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We’ve received plenty of emails, blog comments, and social media messages about the Delta SkyMiles Amex cards‘ “Track Your Status Boost” counter not updating.

The feature on American Express’s website tracks a Delta Amex card’s annual cumulative eligible spending toward MQM bonuses. It’s a helpful tool saving you the time of manually searching a card’s year-to-date spend, factoring out annual fees (and, tsk, tsk: late penalties and interest), etc.

Amex states explicitly on the site that the counter “Updates daily.”

Delta Amex card's Track Your Status Boost counter.

And since about January, it did.

One of my family members enjoyed a fun surprise the other night.

Her Delta Medallion status drops this week from Platinum to Gold. While booking a Delta trip for this summer, she lamented she could no longer select Comfort+ seats shortly after booking (a perk reserved for Diamond and Platinum Medallions, inventory permitting, for free as an a but instant “upgrade”).

Merry Christmas, indeed! We get lots of requests for mileage runs from Atlanta (and other Delta hubs). They’re generally hard to find — but we’re always excited when we find one.

Here’s a true mileage run (i.e. not leaving the airport, doing tons of flying) from Atlanta to Delhi, India in Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy.

Delta 360 is the “unpublished” (but published…) special tier of status the airline reserves for its most valued, prized passengers. (Sorry, Diamonds. It ain’t you.) The status is invitation-only; Delta doesn’t publish its requirements for this special, uber-elite status.

But Delta has an important relation$hip with American Express. The airline stands to rake in about seven billion dollars from Amex between now and 2023, thanks in no small part to their co-branded credit cards.

So should Delta Amex heavy spenders receive a special, elevated status above Diamond?

Like black Friday deals, the Delta “Elevate Your Status” offer is now live a month sooner than usual. The pattern has been, for years now, to offer to many elites the chance to buy-up one or more status levels for a bat crazy amount of cash donated to Delta and at costs as high as $5000 for some elites.

What is it this year?