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  1. Hi Rene,

    I looked through all the blog post and can’t seem to get clarity on multiple holdings of Amex delta reserve cards and the sign up bonus in card two.

    2014 I used your link applied for Amex business delta reserve and used my personal tax id number. Got the sign up bonus 10,000 MQM no problem. Fast forward to 8/1/16 applied for second Amex Delta Business Reserve using new business tax id number for second card and was denied the signup bonus. Talked with a rep before the application made in phone and was told that the signup bonus is tied to the tax id number of the applicant. After first statement called to the Amex phone center and escalated to a supervisors and was told that the sign up bonus is a single lifetime benefit if you’ve ever held the card. I took them to the terms and conditions page and all it said was cannot be used if upgrading existing card to the Amex Business Delta Reserve.

    Phone rep told me I was informed wrong but the T and C clearly state otherwise. I referred him back to the published T and C on their website

    Offer not available to existing Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card Members upgrading to another Delta SkyMiles Business Credit Card.

    But before I applied using your link I called to clarify the issue of tax id and was told I can get benefit if using two different tax id numbers. What went wrong here and or what avenue do I have to dispute this?



  2. @Kevin – Officially AMEX is correct. Even with two EIN’s you can only get the bonus 1x ever to your SkyMiles number / YOU. But, there are times when folks do two EIN or EIN and next time SSN that it works but it is a risk and they can, like in your case, say no. The bottom line is all you can do is get your annual fee back if they refuse the points and even with that you only have 30 days per the new AMEX T&C.

  3. Rene,

    I need your help. I had a am exp reserve card and received my spend miles. I closed my account and opened a new exp reserve card and received my MQM’s for spending 30,000 and when I reached the 60,000 spend nothing happen. I called amer expr and spoke to supervisors 3 times. Two have said I don’t get the MQM’s at 60,000 because I had a card already this year. One supervisor said I should get them and would get back to me after he spoke to the Am Exp Delta team. I need my MQM’s–What do I do?


  4. @Ken – You can not get bonus MQMs twice unless one is a personal card and one is a business card or unless someone else gets a Reserve card and sends you the bonus MQMs. Delta is right – you should not get the points twice. Sorry. (be happy you got them for the second 30k spend)!

  5. Rene,
    I posted a few weeks ago about my problem with my AE reserve card.
    AE in late December told me I reached the 30,000 mile threshold. However it included my $450 cc fee. Delta told me in January I was $365 short. I’ve been with AE since 1977. After persistent calls a supervisor relented and awarded me the 15,000 MQM bonus. So be persistent in dealing with AE and Delta.

  6. Why are Amex live chat’s having such long wait times now, 3-5 mins. I used to get them in just a few seconds. And all the call reps are now from India. I have the plat card to, so this is kinda strange.

  7. OK it looks like I’m turning in my Skymiles Business Platinum Amex. For a year and a half, I’ve used Plastiq to pay my monthly mortgage and make payments on my home equity loan. This helps me to get at least one and some years two Skymiles mileage bonuses and the MQD waver. Now all of a sudden, Plastiq says Amex not accepted to pay these bills? I pay the fees, pay my balance off and now I’ll have trouble even getting one mileage bonus. I’m cutting this Amex in half and using my CSR exclusively, but not for mortage payemts- those will go directly. Boy, these changes stink.
    PS I made Diamond for the first time this using the waver- I guess it’s back to Gold for me in 2019- that’s fine as long as they maintain SkyTeam Elite Plus for Gold- when that ends, I’m a free agent.

  8. HI Rene,

    Thank you for all your posts. They have helped me immensely in my Delta experiences!

    I would like to ask some advice on a Delta Plat. AMEX issue I’m having. I also hold the Delta AMEX gold. I signed up my Delta AMEX plat. for the MQM bonus and mile bonus last fall, hit my spend end of Oct. The MQM bonus would put me into Silver. I noticed nothing had posted (no MQMs, no bonus miles, no $100 statement credit) in Nov. I’ve been talking to AMEX for the last couple of months:

    Dec ’17: called twice and opened a case
    Jan ’17: called 4 times

    Each time I’m told, my case is still open and their team is working on it. I have also talked to a couple of supervisors to help elevate the issue. Meanwhile, I don’t have silver status and am missing out for my Jan and Feb flights. My last call was 1/27.

    1. If they do finally post my MQM’s, do you typically see them become retroactive (therefore installing my Silver status for this 2018 year and get my rollover MQMs)?
    2. Does any retroactive action have to happen before Feb 1, 2018 to count for Medallion year 2018?
    3. Am I going about this the right way calling AMEX every week?

    Thank you for your help and your wonderful blog!

  9. Hi Rene – I want to pay my student loans ($15K) with my Amex Platinum and Reserve Card. I can’t use on Amex on Plastiq for my student loan provider (they require payments in the mail or debits from my checking account). Do you have any other ideas? Thanks so much for your expertise!

  10. @RD – Study up but if you can buy VDGCs from certain locations that still are yielding credit and then flip them into MOs and mail those that could be an option.

  11. Hi Rene –

    I’m wanting to use my Skymiles Platinum AmEx companion certificate for holiday travel. When I search for availability via the ecert page, I get an error about not meeting Terms & Conditions. When I search normally, I see many flights in LUTX or V classes. I called, and the agent could not find availability. Should I be able to book those if I call again and persist?
    And, must I use a new BOGOF certificate before I cancel a card? The terms and conditions say the tickets must be purchased with “your Delta SkyMiles AmEx”… If I cancel the card, is an unused certificate no good?


  12. @RobW – As to question one, search w/out cert by fare class. If it pops up call and have them manually issue (no extra charge). You must fly and spend by the BOGO exp date. You do NOT need to keep the card once BOGO issued. Pay with any Amex (and anyone’s Amex).

  13. Renee, I went for the additional 15k MQMs and 15k bonus miles after spending $90,000 for 2018 that American Express offered for the Delta Reserve card. I reached the spend threshold in August and have gone through two statements and they have not shown up on to be applied to my account. In messaging with American Express Chat they’re pointing to a note that miles will be credited within 10-12 weeks after you reach the threshold. I’m sitting at around 9 weeks and nothing. Anyone else put this silly amount of spend on the Delta Reserve Card and have this same issue?

    I really want to see them hit my account before I decide if it’s worth a MQD run for Diamond status.

  14. Still nothing has posted and Rene’s link to the correct Delta page says I’ve already maxed out for the year at 30k MQM’s. Anyone else go for $90k/45k MQM’s having this issue?

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