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After I was one of the first to post about the upgrades to Delta.com to find awards (but kinda buggy) Delta today has announced the following “enhancements” to the Skymiles2015 program: Stopovers For Award Travel booked prior to January 1, 2015, one stopover is allowed per roundtrip Award Ticket under certain circumstances. A stopover is defined as a stay of more than 4 hours between domestic flights and more than 24 hours between domestic and international or all international flights. The destination city is not considered a stopover. A stopover is allowed, provided there are no more than two connections between the origin and destination including any connections that are made while traveling to/from the stopover point. The stopover city must be located on a valid routing. Stopovers will no longer be permitted for Award Travel booked on or after January 1, 2015. Open Jaw Open jaw Award Travel is…

UPDATE: SEE THIS POST FOR LATEST UPDATE FROM DELTA CORP! It looks like Delta’s latest Skymiles award issue I talked about yesterday has been 100% overshadowed by the 2015 AAdvantage program that seems a bunch less messy that Delta’s. I still don’t recommend switching, but I would also understand if you did given what AA now has published is next. It still makes my head explode when I was told by a Delta company rep that if people stop flying or go to AA Delta will just park jets and not fly them. That seems like such a great idea – a airline that parks jets? Maybe I just don’t understand the airline business; I thought jets only made money when up in the air. I guess they can make money parked too? Anyway, there has begun to trickle out little bits of info where some folks are finding, in…

I have had many occasions in traveling where I found myself in a city new to me with several hours to spare before my connecting flight. Surely you have too, and perhaps on a few of those occasions you were able to leave the airport and meet up with friends, grab a nice lunch at a local place as opposed to airport fare, or just do a little sight-seeing in a place you’ve never been. As many times as I have been through Schipol I have never seen the local sights, so I plan to address that on a future trip to Sweden when I have an opportunity to stopover in Amsterdam overnight. So let’s say you just have a shorter layover, say 8 hours or so, and you want to do one of the above little excursions. Is there anything to prevent or inhibit you? Not really. Let’s say…

This year was difficult for almost everyone — and the travel industry was no exception.

Delta Air Lines is the preferred carrier of most of this blog’s readers. While Delta certainly is not perfect, there are reasons most of us keep doing business with them.

With that in mind, let’s take a look back at this past year from a customer’s perspective and see where the mothership truly excelled — and other instances that weren’t so great.