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The photo you are seeing above is a Delta FA, a new hire, who is practicing her airport codes with flash cards. That is indeed a great and noble thing to practice, but there is more to this story than just an outstanding new Delta employee becoming the best she can be. I have never thought about flash cards for airport codes, but what a fun game and I played along a little. However, this may not be as fun a game as it seems. Why? Well here is at least part of the “rest of the story”. You see, I was in 1C on this flight. I was on a trip with a friend who is a Gold Medallion. As we all should know, officially per Delta rules and as you can see from the GIDS (gate information display system), if you board as a medallion, you are giving…

Oh Delta. Delta, Delta, Delta (not the fraternity – just irritated and repeating Delta). What are you up to this time. Please stop this. What am I talking about? Last week I had a post where it seemed Delta may just have improved what seats we can see on Delta jets (but this enhancement did not last long). Today things are different and even worse than before. We know our dearest Delta does have the habit of making changes, often massive changes, and telling no one until we sleuth them out. This is shameful and most irritating. They also make other minor changes that are not intended to make things worse for us, but they end up that way. Plus, as one reader pointed out, in the current environment of First Class Monetization (FCM), we are always looking to see if some new change is another attempt to deny us…

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature. Shena. Say what? Shena, is code for shenanigans. Specifically we are talking about Delta medallion upgrade shenanigans. What is that you ask? There is a lengthy thread at FT about it if you wish to make your head hurt to the point of exploding. But on to my point from my recent trip. As I talked about on my positioning flights to LAX, I gate cleared as a Diamond Medallion to business class on a 777. Delta’s herringbone business elite international seat is not the best of the bunch but a very nice ride compared to anything…

Airlines are getting stricter about enforcing mask rules.

American, Delta, and United said offenders risk bans from their respective airlines.

Delta flight 1227 from Detroit to Atlanta departed late this past Thursday after the airline kicked off two passengers who refused to wear masks during the trip. Delta also reportedly banned 120 passengers (maybe it’s 122 after last week’s incident) who violated the airline’s mask rules.

Something I’ve seen on social media and heard from others is a sentiment saying basically, If one airline bans you for not wearing a mask, the others should, too.

Most of the Tweets in question deal with people in the political sphere and/or included some NSFW language. Both of these generally trigger some readers, and the Comments section becomes a virtual political rally and/or a forum of hurt feelings.

But some of the “publishable” portions of Tweets include:

“He should be banned from ALL flights on ALL airlines. Anyone who cannot obey the mask policy needs to receive a LIFETIME ban. That will put a stop to his no-mask [redacted].”

“It should be a lifetime ban, and every airline should join in solidarity.”

Which leads me to wonder:

Complimentary first class upgrades are a major reason people pursue airline elite status. Delta knows this — and gives members of its co-branded American Express cards improved chances of sitting up front.

As René wrote yesterday, 20×2020 is in full effect. So if first class upgrades are important to you, here’s how Delta Amexes play such a vital role scooting you up the upgrade list.

Thanks for joining us during such a busy week! Can you believe it’s Labor Day weekend already?! Before time goes by any faster, let’s see what happened this week!

Delta Shena?

A reader and his companion flying on a Basic Economy ticket were upgraded to first class — leaving several Medallions with (presumably) upgradable fares in the back of the plane.  Plenty of readers were upset about first class seats flying empty.

Delta told me that, unequivocally, Basic Economy seats aren’t upgrade-eligible — even on award tickets.

Delta’s “Dream It –> Live It” Promotion

Delta ran a week of promotions that saw SkyMiles worth two cents each, discounted fares to Europe, promotional credits for Delta gift card purchases, and ended with, well, um, yeah.

Some of these promotions are still valid through August 31st if you’re interested.

Mileage Runs!

We began the week talking about mileage runs and what you’re looking for in terms of MQM and MQD. (Voice your opinion if you haven’t yet already!) If you can’t find any runs from your home airport, here’s how  you can position (for low to no cost) to and from a mileage run.

For those needing MQD, we posted ten — TEN! — MQD runs. A few dates here and there may be available.