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I took matters into my own hands.

Now that Delta Air Lines gift cards no longer credit back as airline incidentals on The Platinum Card® from American Express, Business Platinum Card® from American Express. and American Express® Gold Card, many of us are scrambling to find ways to use our $200 (or $100 with the Gold Card) before the year ends.

So I made several different purchases to see which — if any — Amex would reimburse.

Most of us got the above e-mail with much fanfare about the new Delta upgrade rules changing to hourly-ish (but still the same 5,3,1 day as before) rather than just at the 24 hour window. Delta also seems to want you to “opt-in” to receive Comfort Plus upgrades as well as 1st Class upgrades. But will choosing NOT to receive a C+ upgrade impact your shot at a real upgrade to 1st class upgrade? Notice the scary wording on the Delta page about “taking control of your trip” on Delta.com Is Delta here not clearly telling us plainly that by opting out of a C+ (and / or a 1st class upgrade) going to mean that we “don’t mind receiving lower priority” when it comes to upgrades? Some readers have e-mailed me and felt that is exactly what it says and we are hurting there chance for a real upgrade…