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  1. Santastico Reply

    @Rene: Just thought I would share this since it is new to me. My family of 4 just finished an amazing 2 week vacation in Europe and the only two negative points of the entire trip were both Delta flights into Europe and back to the US. Both flights were delayed for over an hour and messed up our travel plans. The flight DTW-FCO was delayed because the plane had mechanical problems while at the gate and they had to get a new plane. The flight FCO-MSP was late because the aircraft flying MSP-FCO was late leaving MSP. Well, I wrote to Delta to complain and I was expecting that they would give me some miles or Delta e-vouchers. For my surprise this morning I received an email explaining I would receive 4 separate emails (one for each member of my family) with cods to redeem a $50 gift card each with many options from Amazon, Apple, GAP, etc… as well as Delta. Is this new? To be very honest I would prefer to get miles since my account is short after redeeming 4 award tickets to Europe but I know have $200 to spend in gift cards.

  2. Michael Spooner Reply

    @Rene: Quick question. I am a platinum Delta Medallion and I had an odd experience with Delta last week. Long story short, they upgraded me to first class but double-booked my seat. It made for a really akward experience and I ended up sitting in Delta Comfort+ (#sidegrade), even though my ticket showed in 1st class. I wrote a complaint to Delta last Monday, so 8 days ago. I asked for a regional upgrade cert (not sure they can do this) or an auto-upgrade on a future trip (know they can do this) but I have not heard back. How long is too long for a complaint to be answered? At what point should I write another one or call a supervisor? Is 8 days too long!?


    • @Michael – They can issue an RU. I would call or complain again. A week is enough time to respond.

  3. Rene,

    I had the same thing happen as the person above, I am a platinum member who got stuck on a last minute flight in a C+ center seat with a huge person in the window seat who took up 1/2 my seat, with a full flight and no other option I road from ATL to SLC on my side utilizing 1/2 my seat. Delta gave me a $50 GC for Amazon etc, I told them it was unacceptable and to give it to some homeless person or charity that might want it. Is this their new thing? If so it’s terrible.

  4. Hi Rene I was on flight DL17 SEA to HKG on 10/26 the flight made a emergency landing back in SEA due to engine failure the flight was delayed 7 hours my connecting was lost tried to get another flight with another airline, Delta didn’t want to authorized the extra charge to get us to our final destination , I even asked for a meal voucher , was denied that also what are my entitlements?

    • @Jorge M – Entitlements? Nothing. This is not the EU. You can ask for points or vouchers but they have to say yes. If you paid with a credit card with delay protection like the Chase Sapphire Reserve card that kicks in at 6 hour mark it would pay for a number of things.

  5. Rene,
    A Delta agent or two bent some policy for me this weekend. I was allowed to stand by on a flight NOV27 even though I was booked for one the NOV28. I ended up getting a seat, not needing to pay the $50, and was very happy since I’m pretty sure they had to do absolutely none of it. I want to write in to tell Delta that I’m really happy with the service I got but I’m worried those agents might get in trouble. Thoughts?

  6. Norris Krueger Reply

    Flew BOI-PDX-AMS. Flight crew was awesome.. but my nbad went to SJC, not PDX (error by Alaska in BOI) Before I landed in AMS Delta had the bag ‘expedited’ to AMS via SLC. Get it in <24 hrs! Cool? Uh….. The bag instead was (after a delay) sent to AMS via ATL after a day's delay I'd get it today. Nope. It is now expedited ATL-AMS another day later. (I'm 3-4 hours from AMS so that will add to the fun, lol.)

    Here's my question — WHY do they keep changing flights? DElta Baggage Service seems baffled (ditto for KLM Baggage at AMS). Clearly it's a system/process problem or is it?

    (Or should I stick pins ion my Ed Bastien doll? LOL)

    TIA, Rene!

    • @Norris – You will have to go direct to Delta for this one. I have no idea.

  7. Norris Krueger Reply

    Thanks, Rene – Baggage Service (both US & AMS) seem baffled and ATL is not responding to them. I tried escalating the discussion but they routed me back to Baggage Services.

    Now @Delta stopped responding too… Now I’m halfway hoping that something truly weird happened so at least there’s SOME story, LOL. Did they smash the crap out of my bag? (That happened once – my 10inch thick bag showed up <7in thick, neatly squished. Actually pretty darned funny to see it. 🙂


    • @Paul – Best to start at Delta . com. Then you can take to next level if needed


    Hey Rene:
    How do I escalate a complaint sent to Delta Cust Care over 3 weeks ago with no response other than auto response. I asked for a phone call back to discuss the issues. I am Diamond and can’t believe they don’t have a better process for their best customers.

    • @Harry – Step one is to respond to the email from the auto response. If they do not get back to you from that complain again on If that does not work then you can take to next level.

  9. Rene,
    While a Delta flyer (Silver & Gold) since they took over Western and Pan Am, I thought I pretty much knew what’s up with Delta. I became a Medallion when they did the 5 segments over the Atlantic to qualify and never looked back.
    But as I recent newcomer to your blog, I never realized how much I didn’t know!

    So, I thought you would find my telephone experience today with Delta representatives interesting.

    I’m currently in southern Mexico. It took a while to find a non-800 number that would work, but I ended up calling an Atlanta number.
    Let me say that I have always had a good experience in calling Delta on the phone. In the last years there is less reason to, but with complicated routes or choices, I have b-found it best to find connections and prices that were no findable online.
    Until today.

    I had what I thought was a relatively simple request, what are my cheapest options to fly to Vietnam from any west coast gateway in the last week of August. I had to return to LAX by the end of September.
    I always do some homework online before I call just so I have an idea what’s going on. But I am presently in southern Mexico and wanted to see if it was any better to make the ticket MEX-SGN, instead versus west coast (and therefore I’d have to buy two tickets).

    First bump in the road, I had already found the cheapest Delta One ticket, a Z from PDX to SGN via NRT for $4100. This was about what I expected since I have a Z ticket for LAX-SGN in late October for that price that I bought months ago. Well, the only thing the agent could find was a $6000 ticket that had me flying up and down the coast and then across.

    I’ve never seen something on the computer that they could not find. I told her what I had found and she asked for the flight number. Of course, I was off that page since: 1. I had to find their phone number and 2. I had been looking how to get out of Mexico.

    So, I asked her to just put PDX to NRT and use what comes up. But she said she was getting no non-stops.
    At that point, since it’s now staring me in the face on my computer, I asked if there was someone there who could help her find it.
    Supervisor comes on the line. Everyone is very polite and if I am to believe the Supervisor, they can’t see all the flights we see on
    36 minutes later, I thanked them for their time and booked the two tickets I found at
    I was stupefied.

    My question for you Rene, is that could Delta’s IT be so incompetent that their own agents can’t find anything anymore?
    This scares me because just a few months ago, trying to get a ticket from Vietnam to CDG was not possible at, but when I called Delta I got this smart, friendly person who not only found me a great ticket, but also checked that it now gets almost all the MQD.
    Frankly one of the reasons I have stayed with Delta over the years is this kind of service. If the ability to provide that kind of service no longer exists, then I will have to wonder why I am killing myself to get to $9,000 MQD’s of my own money this year.

  10. Jon Markee Reply

    Hi Rene – I’m writing to you with a broken heart as a Platinum Medallion. I have been in love with Delta for the last 2-3 years and had many awesome experiences with them. I booked a friend’s Delta One ticket ORD-SEA-HKG-SEA-SLC-ORD which gave him almost enough miles to qualify for Silver Status. I convinced him to book another flight on Delta just to get the status. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me he booked Basic Economy. Regardless, he flew and should have earned the 112 MQMs needed to get to Silver. However, Delta says he is a no-show in the manifest even though the person he was traveling with was on-board and he rode the flight home. I called the Platinum Desk on his behalf and both representatives did not let me take the survey at the end of the call (one transferred me to the Hertz rental car line and the other transferred me to the Delta reservations line at 800-212-1212). Apparently, we have to go to the airport and sign an affidavit saying he was on the flight. When we go to do this, will they have to spend another 30 mins digging for the manifest on DL 972 ORD-ATL on September 15, 2017? My mind is absolutely blown, what did I do wrong?

    • @Jon Markee – Hummm… ORD-SEA-HKG-SLC-ORD should have earned, on a paid or PWM ticket, 16,000+ MQMs. No idea where you came up with 112. If it was a SkyMiles award ticket you earn zero MQMs. Can you help me with more info???

  11. Jon Markee Reply

    @Rene – Apologies, I mis-typed the sequence. Here it is with the fare classes from the ticket: ORD-A-SEA-Z-HKG-Z-SEA-A-SLC-A-ORD

  12. Jon Markee Reply

    @Rene – A little more info, this was back on January 21-28 and the ORD-SEA leg was on Alaska before they divorced.

    Even more info, I’m just confused/concerned how someone can ride a Delta jet in Basic Economy and there’s no evidence of it. Part of it is his fault for not getting a paper boarding pass, not checking a bag, and removing the pass from his iPhone wallet. DL 972 Sep 15, 2017 ORD-ATL

    Many thanks!

  13. Jon Markee Reply

    @Rene – Apologies, I think I gave too much info. I understand the issue with flying Alaska, which is why he flew DL 972 ORD-ATL this past Friday to get the last few MQMs needed for Silver. However, Delta says he was a no-show on the flight even though they can confirm his companion was on board. They have a picture of the two of them sitting in seats 36A and 36B. He’s currently filing a complaint with the FAA because apparently Delta does not know who’s on board. Do you have any other recommendations on how to prove someone was on board?

  14. Jon Markee Reply

    @Rene – It does not show flown, so either his boarding pass did not scan or Delta IT had an epic failure. He was in seat 36A and has a picture of him sitting there with his travel companion (who was sitting in 36B). Delta would not tell me if they showed seat 36A as occupied and she said he comes up as a “no-show”. He will be back at ORD on October 3 and will inquire about signing the affidavit for mileage credit, but I’m guessing that will not go well. Thanks very much for your thoughts!

  15. Hi Rene : Have you run into this issue where the seat assignments had changed? I called CS and they said that an equipment/plane change reassigned everyone. I asked to be reassigned back to the original, CS said supervisor has to get involved. Supervisor was unsympathetic and said the system automatically reassigned everyone and no one can change it except folks at the gate when checked in. The thing that irked me was supervisor telling me the seating assignment is good enough and everyone is close enough. Odd, they discard the seating assignment, no assignment and nothing CS can do..

  16. Steve Wallace Reply

    Im hoping you can shed some light on a recent frustration with Delta, i travel to manila often and use separate tickets…..using china eastern for the internatiional legs due to better business class prices and delta domestic thanks to Juicy Miles! I have recently ran into a problem that delta would not and claims could not book my three bags all the way thru to manila…only two and the third i had to claim and recheck at the china eastern desk which had no problem agreeing i get three total bags. I am diamond and get two 70lb bags and as skypriority elite i get one extra so a total of three and have not had this problem before. Delta agent claims an upgrade/change in the software they use for checkin couldnt be gotten around…i let it go just to avoid more anger.I complained thru but have no assurnace it is corrected. Can you offer some insight? I had a similar problem today coming back from manila, china eastern would only book my two bags to san francisco, i have to claim and recheck at delta. In the past i have not had either problem of the number limit or the ability to check bags all the way thru to final destination.
    I will talk to diamond desk and juicey miles but you may have an explanation or solution? Thanks

  17. Hi René,

    What is the best channel to pursue compensation from Delta (travel credit and MQM) for unreasonable issues (IROP, or otherwise)?

    I am in the middle of a fiasco due to the MSP blizzard, that I feel could reasonably be worth something if I follow the correct channels.

    (and I also have a major annoyance/inconvenience from last December that I never followed up on, but likely will now that I’m going to be pursuing the big thing happening now).


    • @Mike – Step one is simply gripe on under complaint form. Next, if you do not like offer, email back to THAT email with the offer. If after follow-up not happy only THEN do you take step to reach out to CROP contacts (see Essentials tab on blog).

  18. Hi René,
    First, I have learned quite a bit from your blog. Thank you!
    I did do a search for an answer to this issue, but was not able to find one.
    I paid for a Delta One seat ATL to HNL and the footrest on the seat was not working properly. My status is DM (if that matters – not in the DYKWIA sense of course). I have sent in feedback via over ten days ago and got a call saying they were looking into it (and the auto email response). In the same email I gave huge compliments to the FA’s (with names) working the flight. Anyway, what is reasonable compensation for this type of issue?
    Thanks in advance.

  19. What’s up with the Delta website? I’ve tried last night and again this morning to research an upcoming trip and am unable to link to the booking pages either through the home screen or the old delta booking link. Are others having the same or similar problem?

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