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Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers a “rookie” topic of either a Delta- or travel-related theme — and attempts to break it down to a basic level. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

I’ve heard several people say words to the effect of “Well, you can’t have more than one Delta American Express card.” They — and a few others — are also under the assumption you can’t earn bonus MQM from multiple Delta Amex cards.

With the welcome offers available now for Delta Amex cards, this is a good time to tackle those questions.

Lots of people who come to our blog are Delta flyers. Some are elites, some aren’t. It seems most readers have at least one Delta Amex. But given there are seven different Delta Amex cards available, it’s easy to confuse them. As I’ve bemoaned before, things get extra confusing given how many Delta- and American Express-related products or features have the word “Platinum” or “Gold” in their titles.

One of my friends phoned the Diamond Medallion Line last week to cancel an upcoming trip for October.

Delta changed his itinerary by two hours and three minutes — thus entitling him to a refund.

The (first) rep with whom he spoke basically said he’d cancel the reservation — but the refund process might not start immediately. The refund would have to be processed by the refund department. So the funds wouldn’t go back to my friend’s method of payment for an indeterminate amount of time. (I waited two months for refunds on several reservations.)

Two weeks remain in January. This is especially important for cardholders of the personal/consumer Platinum Card® from American Express, the Business Platinum Card® from American Express, and personal/consumer American Express® Gold Card.

Why? Because this month is when existing cardholders may change their preferred airline for their card’s (or cards’) annual airline incidental credit. (New cardmembers applying later in the year can select their airline upon receiving their card.)

Which cards get how much credit each year? Does every airline participate? What charges are eligible? Let’s tackle those questions!

Rene's Points Rookie travel post.

Please note: this post has been edited to reflect changes to certain credit card names, images, and earning structures.

Discovering a great mileage run deal from your home airport or city is always fantastic.

But what if you live somewhere like Omaha, Bismarck, or Casper — and most of the good runs begin in Chicago, New York, Vegas, or somewhere in California?

Take a positioning trip to wherever your mileage run starts!

While not ideal, it may be your only choice. (Don’t forget Adam at Juicy Miles can personalize an MQM or MQD run for you!)

“But that’s more time and money!” you may fear.

Time, yes.

Money? Maybe not. Or at least, not as much as you think. Using some points and credit card benefits, it can be done.