificates is a great privilege.

But here’s the problem: Platinums get (only) two JWD each year in their Medallion kits. Diamonds receive just four.

Golds and Silvers receive zero.

And herein lies a problem.

Perhaps you’re traveling this week to visit friends or family. Maybe you drew the short straw and have business travel during the holiday.

Pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, check-in reps, baggage handlers, airport club lounge employees — you get the point — all work during holiday periods so we can get from Point A to Point B and back.

Granted, it’s something they signed up for — but that doesn’t necessarily make leaving their homes or loved ones any easier.

So if during your holiday travels you feel inspired to express your gratitude to these hardworking men and women giving up their holidays so you can enjoy yours, here are a few ideas.

I really appreciate how hard Delta folks work to take care of me. We all should know (or appreciate the reminder) that they are trained to “Strive for Five” and when you do fill in the surveys that Delta sends you they can get points that become real cash as a thank you from the mothership for the hard work as a team on the flight. We also know, as Platinum and Diamond Medallions, the JWD or Job Well Done certs that Delta sends us each year as our way of saying thank you for great service has been cut year after year and we cannot request more of them no matter how nice we ask. (By the way, you can give the JWD cert numbers to phone reps as well as the twitter reps on @Delta.) But I want to do more. So, I have a sample of the…

What a huge change from last year when I think it was sometime in MAY when I, at long last, got my elite goodies from Delta. BTW before we go too much farther, Silvers, you don’t get one anymore. You can print what you need on Delta.com. And yes, I know, there are many reports of folks earning Gold or some other level toward the end of last year and they did not get new credentials yet. I have no idea why that is. But, for now, here is what I got. I got a nice letter from Sandeep Dube from SkyMiles telling me, not just once in the letter, but also in BOLD at the end that I will soon have access to digital HOOU or have one on us coupons. I both like and dislike this. I like it that they are in the app and I can…

If you notice, in the past, if you ever lost your Delta SkyMiles card you could simply go online to your “My Delta” account at Delta.com and re-order a new card. Earlier this year Silver Medallions were relegated to printing only. In fact the annual medallion kit and credentials stopped being sent out to Silvers this year and only Gold Medallions and above got them. To see the kits you can see these posts: Gold Medallion credentials Platinum Medallion credentials Diamond Medallion credentials This is not news, but could this be the next step toward ALL digital medallion credentials. After all, HOOU coupons & JWD (job well done) coupons could just be printed or stored digitally and printed at will. There is no “real” need for them to be mailed out to us each year. Now as for the #BragTag, that is, the Diamond Medallion “cow bell” (it is metal,…

Earning my Platinum Medallion status, after reading tips from Rene’s Blog DeltaPoints, I have had a lot of fun as an elite flyer and reaping all the benefits that come with it. With the current benefits erosion aside, one of the things that Rene has always said, and I wholeheartedly agree with, is that Delta FA’s, GA’s and staff are some of the best domestic staff around! It’s a shame us Platinum Medallions now only get two JWD (job well done) certificates to hand out (Diamonds get four, btw). I really wish there was a way to get more because I would be happy to reward the dedicated men and women who help keep the airline running day in and day out. Anyway, last year as I headed to New York to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon it just so happened to be National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. In honor…